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Toy Shed: Thor/Enchantress and Ultron/Mr. Fantastic Secret Wars Two-Packs

Written by Zechs on Wednesday, March 10 2010 and posted in Columns
Toy Shed

Zechs take's a look at the Secret Wars two packs of Thor/Enchantress and Ultron/THE ACCURSIVE RICHARDS aka Mister Fantastic.


Ok I have to admit I wasn't a big fan of the Secret War two-packs. They've been a big disappointment to me for the most part. Instead of new figures we've gotten a couple figures recolored (Wolverine, Iron Man, and Spider-Man), good (Wrecking Crew in figure form? AWESOME), and the ugly (Magneto just sorely disappoints me on so many damn levels plus don't get me started on Hasbro ruining a perfect Hulk figure by going cheap at the last minute). Alas though my will is weak and I caved when I hear they had a comic Thor and Ultron (both paired with Enchantress and RICHARDS). So do these figures measure up or do they fail? Well again let's take a look at the two packs one by one.



First up is the Thor and Enchantress two-pack. I've heard a lot of bad about this pack and told to wait for the modern Thor that's just been released. Still, I bit the bullet and got him because it's Thor. Honestly I can see the flaws on why people think this one is a stinker compared to Modern version of him. The main issue with the figure is his cape. It can only go up halfway before snapping off (aka the way it's kept on the figure) so really that I can see why it be an issue.

Still, the sculpt on Thor is actually awesome, it totally captures the spirit of his more famous look. About the only issues I have for the actual sculpt is his face, which appears as if he's utterly bored. The other issue I had with Thor was his lips, they look barely there. Still, the detail on the figure is staggering. I totally chuckled madly when I looked at his hammer and saw the classic inscription.

For articulation he is as good if not better than any Fury Files (aka Marvel Universe) figure. About the only drawback for him is his huge honking head that's hair blocks any good movement from it. The cape issue doesn't bother me as much given honestly who wants to bend the cape to that degree to get it lose? Honestly, my Thor once you snapped the cape on him the darn thing never came off unless you started to move the cape up halfway.

About the only big issue I have with is a common one, the paint job. I noticed on my Thor that his head has silver patches along some areas of his hair and some areas in his chest area aren't fully colored black. This frequent factor reminds me of the main issue I had with the old Kenner Secret Wars figures I had as a kid. Cap, Iron Man, and Spider-Man whose paint all but came off. I really hope the same issue isn't found with these figures, but I get the bad impression they will eventually. Kinda sad really since the figure looks so damn awesome and it's greatest enemy won't be Doctor Doom, but age.

In the end, I have to confess if you're a fan of the God of Thunder, get this figure. There are good positives as well with the negatives with the figure. So my verdict would have to be that he's only buyable if only for the hardcore fan. If you're a Thor fan or Avenger completest then get this figure.

So then there's the Enchantress. Another I got this set was the fact it came with a villain and boy does the toy series need some antagonists around (seriously we've gotten five villain figures to lord knows how many heroes. Don't believe me? Two Goblins, Bullseye, Red Hulk, and Electro. Yeah, it could have been six if they've given us Red Skull instead of him being a San Diego Comic Con exclusive). Thankfully nowadays Hasbro is changing that with a ton of their recent figures being evil.

The actual mold of the Enchantress is pretty decent representation of the character when she appeared during the Secret Wars. I love the little details in her leg area's, which are surprisingly good and doesn't have any worn paint at all. Alas to say I cannot say the same for her hands where her glove is supposed to be. Compared to other figures of the line her hands look like body paint and a very thin batch at that.

Articulation-wise, she's an actually awesome figure (which is surprising given Hasbro's horrible back and forth female figures of Star Wars). The only issues she has different than her male counterpart is that she doesn't have moveable elbow joints. It is a shortcoming to say the least, but still I'm astonished at how well articulated this figure was.

Unlike Thor, she come's with zero accessories, which I guess is fine given the nature of the character. In anycase, those looking for a villain figure should probably get her. She's quite articulate and she's probably one of the few female villains in Marvel to get a figure in recent years (the last one off the top of my mind was Skrull Electra). So honestly I have to give a MUST BUY. The arms with the thin paint are a bit glaring, but she's a damn awesome figure to pass up completely.



Then there's the Ultron/RICHARDS two-pack. Of the two, I wanted this one more just for the Ultron figure who hasn't had an actual figure based on his comic form ever. The downside is if you haven't guessed already is having to buy a Reed Richards figure. UGH.

So let's start with the bad of this set and that being RICHARDS. Something feels off to me with this mold. I just can't place my finger on it. The main issue I have is the neck and head of this figure which just seems off. The actual head mold is quite good representation of Richards, but when moving it around for articulation it just seems off. I think my issue lies in the fact he's using Bullseye's body mold and thus has no shoulders and his head mold is too big for his head.

The other downside with this figure is that he's a pretty basic feature. His hands or legs don't stretch and has just the basic articulation of every other Marvel Universe figure. He's just a normal figure with no real accessory. But come on it's Reed Richards, why not give him some science gadget thing? Throw us geeks a friggin bone Hasbro! You did with Thor above.

Probably the biggest problem I have with this figure is his left leg. It can't move at all. Sure it looks articulated but I'll be damned if I have trouble moving the damn leg at all. Sure I know the answer to fix it, but he's a Richards figure. The only good is that those looking for the Fantastic Four will probably want him, but for me he's a pretty bland uninteresting figure. Thus it shouldn't come as any surprise when I declare a PASS.

But like I said the only reason I wanted this set wasn't for RICHARDS, but Ultron. Was he worthy of my own inner hype? I have to admit yes. The mold of Ultron is absolutely awesome. It perfectly captures the comic character come to life. The thing I love the most is his head mold which utterly looks terrifying and utterly captures the character's trademark face perfectly. I wonder why it has taken toy makers this long to get the figure perfectly right.

Articulation on the figure he just utterly rules. Ultron has multiple movements and can be kept in various poses. About the only issue with him would be his loose chest area, which honestly hasn't become a problem anymore for me. The other issue I had was his elbow joints which aren't bad, but they're so darn articulate that it's easy to almost screw the figure's hand up. What I mean is you're thinking you have him in his normal setting but instead it's on backwards. This has happened to me numerous times over.

Paint wise, Ultron doesn't have a flaw on him. Then again that shouldn't come as surprisingly since he's a two tone figure (red and silver). So no error to reports here.

Honestly I have to admit I love this figure. From the design to the articulation, Ultron just rules. Of all the villain figures thus far released he absolutely rules. There is no negative I have with the figure fully as with the others in this review. That said, it shouldn't surprise anyone that I rate this figure a MUST BUY.

In the end, these four figures showcase the best and the worst this series has to offer. Honestly if you're a fan of the characters I say hunt three of figures down. If you really want Ultron I buy him separately. I myself was going to do this before finding the figure along with Thor/Enchantress and Hawkeye/Piledriver (review of that along with another two-pack will be released next week). That said here are my final verdicts:

Thor: Buyable, but only for the hardcore fan.

Enchantress: MUST BUY!


Ultron: MUST BUY!



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