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Toy Shed: CGC Frames

So you got yourself a CGC comic that's either rare or a blank cover that has art on it and you so want to display it.

RUviews: Avengers Vs. X-Men Is Wrong

RU gets to the first third of Avengers vs.

Indie Insights: On Spec Work

Ken returns to look at the do's and don'ts of hiring artists for spec work.

RUVIEW COUNTERPOINT! Attempting to Change Ru's Views on Digital Comics

Your good buddy Dom is here to explain why RU has it all wrong when it comes to Digital Comics.

RU’s Views: Digital Comics And Why I’m Not Convinced

Your good buddy RU is here to explain why he is not up on the digital comics bandwagon.

RUviews: Hellos and Goodbyes

RU said hello to some new books recently and immediatley turned around and kicked them to the curb.  Were there any new to RU books that made the cut?Voodoo Child, Saucer County, Fairest, The...

Indie Insights: On Ambition

Ken fesses up to the Western being late

5 Things I Think I Know: The “To Be or Not to Be” Edition

Five Things makes it's triumphant return to the internet!  And your heart!

The Indy 5-Ohh!: Ken Eppstein, Nix Western Comics!

Nix Western Comics #1," Siege at Hidey Ho Saloon"?What's this? Peep inside for an interview with Nix Western Comics publisher Ken Eppstein!

RUviews: Sometimes You Can't Finish A Book

As much as RU hates to do it, but this week includes some very, VERY bad comics.  That being said, there are some gems buried at the end of the episode.Uncanny X-Men #7, Batman: Through The...

Conversations with yourself: Advanced Review of Rebel Blood!

Curious about Riley Rossmo's brand new horror book coming out next month?

Indie Insights on Intellectual Property

Ken Eppstein talks about the best ways to protect one's intellectual properties. 

Idiot's Guide Weekly: Will Watchmen Begins Tarnish the Original?

Idiot's Guide takes a look at the effect of unauthorized derivatives have on classic literature.

Idiot's Guide Weekly: The Increasingly Poor Decisions of James Howlett

An examination of some of Wolverine's excellent decisions in the last issue of Wolverine and the X-Men.

The Fourth Annual Why I Love Comics Awards

Yes ladies and Genetleman, it's the fourth edition of the Why I Love Comics awards where Eric pays his respects to the best of 2011, some things you may have missed.