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Conversations with yourself #2

Written by Eric Ratcliffe on Monday, April 07 2008 and posted in Columns
Join me as I discuss event books, last week's highlights and nothing else head's killing me.

Dear god the 2nd was a fun week for books. Even if I was shorted Kick Ass #2 and Project Superpowers #2 why is it always the 2's! What the hell is this crap? I am going to write an angry letter to diamond for shorting my store Kick ass.

It wouldn't bother me so much if Kick ass 1 wasn't so damn good. I seriously felt like I was reading superbad in comic form. Explaining it to my non-comic reading friend who is like a little sister to me, I had her laughing pretty hard.

I basically described that this kid put on spandex and got his ass kicked, a lot. Real people shouldn't be trying to be superheroes, I swear getting hit by a car, stabbed and yet apparently this won't stop you. I love this kid.

Anyways onto the books that came out the 2nd.

Countdown #4: What I can say here is that both Jason Todd and Mary Marvel are idiots. That is really all I can say here. And where the heck did Palmer go?

New Exiles #4: Yeah, I apparently continue to torture myself here. Did Claremont read Winnick's stuff at all or did he decide to just...wait nevermind this is claremont, he decided he was going to do whatever the hell he wanted. In an alternate world Gambit is the son of a black Namor who is married to the invisible woman. Please someone take him away from the exiles, get Psylocke back on 616 earth and cast that finally was returned......RETURNED! I may have to drop this book if this continues I just can't really take it.

Young X-men #1: I only know the characters thanks to messiah complex and I was introduced to Blindfold in Whedon's astonishing. Cyclops sounds a little off here, almost as if he's trying too hard to be the professor which is odd. Basically because the last few years he's been a good leader and an interesting character. The team is formed and I'm confused to see 2 of my favorite characters suddenly becoming members of the brotherhood of evil mutants.

Cable #2: Again with that damned number. I hate it.....sorry getting off track. The plot doesn't advance, we find out how Bishop made it to the future. Move along, sadly there's nothing to see here but pretty artwork.

Proof #6: I really really wish I had got this book from the beginning, its amazingly awesome. Seriously this is the x-files meets that really obscure sci fi show that lasted 13 episodes on UPN when it was still UPN. I recommend this series to everyone and I can't wait to read the first trade.

The All New Atom #22: Ryan continues to fight the viral alien disease attacking him and the city, which is apparently connected to the belt and killing people around him. Built up with suspense, a bit of sci fi action and a bit of humor and a new love interest...or old? I jumped on the series with issue 10. I'm not sure. The new crew is is doing a great job so far and I doubt that the end of the issue is true.

Punisher War Journal #18: I'm not going to lie here, I didn't like this issue and I'm hoping that Chaykin is only on artwork for this arc. His art is really hit or miss and here its mostly miss. Which is sad because Matt Fraction is currently one of my favorite writers, I like the punisher because of him. *shrugs* I guess I just wish they'd have chosen a different artist because it takes me out of the story.

Dummy's Guide to Danger: Lost at Sea #1:
Jason M. Burns work is largely ignored by the comic reading audience, which is sad. He's a great guy and a really good writer. The first mini introduced us to a dummy named Bloomberg and his partner. Apparently Bloomberg is a dummy who may or may not be alive, that much I can't tell anymore. He was paralyzed and is carried around by his partner who's career and lovelife are apparently suffering because of his partner. Its a fun set up and there are major hints as to whether or not Bloomberg is real or not. The art even hints at him being able to move a little. Theres also a fun scene involving Bllomberg versus a dummy thats performing on stage who is "staring" at him. Seriously hunt down Jason's work, he's that good.

Amazing Spiderman #555:
BND continues as Spidermand and wolverine team up. Obviously the only major issue here is the issue starting with the new avengers still being in doctor strange's house. But other than that? Its a fun read and Chris Bachalo's best artwork even though he was still at his best in Messiah Complex. And Wells is growing as one of my favorite writers and handles peter well.

Logan #2:
Logan loses another love of his life which i'm honestly getting tired of in the characters career. The man should be able to keep a woman, end of story. He comes face to face with a new enemy who apparently similarly to Logan can't die. He can be shot, stabbed and everything but still can't die. I really, really enjoy the art here.

Detective Comics #843:
The new scarface is introduced and everyone's favorite magician guest stars. I liked the issue, the art was solid and Bruce and zee was hinted at again. And the new scarface is really tragic but interesting. Another Dummy kind of symbiotic relationship.

The boys #17:
Hughie is intimate with a timing issue. This book continues to be awesome. I really like Hughie finally being allowed a little happiness even if theres a bit of bad luck attacked to it. I just have a really bad feeling the shit is about to hit the fan in a bad way.

Angel After the Fall #'s 5 and 6:
5 brings the crew back together which is awesome and great to see, especially the little additions. Gunn watches from the background and well a fan favorite character seemingly returns from the dead. Issue 6 features a few different stories Involving what happens to Lorne, Connor and Spike after the searies finale. The illyeria character is given a few more layers and John Bryne (yes the one who your thinking of) pencils a very special lorne story. They continue to tease us about last issues return saying how evil they are. And I don't get people's complaints about this book. I really don't, its a blast.

Buffy the Vampire slayer season 8 #13:
Xander visits his old "master" for help. This is the best stuff in the book and actually made me laugh out loud. I really think they deserve their own mini. Something also happens to a slayer, something really bad. This book continues to be fun and Drew proves he's a force to be dealt with, writing wise.

Young Avengers Presents #3:
Speed and Wiccan attempt to find their mother sadly to no avail. They do meet with an old villian who apparently is repenting for his old ways. It was an interesting issue and once again reminds me why I miss these characters. Heinberg needs to get on the ball and return to them. Or else one of these teams should pick up the ball and run with it.

Secret Invasion #1:
Holy first issue madness summer blockbuster chaos event book batman!

The heck did I just read? 4 skrull reveals, 1 which was known thanks to the prologue. A very, very creepy line uttered by all the skrulls which should keep everyone guessing till they reveal what is meant by it. This was a lot of fun and way to go Bendis did I just see Clint/Tasha finally acknowledged again only to have Spidey give him hell about who he hasn't slept with?

And SWORD being used outside of Whedon's astonishing run? Took them long enough! The dialogue was spot on, the characterizations all well done, the action was a summer movie in comic book form, the reveals crazy (especially the last one) and just that art.Why has he been slacking with his new avengers? Why couldn't it have looked like this the whole time? The art really really surprised me and I hate to say this but, this is how you do an event book.

Cassanova #13:
This is why I love MAtt Fraction. For 2 bucks every issue of this book just gets better. I love every second of it. I really can't say anything here, you have to read it for yourself.

A good week for comics and if my head wasn't throbbing I'd write more. 
Posted originally: 2008-04-07 04:56:10

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