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Toy Shed: Hawkeye/Piledriver and Absorbing Man/Dr. Doom Secret Wars Two-Packs

Written by Zechs on Tuesday, March 16 2010 and posted in Columns
Toy Shed

You knew it was inevitable the moment Zechs first heard of it. His review of Secret Wars two packs Hawkeye/Piledriver and Absorbing Man/DOOM.


So here I am in part two of my look at the Secret Wars two packs. Now I have no idea why I got the Hawkeye/Piledriver one, I guess my inner Larfleeze told me to get it. It had to be mine.. MINE! MINE! I MUST HAVE AN AVENGERS COLLECTION! *ahem* Sorry about that folks, what happens when I read too much Green Lantern and Blackest night crossovers now. DAMN THAT ORANGE RING, but I had to have it. So pretty. So many. It had to be MINE! MINE! Ok, enough Gollum talk from me. I must review.



So yes, I bought Hawkeye/Piledriver just because I have a Cap, old school Thor, and a heck ton of Iron Men to make up my own little group of Avengers now. All that's missing is maybe a Scarlet Witch or Vision. Of the figure itself Hawkeye has a real damn good paint job for a series that usually more famed for spotty craftsmanship. From what I can tell, my Hawkeye was pretty spot on to his comic counterpart. The detail on him is just awing. The thing I love most is the smug little smirk he has. About the only thing I can complain about the mold is that his left hand joint is molded to only hold the arrow, nothing really more. Speaking of that. It was a damn trial to have him hold the darn back thing of it. Still, once you get the hang of it, I have to admit it's a pretty sweet pose to put him in.

Articulation-wise as with any figure in this line, Hawkeye's pretty darn well mobile. Even with said issue about with his hand he's as posable as any other Marvel Universe figure. I really have no complains here save for the one above. It's the only major issue with him. Regardless this figure is a MUST BUY. He's simply just so damn awesome and I'm not even a Hawkeye fan.

Piledriver also is pretty damn good for his showing as an action figure. From the mold and final look he's one sweet looking figure. He come's with no accessory, which isn't surprising since he's one of the few of the Wrecking Crew that just bashed things with his fists. So really that doesn't bother me. As with Hawkeye he also has a good paint job, I didn't notice any flaw with him either.

Articulation he's perfection. Dude can be posed in anyway or form. There's real no downside with him at all I can say. Well save for one. He's my first Wrecking Crew member I've bought and honestly, I'm kind of thinking of getting the other remaining three (two are included in other Secret Wars two packs with the Wrecker being singled sometime later this year). Piledriver I have to say is a MUST BUY as well. So way to go Hasbro for finally delivering a two pack that's really flawless for once.




Now onto the main attraction my review of DOOM and the Absorbing Man two pack. Before you ask, yes I got these figures the "easy" way and bought them online. Why? Because if I am to enjoy the glory of DOOM I rather just have him then fight fools over him.

Now I'll start with looking at Crusher. The character mold is something really to behold onto itself. I love the little half transform absorbing he has going on. I kind of wish it was metallic, but whatever form he's working his magic on is good for me. The only thing that perplexes me is why they didn't give more of his form painted to reflect his gift. Not to mention why they didn't go the old hot/cold water skin change. That would have been awesome. There really isn't any flaws in AM's paint job either unless you want to be picky on the half that he's absorbing is sprayed on. Still it's such a damn good effect on him I'll let that slide.

Articulation, he's just as awesome. Crusher can be posed in any numerous way and really doesn't have anything truly hindering him. Even his tiny toes covered in his prison pants can move around. About the only problem with the figure is his wrecking ball which is kinda a pain to have the figure entirely hold. I'm surprised Hasbro didn't put a small handle so the figure can hold the old ball and chain better. But it's still possible he can, just that in other ways he cannot and if you're wanting him to smack figures with it you'll have to either get lucky be holding on said ball and chain for him to do it. Overall, the Absorbing Man is a damn sweet looking figure. A fine fiend to add to any fans Marvel Universe Collection. So yeah he's a MUST BUY.


Then there is DOOM. Of all the Marvel Universe figures that I have personally have anticipated he was my #1. I've pondered how Hasbro would do it and then feared how badly they screw it up. Well I'm pleased to say that this present figure is worthy of the name DOOM. The mold is Frankenstein's Monster of figures. His head, cape, and body are all new while his hands and legs are from the Ultron mold (they even have the little holes where the shoulder-pads went. Still, if you're going to copy off something Hasbro copied off one of their better molds (unlike say the RICHARDS one which was used for numerously other bad Marvel Universe figures). Stacked against other figures his size, Doom looks mighty damn imposing. The paint job on the figure is good, but alas isn't fully perfect. I noticed there's a small exposed area right under his head that has a silver mark on it. Though that's nothing a small dab of green paint that can't fix that. Still damn Hasbro they missed out on utter perfection if they've simply fudged on one area on Doom. However Hasbro didn't cheap out in simply using the same paint job to give Doom. Nope he gets the usual silver added with a light blue tint for his hands, while under his feet he's got gold on his little jet booster things. Heck Hasbro even added the backpack jet-pack Doom frequently used too. How awesome is that?

Articulation-wise, Doom utterly rules. For the problems classic Thor had in my previous review, Doom has no such issues with his cape. Yes it can clip on his back, but with it fully around him it doesn't snap away so easily. Even more a usual hindrance being the skirt upon Doom actually has slits on both sides so he can still be fully posed in any form (sadly this improvement isn't found on most Star Wars figures). So really another notch goes to Doom for being perfect in posing, while his rival Richards is utterly flawed. But then that's always the way with this feud? In the history of toyfare Doom's figures always win out, while Richards' fails on every level. Oh if only I had a camera or working web cam of Doom standing victorious over his foe. But alas it's not to be.. YET.

Accessories, Doom even has that edge over his arch-nemesis. He come's with his trademark pistol, though it alas can not be attached to his holster (the reason why I can bet was it was a sacrifice so Doom can be so damn posable). With my thinking that way, I won't hold it against Hasbro. Even with the small paint issue, this figure is just something upon itself. I hoped and prayed Hasbro would deliver a worth wild figure of Doom and they gave me just that. So yeah if my fawning over this figure wasn't an answer enough yes Doctor Doom is indeed a MUST BUY.

Though wait I am not done with this two pack, because there's a surprise THIRD figure included. Yeah I know WHAT?! Included with DOOM and the Absorbing Man is a miniature Wasp. Though it isn't surprising she isn't articulated in any way given how small she is. She is however nicely detailed (I never noticed how Janet really has a nice big tight butt till nowt), and her wings are see-thru. The only unfortunate thing, is that her wings are brittle. I have heard from other buyers that when trying to get her out of the box they accidentally busted one of her wings. So a warning to those who want to get this set and wish to open these three figures. If you want Wasp perfectly intact do what I did. Just get a simple small pair of scissors and cut until you give both her wings a little more freedom to get her out of the pack. All and all she's a nice surprise and a MUST BUY all on her own.

So there is my review of all five figures. I'm really glad in these final waves that Hasbro really has gone out for the most part and done some great things with these figures. I really thought they cheap out on buyers like they did with the first couple of waves with this set, but I stand corrected at how great a job they've done with this wave now. It's really been a nice nostalgic trip. So in my final verdicts are:

Hawkeye: MUST BUY!

Piledriver: MUST BUY!

Absorbing Man: MUST BUY!

Doctor Doom: MUST BUY!



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