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Idiot's Guide Weekly: All Things Go

Written by GLX on Tuesday, August 16 2011 and posted in Columns

This week, GLX takes over IGW. God help us all.

Hello. I'm GLX. While Christian Hoffer is dealing with his new role as a husband, I've been called in to handle this week's IGW. Of course, I heard about this in advance so the contents of this IGW may be lacking.

The News:

Hellboy went bye bye , X-Men teasers were sent out , and DC unveiled their latest solicitations for November .

All Things Go:

August means different things for different people. Some see it as the month they have to return to school, while others view it as the last full month of the summer. For comic fans, it's the month when DC transitions from the old status quo to "The New 52." While the atmosphere surrounding the event is mixed with anticipation and mystery, there's also somber tone to it. Fan-favorite series such as Secret Six and Xombi are finishing up with no immediate future in the new DCU. For those fans that are feeling down about losing their favorite titles, I advise to chill out. Relax.

There are new comics on the way that might to be on par with or even greater than the comics that you'll miss. Titles such as Swamp Thing, Demon Knights, Grifter and Resurrection Man might just fill the void left behind by your current DC faves. Of course, I'd be remiss to say that every title will be a winner; however, there's a chance that a new favorite or two might be in DC's September offerings.

Will the upcoming titles eventually get retconned at some point? Of course, but that doesn't mean they can't mean anything to you. The comic book industry is ever-changing, with characters experiencing death and rebirth. Teams form and disband within a relatively short amount of time. The history of a company's universe (or some cases their multiverse) changes drastically. This pattern of constant and drastic change can be off-putting, but the stories themselves still manage to pack a punch. Stephanie Brown may no longer be Batgirl, but it can be said that her series has and will continue to touch readers' hearts. The Secret Six may be no more, but you can experience their trials and tribulations at any time and at any place. Whether you read the comics out of their intended order or not, it doesn't matter. What ultimately matters is if the stories connected with you on some level.

So, raise your chin up and look to the skies. The stories that you love live as long as you let them; the people that created them will continue to work on other projects. If comics have taught us anything, it's that what is good can overcome insurmountable odds to triumph over evil and that death is not permanent. As the Clock Opera song goes, there is no once and for all.

Comic Time:

Comic of the Week: Vengeance #2 - Wild, original, good-looking and sharp. I'd like to see if there is a better teen comic than this on the stands.

Moment of the Week: The Serpent rips Cap's shield into pieces (Fear Itself #5). Surprising? No, but it looked badass.

Surprise of the Week: Flashpoint: Frankenstein and the Creature Commandos #3, but only because of the rotating art team. Let's see if the Frankenstein ongoing can hold down a steady art team.

Character of the Week: Lady Bullseye (Vengeance #2) - For being a total badass that succeeds in killing chumps and.....getting what she wants.

Can you feel the looooooove tonight?

Worst Character of the Week: Spider-Man (Fear Itself #5) - For a character that showed an immense amount of courage during a famous Stan Lee/ Steve Ditko scene, it's pretty sad to see Spider-Man give up.

Random musings:

I'm curious to see what a Gathering of the Juggalos (which went down this past weekend) version of a comic-con would be like. Faygo, cosplaying strippers and helicopter rides for all, I suppose. Whoop whoop!

Dynamite's "risque" covers are a tad oft-putting.

I wonder if Michael Neltzer's beard is more powerful than Alan Moore's beard.

It's been weeks since I've revisited some of Chuck Austen's X-Men material, but the romance between Nurse Annie and Havok still captivates my mind. After all, a romance whose roots are tied to a coma is one worth reflecting on the mental state with those who thought it was a great idea.

Next week, a revitalized Christian Hoffer will likely return for another IGW. How will his marital status affect his (possible) return to the column? Will Mammon make an appearance? And will Newton ever take over IGW? One can only hope. For now, this is GLX signing off. It's been....interesting.

Written or Contributed by: GLX

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