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Toy Shed: Transformers Masterpiece Grimlock

on Wednesday, April 29 2009 and posted in Columns
1toyshed.jpgDue to personal reasons, Zechs is out this week. In Zechs' place will be fniazi, with his review on Transformers Masterpiece Grimlock. Is Grimmy truly king of the Masterpieces? Only one way to find out!  



Grimlock comes packaged in robot mode. No twist ties which is always a plus. Comes with Energon Sword and Twin Rocket Blaster as weapons. Other accessories include the brain transfer thingy from Grimlock's New Brain and the lame S3 accessories which are the waiter dish, glasses, apron and bowtie. Didn't even bother taking those out of the package. The swords hilt is shiny red chrome with clear plastic for the blade. The gun is black with two clear plastic barrels. The cool thing is that both the sword and gun have little pegs which fit into little slots on either hand, so you don't have the issue as with MP Prime holding his gun/Megatron awkwardly. The right hand has a red LED light inside. You click a button on the back of his right shoulder, the light comes on and pipes through the sword/blaster. The sword looks amazing like this, especially in the dark as you can see a reflection off his chest and his face lights up in the dark, looking very menacing(especially with the red eyes).

Robot Mode
Perfection! Only word for it. He's big and chunky around the shoulders but not so much that the lower body seems too small (I'm looking at you spindly legged MP Megatron). It gives off a very powerful look. Fists rotate at the wrist. Right hand's fingers don't really move due to the LED feature, but the left hand does. Full rotation at the forearm and elbow as well. Shoulder movement is a little limited due to the bulkiness of the chest. He has a clear piece of plastic in the center of his chest with the Autobot symbol behind the glass. The symbol disappears during transformation. The head is a perfect sculpt for Grimlock. Looks as close to the original show/artwork in comics as it can. A neat gimmick is a little slider tab in the back of the head with which you can change his eye colour from blue(cartoon) to red (toy/comic). There's a peg on his back to lock his T-Rex head in place while in robot mode. The wings on the back are jointed so they don't droop down or move out of place like on the original toy. You can simply move them back, or angle them up at about 45 degs. The upper legs are a little thin and very plain. Below the knee his tail assembly is the one major difference from this G1 incarnation. Very well done and reduces the kibble significantly.


Upper body and arms are exactly the same as the G1 toy. Once his hands fold into the dino-legs, you can see little boosters on each one, hence rocket boosters under the legs for leaping/flying through space. The leg assembly to form his back/tail is a little complicated and the biggest difference transformation wise from his G1 counterpart. A lot of sliding and manoeuvrings here and there, which is too hard to describe. Best bet is to watch a video of it.


T-Rex Mode

T-Rex mode is very imposing and intimidating. Grimlock can look like the T-Rex hunting for prey, all bent over with face pointing forward or can sit back with his tail as support ala the S3 look. The small dino hands are very poseable with 3 individually moving claws on each hand. They are jointed at the elbow, so full range of motion in every direction. They have pegs to hold the tray etc, but not bothering with that. Teeth are shiny chrome. Open the mouth and there's a flamethrower inside. Click a button on the side of the jaw to clamp it shut. Gimmick there to change eye colour from red to blue in this mode as well. There's a tab on the back just like in the G1 toy which can be opened and used to store his blaster in dino-mode. He has booster rockets on his back to help out with the ones under his feet. He also has a little tab on his head for the brain transfer device to click into place.

The only issue I have is the gimmick they have for moving his head. His assembly where his robot feet become his dino-back does not click into place. You can twist his lower body in dino-mode and that moves his head left-right. Sounds good enough, just looks a little disjointed as the parts seems loose since they don't click into place. The tail can also swing left to right.


Accessories: 10/10 (pretending the superfluous stuff doesn't exist) otherwise 7/10
T-Rex mode: 9/10 Loses a point for the unnecessary gimmick.
Bot mode: 10/10 (or infinite) Seriously's just perfect.

If you can afford it, then get it! If you look hard enough at online retailers, you should be able to score a decent enough price. Got mine for about $150 all inclusive. It's steep, but I'm not planning on getting any movie toys and not much else in the pipeline for animated or universe right now except Shockwave that I need, so I figured why not.

Bottom line: MUST BUY!


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