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Toy Shed: Iron Man 2's Crimson Dynamo & War Machine

Written by Zechs on Monday, March 01 2010 and posted in Columns
Toy Shed

Toy Shed of Outhouse. RISE!! Zechs brings back the Toy Shed to look at the new Iron Man 2 figures plus the original Iron Monger version 3.0.



So out of curiosity, I was by my local Toys R Us when looking at the aisle for Marvel Universe (aka Fury/Hammer Files) I noticed that they had the Iron Man 2 figures out. After hearing horror stories on how badly the paint jobs on the Mark III Iron Man where I noticed the Crimson Dynamo and War Machine amongst them. I thought what the heck, the molds actually look as awesome when they where displayed at the San Diego Comic Con last year.

Coincidentally this also happened to be the same time I visited a Target and noticed they had their old Iron Man figures out on clearance. Thus, I honored a promise I made to myself in that I would nab myself an Iron Monger mark 3.0 (this version has the open cockpit) while versions 1 (red eyes and core) and 2 (blue eyes and core) where pretty much one mold while this one was an entirely different one. So here's my review on the three figures.


crimson-dynamo.jpgI'll start off with Iron Man 2 figures and the villain of the pair I bought the Crimson Dynamo. Decked out in the more well known armor of the fourth person to wear it, I have to admit the mold on this figure just absolutely rules. He's big and imposing for a figure usually restricted in height (however War Machine come's very close to being about the same height as him.

The paint job on him absolutely rules, save for the little scratch of paint in his back. Other than that, the paint perfectly matches with the costume and nothing else seems seems off by his appearance. The joints on this figure (along with War Machine) are more tighter than last year's Wolverine Origins figures. However, with the Dynamo his head was a little more loose than Machine's with his head just a tad bit more (but that's more due to the fact that the latter's figure has a human more shaped head while the former's is not as human. So in that case I'll over look that flaw. Dynamo also had a somewhat loose left hand as well. Though it isn't the kind that if you wiggle the figure enough it'll move. It will only show off this fact when your moving it's hand.

Articulation-wise, as I said before he has the same joints from last year's Wolverine Origins. However again Hasbro improved upon the flaws from last year and made these joints much more tighter so the Dynamo can actually stand and pose so much better (epically in his legs) compared to a Wolvie Origin figure whose fatal flaws where those ball joints on their legs (unless you tricked them out by cooling then heating it).

The Dynamo come's with a profile card showcasing his armor stats, a stand (with a clip to put the stats on), and finally a plastic blast that you could put around his head to make it look like he's firing from his single cylon-like eyes. All and all, this figure I have to say was actually worth the purchase. I was standoff-ish at first, but the awesome mold, paint job, nice just balance the figure. If your in need of finding some Marvel Villains to balance out their heroes than this Crimson Dynamo figure is worth getting I have to say. So defiantly a MUST BUY.



War Machine is a walking bad ass of a toy. The mold of the Rhodey's iron suit is absolutely awesome. Just look at the picture of the figure to the right. He's just so darn imposing and that's with the attachments which just heighten the figure even more. The actual design of the figure is of his comic book counterpart (which at first made me wonder when the heck are we getting Movie War Machine?!).

Much like his Soviet counterpart above, War Machine's color scheme perfectly captures the character and are just in the right areas. However, I have begin to notice there's mark on the chest area of mine, so again be weary of this line since their paint job isn't superior. Still, I didn't even notice this on mine until real close inspection.

Articulation-wise, he has the same issues as the Dynamo save for one, his shoulder-pads. Unlike the Dynamo who has none, War Machine has two clipped to his chest area pads that can only extent unless you put the pads upward. The other method is just move the hand. Either way to put them back requires you by hand to lower them. Still, they're so darn bulky and a darn nuisance. I'm a little surprised at why the toy-makers just didn't put the pads onto his arms as they had with previous Iron Man figures. This is my major nitpick for the figure. Everything else about him is about the same as the Dynamo.

Though instead of the left it's War Machine's right is a wee bit loose. Also his chest is much tighter than the Dynamo's in moving. His knees are as tight as per the Dynamo's was. The only added feature he has that the Dynamo lacks, would be his shoulder mounted guns on each of his sides. They both can retract to his back or twist around to make it look like he's targeting something.

Overall, both figures have their flaws (paint job), but I really think their positives (molds and just better tighter leg joints) outweigh them. For accessories, War Machine gets two instead of the one the Dynamo got. These are two little missile and blasts that can snap onto his shoulder guns and it make it look like he's firing them. It's quite an awesome detail. The only thing that make the figure anymore awesome would have been two more additional blaster attachments for his wrists. I really wish I had a cam to show you how awesome he looks when I attached the wrist blasts that where on the previous Fury File Iron Man figures. It just looks real neat. In the end, I have to say War Machine is a MUST BUY.



Now with the recent figures done, I turn the clock to about two years ago (gosh has it been that long since the first Iron Man movie?) and review the Iron Monger aka the one with the open cockpit. Unlike the previous two make's that came from the same mold, this one is entirely different for the most part.

The one key difference this Iron Monger figure has from the previous two is that his leg joints actually can bend fully, while that cannot be said for either of the prior figures that where released. Upper articulation for the most part is the same as it was on the previous figures, save for the head. Though you could move it somewhat in the other two releases you cannot at all with this one.

The paint job on this one is a little more lighter than the previous two in tone and more in keeping with the actual Iron Monger design from the film. It's main feature is the open cockpit with the little Obadiah Stane figure inside (which with some effort you can remove and put other figures say G.I. Joes in as well. That's pretty much the reason I included this review of this particular Iron Monger since he's technically perfectly in scale with the newly released Iron Man 2 figures. So go get them folks while you can!

I have to admit there is one massive trade-off for this Iron Monger though and that's the actual open cockpit. Sure there's a feature to snap the whole thing together, but one simple move of the arm upward can make the darn cockpit open. I cannot tell you how annoying that can be. Even more, the Stane figure inside has absolutely no articulation at all. Instead, he's like a Whack-a-Mole whose head can contort once you slip the upper portion on him. And it's because of that whack-a-mole feature that does drag the figure down just a bit.

Honestly, I'm quite on the fence with this one. On one hand this figure is on perfect scale with the new figures (and way superior to the latest toy bearing his name). Though on the flip side, the darn head inside is so annoying given how frequent it'll make the cockpit open up. My verdict on this would have to be that it's buyable, but honestly only should be purchased for the hardcore fan. I easily see why this particular version has seen numerous customs done with it. If you're looking for the be all end all Iron Monger figure I have to say this probably is the one (though even with the lack of leg joints I myself enjoy the second version that was released).

So in the end:

Iron Man 2: Crimson Dynamo (comic): MUST BUY!

Iron Man 2: War Machine (comic): MUST BUY!

Iron Man: Iron Monger (with open cockpit): Buyable, but only for the most hardcore of fan.


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