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Indie on Indie Brad Abraham

This Indie on Indie Spotlight focuses on how MixTape Creator Brad Abraham uses music themes in his comic books to reach his readers and to focus his talents!

EA's confusing focus for single-player games

EA head honcho, Frank Gibeau, stirs up fan fervor with statement on single player games.

Skyrim: Hearthfire DLC Review & Discussion

The new Skyrim DLC: Hearthfire was released today and we have a review, as well as some tips for players getting started on the homefront.

Peeing in Your Shower: How to Destroy Your Superhero - Marvel Knights Spider-Man

This week, Keb continues his look at how writers break superheroes with a reading of Mark Millar's work on the Wall Crawler.

Peeing in Your Shower: How to Destroy Your Superhero - Daredevil

This week, Keb takes a look at two very important Daredevil stories and compares the newer as homage to the latter.

Skyrim: Hearthfire DLC Official Trailer

Official trailer for the next Skyrim DLC: Hearthfire, has been released.

Kickstart My Heart: Black Lotus Empire

The Outhouse brings you a truly unique comic book idea that you can help make a reality - Black Lotus Empire!

Indie on Indie Spotlight Jules Rivera

Ever heard anyone describe Soylent Green as Sparkly? Check out the unique perspective of comic illustrator and writer Jules Rivera in this week's Indie-On-Indie Spotlight!

Skyrim: Hearthfire DLC

With the news a while ago of Hearthfire trademarked by Bethesda, speculation has begun to run rampant on the next DLC installment.

Peeing in Your Shower: Ink Stained Honesty

This week, Keb takes an honest look at Jim Mahfood's autobiographical webcomic Los Angeles Ink Stains.

Indie on Indie Spotlight James Ninness

Ken Eppstein continues to spotlight his fellow press hungry Indie Creators, this week focusing Keyleaf Comics' prolific young writer and beatnik-lover, James Ninness!


As satire has come under attack in recent weeks, we take a moment to wonder when we, as geeks, lost the ability to laugh at ourselves.

Peeing in Your Shower: Taking Comics Seriously - Jack Kirby's Fourth World

Keb takes his final super-serious look at comics, taking a serious look into Jack Kirby's Fourth World.

Indie on Indie Spotlight RM Rhodes

Who is the Man in the Purple Suit? Ken Eppstein does his best to unlock the secrets of the enigmatic RM Rhodes in the newest installment of his Indie-On-Indie Spotlight!

Peeing in Your Shower: Taking Comics Seriously - Chew

Keb continues his look at taking comics seriously (since comics are seriously serious) by examining a comic that gets serious about food: Chew!