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IGW: What I'm Thankful For

Written by Christian on Thursday, November 24 2011 and posted in Columns

IGW returns from hiatus with a list of everything we're grateful for!

After cleaning and massaging a turkey with olive oil, I decided to take some time and list what I'm grafeful for before dying of salmonella.  Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

My wife, for having the patience to do all that I do on the site and put up with the boxes of comics sitting in our office.

Independent publishers, for giving so many great creators a start in the industry and keeping viable outlets for amazing stories alive in an industry dominated by superheroes.

DC, for providing a month and a half of easy columns when they released their relaunch. Also, for publishing a couple of good reads over the last month.

Marvel, for publishing Daredevil, one of the most enjoyable comics I've ever read. Also, for publishing a couple of other good books too.

Vertigo, for showing signs of growth at SDCC and showing detractors that the imprint isn't going to wither and die.

Image, for somehow publishing Invincible, The Walking Dead, Chew, Witch Doctor, and Morning Glories while relaunching the EXTREME!!! line., for providing me a way to keep my pull list intact when I had to cut my budget in half.

Laughing Ogre Comics, for being the best comic book store in Columbus and having such a great and wonderful staff.

Columbus comic book creators, for showing that small press comics are just as good as the national publishers.

Sean McKeever, for being solely responsible for my comic book habit. My wife will never forgive him.

Jason Aaron, for writing such great comics that I keep reading his books despite vehemently disliking most of the characters featured in them.

Geoff Johns, for creating Dex-starr the Rage Cat, after whom we named our cat (even if my wife doesn't admit it).

Brian Bendis, for not killing Dr. Strange.

Scott Snyder, for keeping his perfect streak of comics going with Batman, American Vampire, Swamp Thing and Severed. The man simply cannot be stopped.

Cullen Bunn, David Liss, Charles Soule and all the other creators that I've been so lucky to interact with on a semi-regular basis.

Wolverine, for teaching me the valuable lesson to check an attacker's paternity before stabbing them willy-nilly. Also, for justifying those 500 pounds of C-4 I keep under my bed.

Cyclops, for being a better man than Wolverine will ever be. And also for taking all the crappy mutants that Jason Aaron didn't want.

Batman, for reminding me that with enough hard work and start-up capital, I too can become a Terror in the Night. Also, for being a better man than Cyclops will ever be.

Superman, for taking the whole marriage erasing thing like a champ.

Rocket Raccoon, for proving that talking animals are just as good as talking humans. In a fight between Wolverine and Rocket Raccoon, I'll take the Raccoon with an insanely large gun and a walking tree as a best friend every time. However, Batman could still beat them both.

Locke and Key, for being one of the most perfect comics ever.

Chew, for being one of the most pleasantly zany comics on the shelves.

The Sixth Gun, for being the little western/horror book that could. I'm proud that our site gets to have a small part in spreading the word of how great this book is.

American Vampire, for putting all the other vampire crap out there to shame.

I, Vampire, for being so much better than the cover implies. This definitely isn't vampire crap.

The Walking Dead, for giving us the weekly misadventures of a badass hick trapped in a world of stupid people and zombies.

Young Justice, for giving the DCnU something to aspire to.

Doctor Who, for being so awesomely amazing and inspiring me to write one of the nerdiest wedding vows ever.

The Outhouse, for allowing me to have a place to talk comics and giving me a platform on which to spread my half-cocked opinions.

Jude Terror, for basically letting me steal a large part of his job while continuing to be the backbone of the staff and the architect of all the growth the front page has seen in the last year.

Nietoperz, the forum manager, for trusting me and being a great friend.

The Outhouse Staff, for providing so much great content and devoting so much of their time and putting up with my scatterbrained guidance.

The Review Group, for jumpstarting my front page writing and opening my eyes to so many great comics. Before I joined the Review Group, I had two creator owned comics on my pull list. Now, creator owned comics comprise about 40% of my pull list.

/r/comicbooks, for being a second comic book home on the internet.

All of the people who read my columns. I am so, so sorry for wasting so much of your time.

My family, for finally accepting that I'm a nerd and openly encouraging it. Especially my father, who introduced me to the wild and wooly world of comics.

And finally, Al Gore for inventing the Interwebs.

Written or Contributed by: BlueStreak

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