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Toy Shed: Wolverine Origins

Written by Zechs on Thursday, March 19 2009 and posted in Columns
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It's Deadpool folks! Oh and Mister Snikt Bub (aka Tiger Stripe Wolverine) too! Both are from the Wolverine Origins toy line.

By: Zechs


Well summer is around the corner and you know what that means, MOVIE TIE IN FIGURES! Last year we got flooded with Incredible Hulk, The Dark Knight, Iron Man, Wall-E, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, and Clone Wars toys. So as we enter 2009 we get the first figures from a movie hitting the toy shelves and that is Wolverine Origins. About the same size as the also newly released Fury Files line each figure are about as tall as a G.I. Joe, Indy, and Star Wars figure (3.75 inches). As such, any of those figures accessories are fair game for this line.

wade.jpgAnd speaking of accessories, let us just start the greatest negatives of these two figures. They pretty much well suck. If you're getting the Deadpool figure it won't matter given he has two guns to go along with the giant sai and two swords. However, every Wolverine figure comes with a katana, paying 7.99 is just too much for such cheaply made plastic. Compared to a sword from G.I. Joe or Star Wars is like day and night to the Origins version. They're just so darn bendable rarely keep straight. Why does Hasbro make these accessories so darn cheap? Compared to the other two, this series doesn't even deserve to be in the same price range, yet somehow it is.

Of course the main figure everyone is gonna buy is Deadpool, given how hard it is to buy the Marvel Legends version (usually he's about over thirty dollars or more loose). First off, the details on the figure are awesome. Wade looks ripped from the pages of the comics. They have a perfect mold of his head and body. The details on the rest of him are just as perfect. About the only detail, missing is his two fists, Dead and Pool. From the Deadpool insignia on his belt, to the pouch around his chest area, they get the character just so right. wade2.jpg

However, there is a problem with all this details, namely his sword backpack. The hilts on his back are very cumbersome, and add to the previously mentioned horribleness of the swords, it really ruins the figure. There is a solution to this as you can see from my pictures of Wade. The answer is you cut the sword hilts off his back. Now I used a box cutter to remove it (with careful precession). Without the pack, I have to admit Wade is just more superior without the hilts. And if you're looking for more superior swords, just go buy the Hardmaster/Snake-Eyes two pack (or if you have an extra Snake-Eyes just let him have one of those swords as shown with mine). Another, negative I have to mention is the loose leg joints. It's a common feature on both figures. If you pick the figure up and shake him a little, odds are his legs will go south a little. Also the ball joint in their legs only go to a certain level and that's it unlike the others (this same feature was on the Indy Jones figures).

wade3.jpgHowever, as shown with the pictures I've had great fun with this figure. This figure was made to try out every accessory that size. I mean come on just look at this picture of him? So what's my verdict of this Deadpool figure? I have to say if you're a fan of Wade get this. If you're not. Just avoid him. He has many issues that burden him, but with some adjustments (like slicing off that hilt backpack) it does increase his funability.

So on to Mr. Snikt Bub aka Tiger Tripe Wolverine. He's the fourth of the eleventh (I lost count after that number so I might be wrong) figure being actually in his trademark costume (the other two his brown and black, and his recent X-Force one, with another Tiger Stripe without the mask in a future wave and a far superior brown and black costume in the Secret Wars two pack).

The details on him are great (you can even see the little x on his belt). Unlike X-Force or Secret Wars Wolvie the Wolverine Origins Wolvie has his claws well together. And honestly it's an actual blessing. Looking at the X-Force Wolvie his claws aren't together yet appear to have that cheap plastic issues I told you about earlier on his claws and they really look deformed as well. This Wolverine doesn't suffer from those issues. His claws are straight and always going to be that way.

For posing the figure, it's somewhat decent, but like before he suffers from the same ball joint issues as Deadpool. About the biggest complaint I have with the figure is he comes with the same dorky awful katana that Deadpool come's with and that's it. Alas to say he is so not worth the 7.99 I bought him for. So what's the verdict on Mister Merchandise? Buyable but only if you're a fan and want the best of the these figures.

Honestly, it's kinda disappointing the level of cheapness these figures are and yet they have an expensive price tag. Given the great detail Hasbro gives their Star Wars and G.I. Joe line why do they give this one a more poor showing? Hopefully, later figures improve or the Fury Files line are more superior to these. If not, there's some reason to worry about these new line of Marvel figures.

So the final verdicts:

Wolverine Origins: Deadpool (Comic): BUYABLE, but only for the hardcore of fan.

Wolverine Origins: Wolverine (Comic Tiger Stripe Costume): BUYABLE, but only for the hardcore of fan.




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