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RUViews: RU Has A Happy...Stack

Written by GHERU on Tuesday, July 03 2012 and posted in Columns

RU is here to talk comics, and be totally happy about it!  No, really, he liked all of his books this time!

Angel & Faith vol. 1: Live Through This, American Vampire: Lord of the Vampires #1, Wolverine And The X-Men #12, Fatale #6, and The Sixth Gun vol. 3

Hello there Internet people, its your good buddy, RU, here to talk comics.  I know, I know, you missed me.  I want you to know that I missed you too.  I'm not sure if this has happened before, no I don't remember my shows, but I am not angry at any of my comics this episode.  Either comics are getting better, or my pull list is finally where I want it to be.

Lets get to it:

Angel & Faith Vol. 1: Live Through This – Collecting the first five issues of Angel & Faith, a Buffy spin-off that coincides with BtVS Season 9.  I would not say that you have to read Buffy Season 8 to enjoy this book, but a primer wouldn't hurt. Please do not take that as me suggesting that you read Buffy Season 8, that book was utter dreck, rather take a trip to Wikipedia or something to catch up.  Angel & Faith starts off a few weeks (or months) after Season 8 ended with the normal monster hunter motif, but quickly turns into a book about Angel trying to make up for his actions during Season 8.  Yes, I know it's a big shock that Angel is filled with guilt and is all moppy, but this isn't just a rehash of the Angel TV show, rather a continuation of the growth the characters (Faith included) showed in both television and comics over the past couple of years.  You do not need to read the IDW Angel book to get this series, anything you need to know is included.  As with all licensed properties, the art isn't the best, but miles above TVs Season 8, and I'm willing to look at almost anything to give a Christos Cage book a try.  Angel & Faith is a solid B+ and I can only hope BtVS Season 9 is as good (vol.1 TPB not out yet).

American Vampire: Lord Of The Vampires #1 – I opened my DCBS box the other week to see that I accidentally broke my trade wait limited series rule when I saw Lord Of The Vampires #1, so of course I had to read it.  Damn good book, but what else can you expect from Scott Snyder anymore? This book continues the story started off in Survival of the Fittest by focusing more on the Vassals of the Morning Star and Agent Book.  I am sticking to my wait for trade rule, as storage demands that I do, but I want it NOW! My only complaint is that I had hoped Sean Murphy would be the artist on all of the American Vampire Limited Series.  That is nothing against Dustin Nguyen, but Murphy and Snyder synced so well in Survival that I was looking forward to more collaborations.

Wolverine And The X-Men #12 – Beautiful, beautiful book that has shown more respect for continuity than and AvX related book has so far.  I don't remember the last time anyone referenced Rachel's time - in the future - as a mutant hunter, hound, but Aaron seamlessly reminds the readers that Rachel is not from a happy go lucky place and reinforces why she would chose to side with Scott (beyond the whole "hey, I, like everyone else, have hosted and controlled the Phoenix, but go ahead and keep acting like we don't know what we are doing) and showcased her fighting skills – something else that's been lacking in relations to her recently.  Kid Gladiator's hubris and ass kicking were great to read, along with his reaction to his father showing up at the end.  Beast vs. Iceman, Angel, Wolverine, Thor, Captain America...there is more story packed into this issue than any other tie-in I've read thus far.  If Uncanny could be half the book this is, I'd still be reading it.

Fatale #6 – I have no fucking idea what is going on and Brubaker and Phillips will continue to get my money as long as they keep making a comic that keeps me interested in the mysteries rather than making them overly complicated.  Brubaker and Phillips make comics that are more akin to hard drugs than funny books in that once you take that first hit, you need more.

The Sixth Gun Vol. 3The Sixth Gun is by far one of the best books on the stands.  It is easily in my top 10 and I could not be happier for the success Cullen Bunn has found because of it.  Buy this book, buy it for yourself, your kid (over the age of 8, IMO), your girl/boyfriend, hell, buy it for that dick that always badmouths comic books.  The story is engaging and always moving forward, there is an obvious structure and plan to the book, and the words, art, lettering, everything involved in making the book is so obviously filled with pride that you can't help but be happy while reading it.  This is a comic that I can't wait to pass on to 'lilRuRu – I know he will enjoy it, and I'll love watching him discover the world of The Sixth Gun.

That's it for this week, a short show, but there is one other thing I'd like to say – go to your library!

Look at this stack, and that's just from one trip.  I know it sounds and looks like I spend a lot on comics, and I do, but more and more I am trying new (and old) books out because of my library.  Your library wants / needs your business, if you start asking for graphic novels, they will start getting more in.  Free comics are free, and the best part is  - if they suck you don't really care.

Oh, and there was an unscripted rant regarding haters at the end.  I need a drink.

Enjoy your comics - later peeps

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