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Fury Files Wave One

Written by Zechs on Wednesday, May 13 2009 and posted in Columns
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It's been a long time, but Zechs FINALLY has a gander at Wave One of the Fury Files. Namely, Spider-Man, Bullseye, and Iron Man (Extremis).

Ok, so I'm about as bad as Hasbro with shipping this review so late, but here it is. When originally announced I couldn't wait for this. I mean come on three-inch figures that are about the same size as your G.I. Joe and Star Wars figures? What's not to love about that? It reminds me of back in the old days when Marvel had Secret Wars and DC had Super Power lines. Yeah they where a little taller than these figures, but still the awesome fact you could have Batman, Superman, Dr. Doom, Kang, and Spidey fighting or teaming up with figures from Star Wars or G.I. Joe was a kids' dream. I'm very much glad a line like this is now back in both DC and Marvel. However, DC's just didn't get me excited as Marvel's. Maybe it was the horribly molded characters (Joker I'm looking at you) or their limited mobility. Probably the later, but when I saw that Fury Files would be like G.I. Joes how can you not get excited for that?




So here, is my review of three figures from the first wave. I chose these three figures given they appeared to be the best amongst the first wave, which also included Iron Man in stealth armor, Punisher, two Johnny Storm the Human Torch figures (flame on and normal), Wolverine (in X-Force garb), Silver Surfer, Daredevil, and Black Panther. I have to admit I was sorely tempted to get the Panther and Daredevil, but perhaps another time. As for the others well, some of them looked absolutely hideous (normal Johnny Storm and Punisher I'm looking at the both of you). Then there was Wolverine who is a new mold (Hasbro surprisingly didn't go cheap and just use the same mold as Wolverine Origins completely). However, since I have a Wolverine Origins version why bother?

Now each figure come's with their own unique item associated with the character (for Iron Man an energy blast, Spidey webshooter, and Bullseye gets an assault rifle and dagger). They also come with a little file that contains a profile card, Fury file w/entry code, and a letter of S.H.I.E.L.D. pertaining to the character. Now for actual entering said code you have to get an actual screen name and really, it's pretty much you claiming you have this character and it's pretty much a digital version of said letter included in the file. Now supposedly later down the line the site will have an online exclusive Nick Fury, but how this will tie to that I have no idea. Nevertheless, you do get some little item that is kinda nice and though kids probably will pass at the letter for a comic book fan you'll go all geek over some of the details shared in the letter.

{nomultithumb} iron_man.jpg  

So what about the figures? Well let's start with Iron Man (Extremis). It looks like the current version of Iron Man though slightly touched up. The paint job on the figure is awesome giving off a metal like feel. He also has two arm pads that (unlike the larger movie version of him) actually stay on him if you move his arms. The posablity on the figure is decent for one you'll find. About the biggest problem with him in his chest area which is a little loose. However, if you keep him in an upward position it should clear this problem. In addition, his leg joints are a little tight, but unless you're a kid you ain't gonna care about that. You can get him in a seating position unlike the Wolverine Origins figures and they feel completely different from those figures. Much like Spidey and Wolverine, Iron Man is going to have a ton of variants going to be released in this line. Still, this figure is quite awesome one for Mister Tony Stark. I have to say this figure is a MUST BUY for kids and fans of the character.

Spider-Man on the other hand kinda disappointed me. He's done in the classic Steve Ditko style. While that is an awesome style, the webs on his arms didn't translate well. Also his neck is just inhumanly long while his head barely fits and can be easily snapped off. Though he is in his classic web-shooting mode it kinda drags the figure down more than actually helping it (something the blacksuited version of Spidey corrects). I will say that the same problems I had posablity I couldn't find with Spidey, but the figure just feels rushed. Add to the fact that there will be some other Spidey figures to be released with this line I have to say SKIP IT.

Then there's Bullseye. The actual mold of the figure is quite awesome, as is the paint job. The details on him are quite nice as well (the cards have ace markers on them). The posablity of the figure is also quite nice. HOWEVER, the biggest problem with the figure is said card arm. The cards don’t come off. Again this figure come's with more accessories than the other two, and yet you cannot have both of them in his hand only one. That really drags the figure down. True the cards are very true to the character, but the figure they should be darn removable not a permanent fixture on the character. Even more the dagger really doesn't fit all that well in the hand that can use it. But really if you have G.I. Joe weapons that really isn't going to be a problem as you can sub an item. Still, he is the only villain in the wave (a major problem with this series in general alas). But still, the mold and articulation does save the figure. However, I only recommend him for fans of the character, not to any parents to get their kids. They'll probably be more annoyed by him than pleased.

Honestly, this wave did please me in some ways (molds and poseablity for Iron Man and Bullseyes) and in others disappoint me (Spidey's rush job). Does it mean this series is a bomb? Honestly, if Iron Man show's anything this series can be really good. However, given some boneheaded moves with the figures you think designers would have some parts be snap off accessible and not permanent (Bullseye's cards). Still, I really hunger for the next wave and you'll be seeing a future review of that wave soon. But for now:

Iron Man (Extremis): MUST BUY!

Spider-Man: SKIP IT!

Bullseye: Buyable, but only for the hardcore fan.



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