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Avengers 'Did you Know?' Edition

Written by xaraan on Monday, September 24 2012 and posted in Columns
Avengers 'Did you Know?' Edition

Avengers comes to DVD this week and in honor of having the ability to watch Avengers on an endless loop, we have a few fun articles planned as well. This first one covers a few things that maybe you didn't know about the Avengers.


   Well, we know there are plenty of Avengers fans out there that will look this article and think "of course I knew that!" -- this isn't for you.  Unless of course you want to add to the list down in the comments.  This article is aimed at some of the new Avengers fans that this movie has created and offer a few interesting facts that every geek should know.  (Article could contain spoilers if you haven't seen the movie yet)




    Though the Hulk did officially become gray at a point during his long comic run before going back to his old green self, did you know he was supposed to be gray all along?   Originally Stan Lee chose gray for the Hulk because he didn't want his skin color to reference any ethnic group.  Stan Goldberg, colorist for the Hulk at the time, had trouble getting the gray colors to show up right, usually appearing as different shades of gray or even green.  Seeing this and wanting to make it easier on Goldberg, plus liking the look, Stan Lee decided to change the skin color to green.  Green skinned peoples be damned!



   Mjolnir... You know... Thor's Hammer?  If you didn't know that, then I shouldn't have bothered with the rest of this entry -- that could have been my Thor fact right there.  Oh well, ok...  Remember how in the movie the Hulk tries to pick up the hammer, but can't?  Well, that's becuase only the "worthy" can weild Mjolnir.  Inscribed on the hammer: "Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor."

   But that doesn't mean only Thor can weild it, several heroes have been able to pick it up over the years.  Captain America... picture gave it away huh?, Conan the Barbarian, the X-Men's Rogue, Loki even, and in crossovers- DC's Superman and Wonder Woman, and several more characters over the years.




   If you only know the movie version of the Avengers, then you know Jarvis as the wise cracking computer A.I. that assists Tony Stark.  But in the comic world, he's an actual butler that served a similar function.  The comics have slowly come around the movie version as there is now a JARVIS computer AI and the butler Jarvis had his own adventures (with Aunt May, but that's a different story).




   You may think that David Hasselhoff playing Nick Fury in an older attempt to get Fury on the silver screen is what killed off white Nick Fury and you might be right, it's really hard to argue that.  But actually, the movie version of Nick Fury is based on Marvel's "Ultimate" comics line (an alternate world) where they actually modeled him after Sam Jackson years before even his appearance at the end of Iron Man.  So Mr. Jackson was a no-brainer for the role.  Just don't be surprised if you pick up a marvel comic and see a white dude with an eye patch running around and everyone calling him Nick.



    The character "The Shield" pre-dated Captain America by more than a year.  As you can see, he sported the very similar red, white and blue patriotic look and even used er... was a shield, one that Cap's first shield seemed to closely resemble.  When the creators complained of the similarities after Captain America debuted, Marvel responded with "what do you mean? Your guy is RED, white and blue, our guy is BLUE, red and white.  Your guy wears a shield, our guys uses a shield.  Your guy is named the Shield, our guys works for Shield.  Completely different."  But to throw them a bone, the shield was changed to the round shape we are all familiar with today.  Personally, I have a hard time feeling sorry for a hero that  can't bend at the waste.





   Not really, that dude is dead as a door nail.  Really.. he was stabbed through the chest by a god and we watched him die on screen, stop it already!  This is the reason Jean Grey comes back every other year and death means nothing in comics, because you guys can't let go.  Seriously though, Coulson joins the select group of characters who finds life in the comic world after becoming popular on the big or small screen.  Joining characters like Harley Quinn and Batgirl who saw their debuts on TV before the they appeared in comics.  It would be totally cool if he came back in Avengers 2 as the Vision though.  (Damnit, see what you've done to me.)



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