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Toy Shed: Blood- The Dark Warrior Add-On

Written by Zechs on Wednesday, February 27 2013 and posted in Columns
Toy Shed
 Toy Shed: Blood- The Dark Warrior Add-On

Zechs takes a look at Head Robots add-on improvements on the Revenge of the Fallen Voyager Bludgeon.


Being a Transformers fan, I always wanted to take a dip into the third party pool of toys that littered the franchise. The only problem preventing me from doing so was that they can be rather costly and I hesitated. Well no more to either! I'm taking the dive into the third party Transformers and my first review will be of the add-on Head Robots made for the Voyager Class Bludgeon from Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen line, Blood- The Dark Warrior.



Now the reason for this add-on is to cure the two major problems people had with this figure. Number one, Bludgeon's head looked very bloated and out of proportion with the body given. The other problem, and the biggest sin, was his weapons: a long sword (that wore stored in his cannon during transformation) and a short dagger (that was kept in a hidden compartment in his back). The grade of the plastics on both weapons were counterintuitive, with the dagger being hard and durable while the longer sword was made with very cheap plastic that would bend when stored in the cannon.


Blood- The Dark Warrior Add-On rectifies both of these problems by giving us a new head sculpt, two blades (long and short), and another accessory. First off, the new head is actually one with a classic G1 inspired skull visual and the other a more IDW comic one who's missing his lower jaw completely (personally that one is my favorite).



Now removing the old head and replacing it with new one will take a lot of patience. The directions suggest screwing it in at an angle instead of straight. I highly recommend it. Trying to unscrew the tiny bolts are a pain. It took me about thirty minutes before I got both screws completely out. The other thing I'd recommend when unscrewing this figure is to a use a small flat-tip screwdriver even though the screw itself is a Phillips head. The reason I suggest this is that I didn't have much luck using a small Phillips head screwdriver and a much easier time with the flat-tip.


Once you get the head on there (and decide which one you want to use), the head works. It's magic! And it looks far better than the original head. The other pro I can say about it is you can angle the head slightly. That bulky samurai helmet provides the biggest con making it hard to maneuver the head unless it's removed. Ironically, the Hasbro head provided some movement (hence the ability to remove the screws). Still, the new faces look just perfect with the body mold. As for the new face, when you transform the figure into his tank mode the head slips in as nicely as the other head did.



As for the two weapons/accessories, they are a big improvement over the actual pieces that originally came with the actual figure. Made of a much harder plastic and with the addition of chrome paint, you get two rather nicely detailed accessories. So the problems with the original product cannot be found here with the more harder plastics. If there's any small nit pick it would be the fact that you cannot combine the two weapons into a double-bladed one, which the original had the ability to do. Yeah I know it's minor, but I kind of wish this feature was also kept in the add-on.


As for the pieces when stored in the original compartments (the hidden compartment in the turret and the tank's cannon) for the weapons, they both fit nicely. I had no wear or tear on either after numerous times putting them in said areas and removing them. The little plastic add-on does a nice job replicating the cannon's tip with the same exact color.



For my first jump into the third party pool, I have to say this was a pretty nice. It made an overall figure I found lacking in some areas much better. Head Robots Blood- The Dark Warrior is a very quality made add-on. The instructions and packaging are quite nice along with the comfortable price point (it goes for $16 at some sites, another for $45). Overall, this add-on really makes Bludgeon a MUCH better figure. So yeah, this is so a MUST BUY! for anyone who has purchased this figure and have found it lacking in either the head or weapons department. Stay tuned in the future as I'll look at more Transformers third party product.





Blood- The Dark Warrior Add-On: MUST BUY!


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