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RUviews: Is Something Going On With DC?

Written by GHERU on Monday, December 05 2011 and posted in Columns

The long awaited (ok, yea, not really) NuDC episode of RUviews is here.  Enjoy, and also, beware of the SPOILERS!

The Flash, Justice League Dark, Batman, and a special note on Annihilators: Earthfall

Hello there Internet People, its your good buddy RU here to, yet again, apologize for missing a week, although, looking at my youtube stats, I'm not sure anyone noticed.  With holiday travel and a six month old who has decided that sleep is for the weak, it was difficult to convince WIFE that I needed to hide out in the basement to talk about comic books with my Internet friends.


So here we go, with the promised focus on the NuDC books I am getting monthly in order from pretty good to awesome.

(As usual, a text version of the RUviews is available below the video)

The Flash – In the pre-Flashpoint continuity Wally West was my Flash; to this day I feel that his book had some of the best character growth from begging to end of any super hero "ongoing" I can think of.  I was not a fan when Barry came back, and I was really upset that Barry's book was so good, and even after Flashpoint where Barry was the bad guy (go ahead and think about it...) I can't bring myself not to at least try any book with "Flash" in the title, and so far in the NuDC I have not been disappointed.  Francis Manapul is writing a very decent superhero book, and its nice to see a version of Barry that isn't already, well, old.  This first storyline, Mob Rule is not a reimagining of a story we already know, rather it involves an old friend of Barry's, giving Manapul a natural, non-distracting reason for flashbacks that fill in some of the new continuity.  If all you are looking for is something fun without high art expectations, and if you can understand that being fast can be a cool power, give The Flash a look.

Justice League Dark – Anyone who knows me can guess why I picked this up; I am an unapologetic Constantine mark and although I didn't pick up Brightest Day, Justice League Dark piqued my interest.  Yes, Milligan has had quite a few misses recently with superhero books - X-Men and Flashpoint: Secret Seven to name some – but his Hellblazer run has shown that he gets Constantine and magic, so I had faith.  So far, so good.  In fact, this is the first time that Deadman has been used in any way that highlighted, for me, what it must be like to be Deadman and what his "life" is like.  Beyond that, Zatanna, Shade, and The Enchantress are all being written well enough that I want to know what happens next, and the structure of the story is such that you can feel the characters getting closer to each other, even between issues.  I like the idea of an all magic team made up of members who do not play well together, and I can't wait to see where this all goes.

Batman – if you are not reading this book then you suck.  Scott Snyder knows what is up and he can write Batman nearly perfect.  But beyond Batman, Snyder also brings personality and depth to Bruce Wayne, a character that is sometimes ignored except to move a story forward during the day, and has created a wonderful character out of Gotham itself.  If you are also reading All-Star Western (my wallet won't allow me to) you will see how these two stories complement each other in relation to the Parliament of Owls.

I am trade waiting All-Star Western and Demon Knights, but I have read the first two issues of both...digitally and I do recommend them as two other books worthy of consideration.  Also, fuck everyone else, Red Lanterns, Red Hood, Superboy, and Teen Titans are all fun books that I'll get the trades of as soon as I have a good job.

On a completely unrelated note, any of you hiring?

That's it for this week, but I'd quickly like to mention that the art in Annihilators: Earthfall is some of the most G-d awful art I have seen in a long time (at least in the Annihilators story.  Rocket and Groot are fine), but please don't let that keep you from getting the book, DNA are awesome and the story should be supported.

I have ~5 trades to read before I do my holiday trade special, hopefully next week or soon after.

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