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RUviews: Avengers Vs. X-Men Is Wrong

Written by GHERU on Tuesday, June 05 2012 and posted in Columns

RU gets to the first third of Avengers vs. X-Men, after a few words of some other fun (maybe not) comic books:

Thunderbolts #174, Rise Of The Vampires (Justice League Dark and I, Vampire 7-8), Earth 2 #1, Incredible Hulk #8, Journey Into Mystery/New Mutants -- Exiled, Avengers vs X-Men, Secret Avengers #26 and 27 / The Avengers #26 and #27, New Avengers 26

Hello there internet people, its your good buddy RU here to talk all things comics (That is, unless I get off on a tangent).  I know its been a while, and you miss my pretty face and soothing voice, but if this video is not enough, there are always more on the YouTube, and my first editorial written for The Outhouse on digital comics.

I am going to get to Avengers vs. X-Menin this episode, but before then, I feel that some notable books have come out that probably didn't get the attention they disserved (MASSIVE SPOILERS FOR COMIC BOOKS):

Thunderbolts #174: The final issue!!!...'cause its getting renamed Dark Avengers (this week I think).  Now, I know what you are thinking: "Dark Avengers #175 will be a great jumping on point." and that is the case, if you consider the middle of a storyline a good place to start.  Beyond the stupid (I know why they are doing it) name change, issue #174 really left a bad taste in my mouth; I have grown to enjoy what Jeff Parker has done with this book, but they way The Fixer was written out has to be some of the dumbest shit to ever happen in this book – and they once turned Abe black!  I'll stay on, cause it wasn't that bad, but I expected better from Parker.

Rise Of The Vampires (Justice League Dark and I, Vampire 7-8) – Lasts and Firsts: My last issue of JLDas I cannot stand Lemire (and hipsters everywhere spit out their MGD) but my first of many I, Vampire issues.  This was a fun crossover that did more to sell me on I, Vampire (good story, awesome art) then it did to convince me to stay with JLD; a book that, much like Secret Avengers, never lived up to expectations.  A shame, but DC finally got me to drop a book with Constantine in it.

Earth 2 #1: This is a re-launch!  F'n awesome! And this month it comes with 10% more gay!  Here's hoping we get Starman James Robinson and not Justice League: For Justice James Robinson.

Incredible Hulk #8: You know what, I really do not get the hate that Aaron's run has been getting; I am enjoying this take on the Hulk/Banner relationship.  That being said, I have no idea if this issue was good or not because Steve Dillon has no business drawing a super-hero book.  Not only does the Hulk look like a green version of Jessie Custer (Preacher), but his height is never the same.  Sometimes he's an inch taller than the Punisher, and other times he towers over everyone...just plain ugly.  Thankfully he is only on the one issue.

Journey Into Mystery/New Mutants – Exiled: Pretty good, did nothing to convince me to get Journey, but I hope Journey readers start to get New Mutants, a highly under-rated book.


Now that AvX (not the book, the event) is a third of the way over its time for RU's take: pretty damn good.

First of all, lets get one thing out in the open, the X-Men are right.  If you want to see my argument, head on over to The Outhouse and check out our new feature, Vs' second article, Vs! Avengers vs X-Men.

Avengers vs X-Men #1-4: This event has been ten kinds of fun, I am not sure they can keep it up for eight more issues, but I hope they can.  One thing that is sticking in my craw is this: JEAN GREY WAS NEVER THE PHOENIX!  Not sure when this (admittedly shitty) story got retconned out, but Scott and Logan whining about how the Phoenix stole their love is lazy writing.  If Marvel wants to make it so Jean Grey was never in a cocoon at the bottom of the ocean (I said it was shitty) that's fine, but they need to find a way to explain how she came back from the dead after The Dark Phoenix Saga, and they haven't yet.  With the knowledge that Jean Grey was never the Phoenix, where do the Avengers get off thinking they can do a better job than the X-Men controlling an entity the X-Men have a 100% track record of controlling when one of them is the host (Rachael, those three blonde girls, Quentin Quire, and probably some others) and never have they blown up the Earth.  But, whatever, the important thing is JEAN GREY WAS NEVER THE PHOENIX!

Secret Avengers #26 and 27 / The Avengers #26 and #27– none of this makes any kind of sense: Ok, I get the little disclaimer in Secret Avengers #26 that these events take place before Avengers #25 and #26, but even with that information the two books make no sense together.  Either Marvel Boy (The Protector) betrays the Avengers two times in one event (yes, one time he's probably mind controlled) or Bendis and Remender forgot what they were doing Kremit.  Furthermore, how can Secret Avengers take place before Avengers when in Avengers we see the team leave for the Secret Avengers' mission?  Also, I know everyone is busy, but no one thinks to mention that Captain Marvel came back and kicked their asses?  UGH!

One more thing, can great artists stop coming back and ruining my memory of them, please (see Marvel's most recent previews to see some truly terrible Neil Adams artwork)? Walter Simonson wrote and drew the definitive Thor run, but his return to Marvel has not been very pretty.  In Avengers #27, the full page Thor in space image was enough to turn me off of the rest of the book, and the rest of the book wasn't all that well drawn to begin with.

Wait a second, who is in charge of the Kree home world?  Did Marvel decide to make the Inhumans uninteresting again and move them back to the moon?  If so, where were they during the Avengers/X-Men conversation at the end of Avengers vs. X-Men #4, since they were all standing around on the moon with no protection (meaning they were in that area the Inhumans reside, the Blue Zone).

Nevermind, AvX (the event, not the book) is fun, but also infuriating!

If I had the time, I totally mentioned how good New Avengers is during this event.  No idea how it all ties it, but this story with the past Iron Fist and some green eyed ginger freak has been one of the better event tie-ins in a while.

Till next time - later peeps.

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