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Passing of the Torch...

Written by The Indie Huntress on Thursday, April 23 2015 and posted in Columns

Passing of the Torch...

The legend of The Indy Hunter lives on through a new source: The Indie Huntress...

Source: J.M Hunter Crystal O'Rourke

A lot of you may have questions....demanding answers. "Where has our Indy Hunter gone?!" Friends- new, and old, here you shall find the answers you seek. J.M 'Indy' Hunter approached me, Crystal O'Rourke to potentially fill his slot here on The Outhousers. I will be carrying on his legacy as your newly found, 'Indie Huntress.' This is an official passing of the torch interview to each other, for your reading pleasure.

J.M Hunter Interviews Crystal O'Rourke

Hi Crystal, ready to talk all things indy/ie?! What was your first introduction to the world of independent comics?

My first introduction to independent comics was the, "Nightmare World," series by Dirk Manning. These trades are compilations of the Web comics they began as. A collection of short horror tales, that I fell in love with. When I began reading comics, I knew I didn't want mainstream. I was on the hunt (pun intended) for something different. I wanted something that was actually going to reach me. Who were some of the first creators you started to follow? I'm going to sound like a broken record! Dirk was the very first one I began to follow. When I first met him, it was at a small signing. John Marroquin was there as well, but as a visitor. I didn't know who he was at the time. Most real down to earth guys. We chatted about metal bands forever, talked about Dirk's comics, and that's when I knew. I had to find more comics like this and more independent creators. These guys treated me like an old friend, and not just like another sale. From there I discovered John's works with, "El Mariachi!", an interesting tale about a Hispanic skeleton vigilante. (Trust me if you can find it, read it.) I started meeting various people through social media. Mostly Facebook. Different artists, writers, various creators... it's been crazy keeping tabs on everyone!!! All the while, picking up what I can, craving to read more and see a little slice from everyone.

As you move forward covering the underground of independent comics what do you hope to share with others? What do you want people to know?

This is a crucial question, and I'm glad you brought it up. My hopes for this column are to educate the general public that there is so much more out there than, "the big two." That the time we are in now, the age of social media, self publishing, crowd funding, etc- the future of the comic industry is being reshaped. It is an exciting time for everyone involved. I'm aiming to give another voice for these creators. It may be a small one, however, if it can open the eyes of even a handful of people, I will have accomplished my mission. I want to write about their successes, pitfalls and personal stories.

What are you currently reading now that you think people should be paying attention too?

Currently, my list has been all over the map. Here is a quick list of things that have had my Indies in a bunch:

Rapid city: below zero Dahl/Langley www.comixology.com

Adam and Eve bizarre love triangle in the zombie apocalypse: Dan Nokes www.21sandshark.com

Touching Evil: Dan Dougherty www.beardocomics.com

Obscura: David Brown fifthdimensioncomics.wordpress.com

The Samaritan: Victor Dandridge Jr. vantageinhouse.blogspot.com

Tara Normal: Howie Noeldechen www.taranormal.com

Mr. Rhee: Dirk Manning www.dirkmanning.com

Besides covering indie comics what else should people know about you? Where can people find you on the internets?

Let's see....not much. I'm a metal junkie, I just started a podcast with my best friend Michelle (also Indie comic related), I have a Facebook group dedicated to independent creators, I over caffinate regularly, work full-time, and may or may not be plotting world domination.

You can find me pretty much everywhere.

Follow me on Facebook at: https://m.facebook.com/crystal.orourke.50?ref=bookmark

Join the group at: https://m.facebook.com/groups/334295390092840?_rdr

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Crystal O'Rourke Interviews J.M. Hunter

Prepare for some grilling, J.M 'Indy' Hunter! Let's dig deep and tell these fine folks what is in the cards for you!!!

Did you accomplish what you wanted during your time as the Indy hunter and will you return?

For someone like me you never really accomplish everything that you wanted because you’re always thinking in epic terms! From the minutiae to the universal fallout of what you want to achieve. You’re just constantly thinking of ideas! Now that sounds kind of arrogant doesn’t it? “Who does this guy think he is, Stephen Einstein or Albert Hawkings?! He ain’t no rocket proctologist, talking about the universe and shit!” Ha,hah! What I mean is that you always are constantly thinking of more to do! How could this be better, what else can I add, am I too fat?! (actually I probably am, judging from the effort it took this morning to tie my chucks).

At any rate. There’s always more to accomplish! That’s what keeps me going, even when I’m at my lowest. I got unfinished business and still got a lot of work to do! Will I return? Hmm..in some fashion I’m not completely gone. The whole concept of Indy Hunter came about because of my passion with independent comics and artist alley. Even before I knew I wanted to be a creator in the late 80’s and early 90’s Epic comics and other indies I’d find in the bargain bins always had a certain appeal. Around sixth grade one of my friends found a stack of comics behind a book store that were supposed to be trashed or returned I guess. You know the covers ripped off of them? In that stack I had a range of comics, some cool Wolvie, (Wolverine by Claremont and Buscema, I think), the one where he runs with wolverines as a lad. I could use google to find the artist’s name but then I’d never get through this interview so anyone feel free to correct me in the comments section if the artist wasn’t Big John! Funny story…if not a big sad…I wanted to get a Wolverine tattoo and I always admired one of the Wolverine Gallery pics that were on the back of the cover when the series had it’s first monthly run. Well there was this ephermeral ghostly image of Wolvie and I thought that’d be a nice piece. I mentioned it on facebook and always for some reason had it stuck in my head that it was Sal Buscema…turns out I had been wrong and the image was actually BWS. Barry Windsor-Smith. Duh! It’s so obvious when you look at the art and style right? Thanks to the legend Kyle Baker for setting me straight! At any rate….(I said that already didn’t I?) Okay, back to Indies! My passion for indie comics may have originated in that stack of torn comics and some of the horror ones I bought early on. There was the Sandman issue with the Corinthian. Blew my mind, comics could be mature and like this? Later on I’d find even more black and white books from companies like Caliber press, Cerebrus snippets here and there. Those old newspaper Comic Shop News, (CSN’s)? which I still have would tune me into things outside the big two I wasn’t aware of like The Badger etc. Then later on came Jame’s O’Barr’s The Crow published by Kitchen Sink. Then.. Then I started creating them! Out of necessity I started to create them and it was like…a bomb went off. ETC…Eventually Talking Comics is what we all like to do right? So to finally answer your questions I’ll still be Indy Hunter and still be around in some format or fashion talking comics but right now? I need to get back to making them!


What are your current focuses with your art and comics?

My current focus is to do just that. Get focused. Get a handle on real life enough to be able to get back to doing what I love which is telling stories and learning more ways to make comics and art. I love experimenting so in that experimental phase is usually how I find my projects. Lately I’ve been concerned with character design, layouts and storytelling and then finally refining my blacks and whites. Meaning I’ve always worked at bouncing them off of one another and it’s sorta become a part of my signature style. I may not be the most accurate or technical artist but I’ve been told there’s a lot of energy in what I do and sometimes that energy is infectious! That’s not a bad compliment at all right? So more specifically I’ve got a long list of books/stories to finish before mother’s day weekend which is the first comic convention in Peoria, IL and July which is the S.PA.C.E show in Columbus Ohio. Some of those are various collaborations with fellow indie creators and some of those are before mentioned experiments that I wanted to follow through on such as my story, “The Flute Player”. The story of a walking, talking, flute playing anthropomorphic Anus which dreams of stardom and crowd applause to his whistle blowing prowess. You could say he was anatomically built for this destiny! Then there are older strips and comics that I did when I was in my 20’s and really raw we are thinking about compiling for a couple of books just to get them all in one place and into print. Those would be various volumes of Note 2 Self which is my semi-autobio comic gone amok and Barbed Water Noodle Tales and other Stories of Death, Love and Destruction! Basically everything else that doesn’t go into N2S. By “we” I mean my Angry Artist’s Studios partner Guy D. Copes III who’s my acting editor and has a real background in the L.A. zine-comics scene, plus literary credentials from Dartmouth.


What is next for you? Where are you hoping to go from here? What are some of the projects or ideas you wish to accomplish?

Well besides the above mentioned, I’d like to get back to my painting. Something about it just feels good as for me and my approach I paint large or in volume and it’s more physical and visceral for me. I like to do it in the cold usually where I can see my breath and work up a sweat. I probably look like an ass in my hoody all decked out like Rocky or something slinging paint, but hey…I’m not here to win an beauty contest obviously! So seeing how it’s finally warming up, I might get back to dry media or just work on more inking and coloring comics digitally. There’s a few unturned stones there that I need to get rolling.

As an independent creator and as someone who has written on such- what were some challenges you faced? How has that affected your ideals?

I like to talk about process and tools and techniques. I like to know how or what an artist does what they decide. So when something new comes along and sounds worth trying or exciting that is a direct influence on me. I might try it later down the line or it might even be a solution to something I was struggling with before. As far as challenges go? Well when I was doing reviews, (which I hate doing), I had a hard time taking myself out of the creators chair. Other people can objectively review a book. I’m not sure if I can..or at least on the parts that might come off negative. I know what It’s like to have to grind so I am not one of those people that feel they need to rip someone to shreds. I’ve been on that receiving end and sometimes felt that wow..they could’ve been more constructive but eh, whatever. However…if you’re not honest with someone how will they know what’s wrong or what they have to work on right? So no. I don’t like reviewing but never say never. I probably will still do some in the future but don’t expect me to give a bunch of unsolicited advice intentionally. I’d probably just rather introduce it and tell me people what I liked about it and let them decide for themselves. I much prefer to engage in interviews and talk about craft and process and inspiration or the journey. I’m “idealistic” that way I suppose.

I think someday we should do a short strip on the adventures of indy hunter/ huntress and make it ridiculous. Mishaps at cons, comic characters coming to life.... what do you think? Game on?

I  think that’s totally doable! We could be the Indy-Twins. Indy twin powers activate! Form of interview! Mental editing powers! or not. Haha, I actually do have an Indy Hunter comic strip I came up with when I first started.I’ll probably print it if I ever do move forward with turning Indy Hunter into a zine collecting the best of interviews and other articles. Comics would be a must in that! I’ll let you know! But that strip? It’s definitely my type of humor and I do like jamming with others. So yes. Yes I could see something happening in the future when you’re rich and famous and I can ride your coat tails back into the limelight!

To follow me and whatever may come you can check me out at the following:
twitter: @JMIndyHunter
instagram: jm_indy_hunter
tumblr: http://jm-hunter.tumblr.com/
The Indy Hunter
The Art of J.M. Hunter
Thanks everyone and keep your eye out for more interviews from Crystal, The Indie Huntress!
Peace, I'm out 5-Ohhh! 
-J.M. Hunter 4/23/2015



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