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Conversations with yourself: The zero issue

Written by Doombug on Monday, September 12 2011 and posted in Columns

Eric Ratcliffe brings back the return of his long missing column starting at the very beginning! In this edition of the column, Eric discusses his return to the outhouse and what people can be expecting very soon from the bi weekly column!

If fans of the old days of the Bludnet didn't just mark out...well you're all dead to me! I guess a reintroduction is in order here.

Oh god here comes the origin story...

Shut up, first columns have to be an introduction to the chaos, besides I really need to see if I can remember this stuff:

He can barely remember breakfast.

Yeah because I don't eat breakfast. Will you just let me write this thing? Anyways back in 2008 I was offered a column by Jude Terror and Jon Salwen back in the days that the Bludnet still existed. The bludnet for newer readers and newer outhousers was a place on the internet that had some fun webcomics, cool posters (Jon/Jude/Pedi/Myself/Greg and many others have since shifted over...really wish Shadow would post more here) and some really unique articles that no one else was doing on the internet.

The column there was called exactly what it is here, Conversations with yourself. It was a very simple premise where I would talk with a creator, write up a review or talk about something I'd really been enjoying recently. It lasted for 12 columns, each weekly to bi weekly for the most part.

Then came into my life, I had the chance to meet Russell Burlingame at forbidden planet and just a few months later I was writing a new column on that site called "Why I Love Comics" which had a similar premise to Conversations with yourself but had more views on it as well as allowing me to try out new things like a commentary for Heroes and even some creator commentaries with people like Tony Bedard, Jim McCann and Alex Grecian where we'd talk each issue of their book in question and it was like a directors commentary for comics.

About a year later, the column became the 3rd podcast of the CR podcasting network between the related recap and zone 4. The show started as a review podcast between just Chuck and I where we'd pick a few books to discuss. The show branched out to include Brant Fowler and John Wilson and sadly for a while there got completely out of my hands and Chuck's schedule got crazy. So a relaunch was in order.

(mind you right before the relaunch, the outhousers award winning New Comic Day was created and can now be found on

The relaunch started with a brand new #1 and was all me, the column had mostly become a spotlight on books that I'd enjoyed, the occasional movie review and very few interviews depending on who I could get. The podcast was a very fast learning curve for me as I landed interviews with Dan Milano (greg the bunny, robot chicken, titan maximum) Joe Eisma (morning glories) Mike Carey (lucifer, X-men legacy, the unwritten) David Hine (Strange Embrace) Phil Hester (Green Arrow, The Darkness) and many more.

Over the last 3-4 years of my life I have had the pleasure of hanging out with rockstars (Claudio Sanchez) meeting Celebs (Christopher Meloni from Law and Order) and just meeting some of my closest friends on the planet (Greg, Jude, Chad Strohl, Brant Fowler, Russ and many others)

So why am I back now? Why return to the old column? Why bring things full circle?

Well first, because this is my first home on the internet. After the old rama died...I came here. I was welcomed with wide arms opened and welcoming.

Second, no matter what has happened over time this place has always supported me. The outhouse gave me my first award and I have always looked on it fondly and taken it very seriously.

Third, the Why I Love Comics podcast and New Comic Day aren't wanted by the new owner of CR, I wish I knew the reasoning behind it and just why the decision was wanted but honestly if they don't want around 90 percent of my creativity why the heck would I feel it's a place I want to continue to write for? I mean would you stick with a place that after 3 years tries to shelve the things that you pour the most amount of time into? I sure as hell wouldn't and wont. is finally it's own website completely which I'm very excited about and something I've been looking forward to since we finished the first collection. Brant Fowler, Chad Strohl and our new colorist Alyssa Justice all work their collective butts off and its time to showcase that away from somewhere that doesn't want us. I'll always do my best to showcase the strip and the collective work of one of the best teams out there.

The podcast when I finally get control of the RSS feed will be showcased here on the and joins the ranks of the outhouses very own pirate podcast which is hosted by my good friends Brian Osserman and Brad Thomson who are two of the coolest guys I know and have one hell of a show they should be proud of. I have some very exciting names popping up on the show very soon.

So what else can you expect from this very column? Well first things first I will review whatever the heck I fall in love with (Like the Doctor Who Annual which was fantastic!) and will definitely be reviewing plenty of video games and movies for the immediate future.

Also I'm pretty sure you'll see New Comic Day linked to/spotlighted every wednesday morning.

Basically I am back and finally feeling my creative energy returning to me and I've brought Russ with me. Not to mention many of the voices you've heard on the podcast before.

It's great to be back and I cannot wait to see where we go from here folks! Don't forget to give Russ a warm reception as well because without him I doubt I'd be doing much of the stuff I do today!

Written or Contributed by: Doombug

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