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G.I. Joe Five-Pack (Lady Jaye, Flint, Shipwreck, General Hawk, and Snake-Eyes)

Written by Zechs on Wednesday, April 22 2009 and posted in Columns
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1toyshed.jpgOh yes, Zechs is a sly one. He delayed his review of the Five Pack G.I. Joes (Snake-Eyes, Shipwreck, General Hawk, Flint, and Lady Jaye) a week just so he could post it when G.I. Joe Resolute was being aired on the net and will debut on television this weekend. The only question now is will these five figures truly be resolute enough to warrant a buy?

So the live action movie is on the horizon, and with that come's great merchandising. Thus, Hasbro is shipping out the last of the 25th Anniversary wave they've been making for the past two years. So we get three new five packs. One based on the Resolute Cartoon (with recolored Duke, Cobra Commander, two Cobra Troopers, and a B.A.T.), a new Cobra (new molds of Baroness, Cobra Commander, and a Viper with the obligatory Storm Shadow appearance and recolored Zartan), and G.I. Joe (Snake-Eyes, General Hawk, Flint, Shipwreck, and Lady Jaye). Of the three, the only truly one that interested was the later set. Sure I had my ulterior motives (as which be said later on in this review), but each figure looked perfect. But are they worth all together if you actually find this set somewhere and buy it? Well, first off let's look at each figure separately.



I'll start with General Hawk. Honestly, I was going to get the other Hawk figure out there, but once I found him and he had a wacky eye paint job (he looks cross-eyed). I decided to wait and hope Hasbro would make a new mold. Thankfully, my patience was rewarded with this figure. This Hawk has a new head mold, though pretty much has the same mold as the previous Hawk. As such, he is the figure with the least amount of accessories in this set (removable helmet and pistol that's about all Hawk gets). Poseablity-wise, Hawk is pretty good. His hands can hold said pistol in hand much as if he's firing it. All and all I have to say this figure is a MUST BUY.

Lady Jaye is something of an enigma. It's the third figure of her's released and the first one I really wanted to get. The first one that was released via single packs was insanely hard to get, and I only saw her once on a rack. However, the figure didn't really impress me, thus I didn't get it. Jaye with a new mold then got released in a toon accurate set. I don't know if this Lady Jaye is a recolor of that figure or not. Regardless, this figure is great. She come's with her trademark spear and trick arrow heads on her back. The detail on her is great, though she does have man legs (unlike other female figures in the past). However, this really is a blessing, given it adds to her originality (unlike the first two figures of Baroness and Scarlet who shared the same high heeled legs). Also unlike say the future movie line, this figure has a very feminine face (unlike the man faces of the movie Baroness and Scarlet). Really this figure did surprise me at how great she was. I really expected Hasbro to go cheap like they did in the past, but they didn't. Lady Jaye in the end is very much a MUST BUY and is probably my second favorite figure in this set.

Flint is pretty much the same mold for the most part from Tiger Force Flint (see my past review on him here). The only big difference of these two Flint's is that this one has a new head mold and weapons that are more detailed. I really don't have much to say other than I love the new details on the figure. Other than that it's exactly like Tiger Force Flint. So as with previous version this Flint is just awesome and a MUST BUY.

Then there's Shipwreck, a fan favorite due to his regular appearances on the cartoon. I have to admit, much like Lady Jaye, I wasn't really fond of the first figure of this line. Unlike the Lady, I could have nabbed him at anytime of my choosing at various stores, but I didn't. There was just something off to me about the figure. Again, like Hawk I figured patience would be my best bet, again, it was. Of the figures in this set Shipwreck come's with the most accessories. He has his faithful parrot by his side (which can snap onto his arm if need be), a revolver that can be holstered, man purse, a harpoon gun, and grappling hook. Details on the figure are great (he has his tattoo on his right arm and navy rank I'm guessing on his left sleeve). His poseablity is much in the same as the rest in this set, which is spectacular. There's no real negative at all to this figure, he just rules. So Shipwreck is a very much a MUST BUY.

And of course, the final figure of this set, Snake-Eyes. Basically, the toy has the same mold as the cartoon colored four pack (the one with Snakey, Quick-Kick, Major Bludd, and Cobra Commander). Now this mold returns modified, but now with a new mold of his pet wolf. On other message boards, I had heard this figure's mold was quite possibly the greatest of the Snake-Eyes figures. For that reason (and to get a superior Lady Jaye and General Hawk figure) was the main one why I purchased this set.

So does this figure live up to its hype? Yes, it does. Hasbro improves the mold here by making him comic book accurate with incredible detail (his sword carries his ninja clan's symbol besides being freaking long, and perfectly sculpted). The articulation is awesome. He's way more poseable and less cumbersome than the previous classic ninja Snake-Eyes. You can have him in various poses and moves. The dog is much like his predecessor, just one molded figure that doesn't have any articulation. Still, he doesn't come with a knife (as the previous one did), but the darn thing always ruined the posebality more and now without the knife improves upon it. As for holding weapons, the figure holds them pretty well, again, more superior when comparing it to the original. So I have to say I agree that this Snake-Eyes is very much a MUST BUY.

In the end, I have to say every five pack I've purchased thus far, Hasbro has made it so worthwhile. The first one I bought was the second Cobra themed five pack (with recolored Storm Shadow, Cobra Commander, and three Cobra officers). In that set, you got a huge freaking Cobra Symbol that played the first lyrics from the opening to the G.I. Joe movie plus some Cobra banners. Much like that one, this set includes an extras such as added weaponry (toon accurate rifles) which only adds another reason why this set should be sought after. The figures in it are so superior to its opposite Cobra number and unlike some of the figures in that set (save for Baroness and Viper) it improves upon it's first 25th Anniversary designs. It's weird seeing the first Snake-Eyes I bought (ninja) to this current mold. They're almost like day and night, as was the first figures released compared to the old Joes and the Valor vs. Venom ones. So for those who just skipped to the end to see the results well:

By themselves-

General Hawk: MUST BUY!

Lady Jaye: MUST BUY!

Flint: MUST BUY!

Shipwreck: MUST BUY!

Snake-Eyes (ninja): MUST BUY!

The entire Five Pack-




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