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All-New All-Different Say No to 5 Dollar Comics NOW! – Week of 2/22/2017

Written by Chad Tucker on Wednesday, February 22 2017 and posted in Columns

All-New All-Different Say No to 5 Dollar Comics NOW! – Week of 2/22/2017

Because if you're going to spend $10 in a comic shop, you might as well get more than one comic!


When I was a younger man things were a lot different than they are now. Not all of it was for the better. As depressing as the internet can be it does make it easier for everyone's dirty little secrets to come to light. I don't miss that part, so much. But what I do miss is the way comics used to be priced. Back in the day, I could scrounge some change out of my Gran's couch cushions and take it to a local recycled bookstore that was renovated out of an opera house my family used to own. I would swagger through the front entrance tipping a derby at the doorman, and flashing a glint of silver between my fingers. The cashier nodded, and pressed a button under the register. A bookcase slid across the floor revealing an iron wrought staircase, and I descended it into what I always imagined was what used to be the orchestra pit under the theater. That is where I found what I desired: Rows and rows of white boxes filled with every comic book imaginable, illuminated by soft white light that somehow filled the entire room. A subtle series of bells sounded from an unseen source, and a single poster board said the words I would never forget "All comics $.25." It was a magical time, but unfortunately one that would not last.

Then quickly things changed, and comics were no longer $1.25. Suddenly they were $2.50 and came with a bullsht trading card I already had. Put a crappy Wolverine Hologram on the cover, and now they are $3.00. Make that cover two pages and it's $3.25. Make the Hologram 3D, and now the book is $3.50. The whole pricing point just kept getting worse and worse. At one point a comic book fan and affluent banker looked at me condescendingly through a monocle and said "Outrageous prices, you say? Perhaps if you would stop being so lazy and get a second job you could afford comics". Then he cackled like the Penguin and drove off in a Ford Escort trailing exhaust and laughter in his wake. Comic book fans all over cried out for a Champion. We needed a man so large in stature and girth that the truth could not escape the pull of the gravity of his conclusions.

We needed Jude Terror. For a time, things were good. Jude's Legendary "5 Comics for Under $5 Dollars" articles were a big hit. At the height of their power, they did something that no one thought was possible. Jude's article caused DC Comics to reduce their entire line below the $5 dollar pricing point. Maybe it had to do with something else, maybe not. But something inescapable changed in Jude. Someone offered him money, and suddenly he could afford $5 comics. The internet cried out for help again.

I answered that desperate call. Rising from the ashes of the success of Judas Terror, I give you the phoenix reborn! Welcome to ALL-NEW ALL-DIFFERENT SAY NO TO $5 COMICS NOW!



IDW Publishing - Darkness Visible #1- $3.99


By Mike Carey and Brendan Cahill


This is an exciting book from IDW set in a world where demons and humans manage an uneasy coexistence. It doesn't take half the book for this story to take a very dark turn and it wraps up in a mystery leaving me wanting more. I loved Mike Carey's work on Lucifer from beginning to end, so I'm definitely going to finish this story.


Here's the solicit:

From bestselling author and screenwriter Mike Carey (Unwritten, Lucifer, Girl with All the Gifts) and Arvind Ethan David (Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency) comes an all-new, original world of darkness and demons. When the demons came, humanity reluctantly learned to share the world with another sentient race. Eighty years later, this uneasy co-existence has spawned an endless terrorist conflict. Detective Daniel Aston, charged with being the thin blue line between the two sides, is tested to the limit when a demon sets up house inside his soul. But to save his daughter, he'll pay any price-including genocide.



Image Comics – Belfry(one-shot) #1 - $3.99


By Gabriel Hardman


Lately I've read a lot of horror comics and noticed how diverse the antagonists have become, but I haven't really seen anyone do any good stories about vampires. Hardman has an art style that is suitable to horror comics and a natural gift for art that seems twisted and unhinged. This definitely looks like a dark book that is well worth the price of admission.


Here's the solicit:

AN ALL-NEW HORROR ONE-SHOT FROM GABRIEL HARDMAN! When an airliner crashes in a remote jungle, everyone walks away unscathed only to find you can't escape the lush, brutal world of the Belfry. From Hugo Award-nominated writer/artist GABRIEL HARDMAN (INVISIBLE REPUBLIC, KINSKI, Star Wars Legacy), THE BELFRY is a self-contained one-shot that may just strip you of your humanity.



Oni Press - Rick & Morty #23 - $3.99


By Kyle Starks and CJ Cannon


Leave it to Oni to capitalize on the absence of a new season of Rick and Morty by releasing a comic adaptation that manages to capture the essence of the show. The latest arc follows Morty and his intoxicated mess of a granddad, as they attempt to fend off one of the deadliest threats the multiverse has to offer: An evil, intelligent Jerry. So far, this comic has done a good job of capturing the maturity and vulgarity the cartoon has to offer, and I look forward to seeing how this arc wraps up.


Here's the solicit:

When Jerry is master of the world, how is Rick to survive? By building a GIANT FRICKIN' ROBOT, THAT'S HOW! The Smith family takes on Doofus Jerry in a battle to end all battles. Come for the sweet punching action, stay for the existential ennui.



Aftershock Comics– Rough Riders II #1 - $3.99


By Adam Glass and Pat Oliffe


From veteran TV and comic writer Adam Glass comes a new chapter in the Rough Rider's Saga. Set on an Earth where technology is more advanced than our own, Rough Riders follows Theodore Roosevelt leading a Dream Team of Rough Riders to save the world from descending into chaos. With Houdini, Edison, and Annie Oakley fighting on the same team again, this is not a book to be missed.

Here's the solicit:

Great jumping on point! Three years have passed since the Rough Riders last adventure, but when an assassins' bullet takes President William McKinley's life, Vice President, Theodore Roosevelt is thrust into the role of Commander in Chief. As a country mourns the loss of their leader, Roosevelt believes that the assassin is part of a bigger conspiracy, ones whose tentacles reach back to Europe and whose intentions are to destroy humanity through world-wide ANARCHY. To stop them Roosevelt must convince Harry Houdini, Jack Johnson, Thomas Edison and a surprisingly very alive Annie Oakley to band together again. But time has strained the bonds that once united them and the ideologies of their enemies may have already seeped into one of their own. Welcome to the ROUGH RIDERS SECOND ARC: 'DARE MIGHTY THINGS'.



Pick of the Week: Boom! Studios– Jim Henson Power Of Dark Crystal #1 -$3.99


By Simon Spurrier and Nichole Matthews


There are few stories in fantasy that captivate my imagination and child-like wonder as the Jim Henson film "The Dark Crystal". Set 100 years after the conclusion of the film, The Power of the Dark Crystal returns us to the world of Thra which has fallen by the wayside due to the royal family unable to see the suffering of their people. Basing the new characters on unused concepts from the first film was a stroke of genius, and the art helps visualize the story from the film. All in all, this looks like an amazing read, and I can't wait to hold all 12 issues in my hands.


Here's the solicit:

In celebration of the 35th anniversary of Jim Henson's The Dark Crystal, return to the world of Thra in an official sequel to the beloved fantasy film. Discover an all-new race of creatures called Firelings that live in a realm near the planet's core, based on official character designs by Brian Froud. Years have passed since the events of the original film, and though Jen and Kira have ruled Thra as King and Queen, bringing Gelfling back to the land, they have become distracted by power and can no longer feel or see the needs of the world the way they once did. Thurma is a young Fireling tasked with stealing a shard of the Dark Crystal to restore power to her realm. Along the way she'll befriend the young Gelfling Kensho, bring back the Skeksis and Mystics, and embark on one incredible adventure.



Fun Less Than $5 Comic fact: The only publisher on ComicList to release a $2.99 book this week was DC Comics!


Remain ever vigilant in the face of certain unnecessary costs, True Believers! Did I miss something you think deserves to be mentioned? As always, let me know in the comments below.

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