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Conversations with Yourself #1

Written by Eric Ratcliffe on Saturday, March 29 2008 and posted in Columns
Welcome to the new column Hemophiliacs (can I use that jon? It feels good to use that.) It only took me half a year to start putting this thing back together but hey, with the relaunch I figured its time to step back up to the plate.

 This week I figured I'd start things off with my man love of the best cult actor ever and quite possibly a man that hollywood should pay more attention to, hell they could definitely take lessons from him.

This a man who was Sam Raimi's punching bag before it was cool for sam to beat up on actors, a man who revlutionized the backwards/three stooges cheorography, a man who was born to play the king, a man who's fought an army of darkness, his own ego, become a guy with two brains, fought evil aliens and fought for freedom.

Seriously if you don't know who I'm speaking of now, you might as well keep reading for your about to get informed. Bruce Campbell: America's favorite b movie actor.

I remember the first time  I ever saw one of Bruce's movies it was Army of Darkness and he was stuck in a chamber fighting off a deadite with his chainsaw hand. I was a little kid but I honestly couldn't stop watching, his performance kept my attention and I honestly realized that this would become my favorite movie of all time.

He's iconic from the start, from his big jaw to that voice that uttered one of the best cinematic lines of all time: "THIS IS MY BOOMSTICK"

I was hooked, the only other time I got hooked to something as a kid this fast was the power rangers (oh trust me, that blog is coming) Not only did the movie give me a real defined herioc character to look up to as a kid but it inspired and sparked my already creative mind (which is another blog connected to star wars)

Anyways the next time Bruce really caught my attention was when he played a certain king of thieves named Autolycus in Hercules and Xena and this is really where once again his personality shined and you could tell he enjoyed playing these crazy and outlandish characters.

I remember another favorite of mine involving bruce which was Waxwork 2: Lost in time. Bruce was only in one scene in this movie but just like all his little cameo's its one of the more memorable.

He does slapstick, a lot of humor, physical action and doesn't mind getting roughed up for a scene. He's also managed to carry a few tv shows as the lead actor from The Adventures of Brisco County Jr and Jack of All trades.

Bruce appears in many different forms wether its voice overs for games based after his most famous character from the evil dead movies, Ashley J. Williams to cartoons playing a chicken nugget in Aqua teen hunger force colon movie film for theatres

Bruce became a cult favorite movie star and to this day people remember little cameo's he makes in huge blockbuster movies like all 3 spiderman movies.

Right now his current movie My Name is Bruce has been called the galaxy quest for horror fans, sadly no release date has been named. But Bruce definitely remains a huge aspect of cult movie culture and has certainly cemented his fame as the biggest B movie actor of them all.

Posted originally: 2008-03-29 04:34:46

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