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Idiot's Guide Weekly: Characters We Don't Care About Seeing in the DCU

IGW lists the characters no one cares about seeing in the DCnU!  Plus news, reviews and more!

5 Things I Think I Know: DC's "Dead on Arrival" Relaunches

The Outhouse's ElijahSnowFan stops by to talk about which of DC's pending 52 titles will be the first to go!

Idiot's Guide Weekly: An Idiot's Guide to Green Lantern

IGW covers the basic plotline of the new Green Lantern movie!  Plus news, comics and more!

Five Things I Think I Know: X-Men Schism Edition

ElijahSnowFan is back with another installment of Five Things I Think I Know, this time focusing on the upcoming X-Men: Schism storyline!

Indie Insights: On Vanity Surfing

Ken Eppstein talks about the importance...and pitfalls of vanity surfing in this installment of Indie Insights!

Five Things I Think I Know (Week of 6/6)

ElijahSnowFan returns for another edition of "Five Things I Think I Know," focusing on the recent DC revamp!

Five Things I Think I Know

A new column to the Outhouse! ElijahSnowFan introduces himself and presents his first set of Five Things I Think I Know!

Indie Insights: On Measuring Personal Success

Ken Eppstein shares his thoughts about personal success and throws out his own little outline of how to succeed in the latest installment of Indie Insights!

Idiot's Guide Weekly: IGW Colisieum: Flashpoint vs. Fear Itself

In this edition of IGW, a kitten destroys an event comic!  Which one?  Click to find out!  Plus, Mammon, news, reviews and more!

Idiot's Guide Weekly: Geoff Johns Hates Redheads

IGW proves that Geoff Johns hates redheads.  Plus comics, news and more!

Indie Insights: On Horror versus Gore

Ken Eppstein is back to talk about the differences between horror and gore!

Idiot's Guide Weekly: Do Not Fear, A Fear Itself Review is Here!

IGW takes a look at Fear Itself #2 and finds it wanting.  Plus news, comics and more!

$k!d M@rk$: Pittsburgh Comicon 2011!!

Ah, Pittsburgh Comicon, another year has come and gone.  As always you had your perks and your quirks...and a power outage.

Idiot's Guide Weekly: Comics Get Topical!

IGW pitches new story ideas pulled straight out of the headlines!  Look, Marvel and DC, we can be relevant too!

Indie Insights: Open Submissions

Nix Comics publisher Ken Eppstein is back to discuss the challenges of having an open submission policy!