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Idiot's Guide Weekly: Outbreak Edition

Written by Christian on Tuesday, March 08 2011 and posted in Columns

IGW has a fever!  And the only cure is...lots of rest, water and not writing a long column.

Welcome to a weekly column summarizing the good, the bad and the ugly that occurred throughout the week in comics. With fifty billion websites covering all the minutia of the comic industry and dozens of comics hitting the shelves, it's about time that someone has the stones to take it all in and regurgitate it like a mother bird to her chicks. Idiot's Guide Weekly will cover pertinent news, the best and worst comics of the week, and anything else worth mentioning in a jovial and mocking manner. So enjoy it while it's fresh: Idiot's Guide Weekly aims to please.

Note on this week's column: As I'm writing this, I have a fever of over 103 degrees and am literally getting weaker with every keystroke. I apologize for the abbreviated column and promise I will make it up next week. On the plus side, fever has taken away my poor sense of humor, so there's very little to groan through this week.

The News:

Top News Story of the Week: The Avengers movie is filming in Cleveland. The financial void left when LeBron James left town will finally be filled when the Avengers movie rolls in for on-location shooting. Unfortunately, the city's heart will be broken once again when Joss Whedon holds an hour long primetime special announcing that he's decided to take his talents to the Justice League movie after promising Marvel to make a blockbuster. A more detailed look at what Cleveland has to offer the Avengers movie can be found here.

A lot of Flashpoint miniseries creative teams were announced last Friday. Some looked good, some looked intriguing, others looked...like they were conceptualized in a fever dream.

Emerald Comic Con news from over the weekend: Nick Spencer, a regular fixture in Idiot's Guide pick of the week, went Marvel exclusive (excluding his current Image and DC work). Also, Mike Mignola will be taking over art duties on Hellboy. However, the most important news of the weekend was Bendis hinting at the return of a certain Spaceknight in Avengers 12.1.

An Idiot's Guide Contest: The Fear Itself Death Pool

This one is a pretty simple game. With Marvel's announcement that they'd be killing off a character per quarter and Matt Fraction's hint that the announcement curiously lines up with Fear Itself, which will be a three quarter event, Idiot's Guide wants to know: which character do you think will be the first to bite it in the coming months? Any Marvel character currently alive will be accepted as a potential answer. In order to play, just say (either in the thread, via PM or by email) which character do you think will die in Fear Itself and say how that character will die. IGW will accept submissions through 3/15/2011, the day before the Fear Itself event begins with Book of the Skull.

The prize will be either 1) a hardcover edition of New Avengers: Breakout signed by David Finch OR a hardcover copy of Superman: Earth One. Winner gets to choose. If no one wins, I get to keep all my comics.

So far, we have about fifteen entries with two weeks left. A lot of good, obscure (and obvious) picks are still left open so if you want to play, just click here and throw your name into the ring. Just follow this link to play.

Newton Watch: Week Three:

The non-poster known only as Newton is an enigma encased in a nutshell of mysteries. His reach throughout the comic book messageboards are long-reaching, but never before has anyone actually been able to pin Newton down to ask the most important questions of the day.

Here is the email sent to his last known address.

How do you expect anyone to respond to your constant spam emails when you don't reply to spam yourself?



Shockingly, we received this reply.

How are they spam? Well?

Stay tuned for more developments.

The Comics (There Be Spoilers Below!):

Comic of the Week: Annihilators #1: Annihilators #1 brings us the latest chapter in the cosmic saga that Abnett and Lanning have built in the Marvel universe. While the threat unleashed at the end of the main story is a little vague for those who haven't read ROM the Spaceknight, it doesn't really seem to matter. DnA are mining yet another bit of forgotten Marvel past to create magic. Plus, readers are treated to a fun backup showcasing what happened to my two favorite Guardians of the Galaxy.

Surprise of the Week: Joe the Barbarian #8. I'm more surprised that this comic was in my pull box this week than I was by anything that happened within it. A very strong ending for the miniseries. Be sure to pick it up in trades.

Best Character of the Week: Speedball (Avengers Academy #10). It's great to see some forward character development after years of seeing him languish as Penance in the years leading up to Siege.

Worst Character of the Week: Martian Manhunter (Brightest Day #21). Every line of dialogue out of his mouth is a giant cliché. The shitty dialogue is so bad, it induced vomit.  Okay, maybe that was the flu.  Anyways,if we're lucky, he'll be one of the characters that the White Lantern doesn't bring back...again. I'm very glad that his story (the weakest of the Brightest Day plots by far) is over.

Other comics of note:
X-Factor #216: Two weeks, two mentions of internet trolls in X-books. I'm beginning to suspect that a certain office within Marvel doesn't like internet message boards very much....

Green Lantern #63: Krona created the multiverse, perverted the Manhunters' function and invented the Green Lanterns. He also colonized Krypton, knocked up Wonder Woman's mom and shot Batman's parents too.

Heroes for Hire #4: We find out how the Puppetmaster's been controlling Missy as well as find out his contingency plan in case she escaped. I'm going to guess that someone is going to get shot next issue. I'm sweating bullets to see how this ends.  Well, maybe that's the flu as well. 

Giant-Size Atom: For whatever reason, I wasn't a huge fan of Lemire's Atom when it was running as a backup in Adventure Comics. However, this was a pretty solid ending to his story and sets up a decent status quo should an Atom comic ever make its way to the shelves again.  Also, the title makes for a cute pun. 

Lucid #4: For a fancy Hollywood actor, Michael McMillian wrote a very fine miniseries. Hopefully, we'll see a second Lucid series before too long.

Hello... (New Characters)

Ikon the Spaceknight: Since Marvel's not allowed to mention Rom the Spaceknight, they created an upgraded female version. Somewhere, Marvel's legal department awaits the lawsuit from Rom's current owners.

Goodbye... (Dead Characters)

None, because we all know that Martian Manhunter won't be dead longer than five issues.

By the way, this spot could very well be reserved for me next week.  My fiancee has received instructions to continue the column after my death.  Prepare yourself for a lot of Witchblade reviews, Zelda references and confusion about any mainstream comics.  

Everything Else (Musings and whatnot)

The Stab Count will begin in next week's (or this Saturday's column) and cover both last week's and this week's books. I left my Wolverine books at the LCS and was too sick to get them this week. Earlier today, I was kind of wishing that I had been stabbed in the guts. It would have provided my insides with much needed ventilation.

Flu Mentions in the thread: Seven.  Can you find them all?

Recycled Jokes: At least one.  Probably more.

Amount of self-restraint needed not to refer to LeBron James by a vulgar term: It's because my grandmother now apperantly reads these things.

Now, if you excuse me, I'm off to die while watching Season 4 of Doctor Who.   

Next Week: IGW isn't cut short by illness! Hurrah!

Written or Contributed by: BlueStreak

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