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RUviews - G-d Dammit Marvel!

Written by GHERU on Monday, October 31 2011 and posted in Columns

Hello there Internet People, it's your good buddy, RU, here to his best to guide you away from the bad and towards the good in all things comic books.  This week we explore the worst and best that Marvel has to offer.

There be spoilers below!

This week's theme is "G-d Dammit Marvel!"

(As usual, a text version of the RUviews is available below the video)


As before, I start with the bad.

Secret Avengers – (This is not specific to #18 that just happens to be the issue of this comic that came out this week, in fact Secret Avengers #18 was pretty good compared to most of this series.)  From Brubaker to Spencer and now with Ellis, Secret Avengers has been the biggest disappointment Marvel has put out in a long time. Since the first arc on Mars, there has been no real progression of any kind of story. The Shadow Council is doing evil stuff and the (not so) Secret Avengers are trying to stop them. After 18 issues I cannot tell you what makes the Shadow Council different from any of the other cookie cutter evil organizations floating around the Marvel U. And, don't get me started (again) on them being considered a 'covert team' - the Shadow Council knew they existed from the first issue when they followed the Secret Avengers around, in this week's Astonishing X-Men Emma Frost finds out, and lets not forget how much sense it makes to trust the bat-shit crazy Moon Knight with this kind of information. At this point, when the other Avengers find out it will be more a comment on their stupidity then on the Secret Avengers' morals. All that being said, Remender is coming on with issue 21.1, so I'll probably stick around for a bit of that.

Uncanny X-Men – "We have to renumber for story reasons" Fuck you. Uncanny servived the Blue and Gold era, the Revolution era, multiple returns of Claremont, and even Austen and Fraction as writers, but you have to renumber for Regenesis. Fuck you. Not that it matters; we know it'll go back to the real number system for 600.

Now, for the good.

You might be wondering why good books would make it into a "G-d Dammit Marvel!" theme. Well, its because I am too damn weak and these two books were too damn good. No surprise, they are both written by Jason Aaron. I had made myself a promise that with new books I'd start waiting for trade, to save space and some money, but when DCBS offered both of these books for ~99 cents, I figured it didn't hurt to try these #1s. I was wrong. Now I have two new books on my pull-list, because there was no way I could wait for these trades.

Wolverine and the X-Men – I mostly know Aaron from his fantastic Vertigo book, Scalped, which is many things, but one of them is not whimsy. He really surprised be with how much fun I had reading this book. Bachalo's art, while not for everyone, was much more mainstream then it has been recently and complemented the tone of this book very well. If you've been away from the X-Books for a while, this is a nice place to jump back in.

Incredible Hulk - (no, I am not a fan of this renumbering either) Speaking of a jumping on point, Aaron does in this book what every Hulk writer I can think of has done with his or her first issue: whatever the fuck he wanted to. Long time (or going back and getting trades) readers know that we've seen Hulk and Banner separate before, but not like this. It seems that due to the fallout from Fear Itself (see how I feel about that book here) had switched around some of the personality traits of the two. Whereas Hulk has become calm and reasonable, Banner is dangerous and unhinged, and it is up to the Hulk to bring him back under control. Now, I've never really cared one way or the other about Marc Silvestri's art, it always seemed too cartoony for me, but in this book his pencils are almost perfect. You can feel the anxiety in bearded Hulk and the anger in feral Banner just by looking at them. Good book, get it now, or wait for trade, but don't miss it

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