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Comics You Should Be Reading: The Sixth Gun

Written by TheGeek on Wednesday, June 29 2011 and posted in Features

A comic about magic guns, maniacal villains and mayhem in the Wild West? Why aren't you reading this yet? Learn more about the latest Comic You Should Be Reading!

There are bad comics, and there are good comics, and then there's The Sixth Gun. Sit back, relax, and let me tell you about this little comic you should be reading right now.

What's it about?: Dubbed as a 'supernatural western', The Sixth Gun delves into the mystery and history of six mystical guns of awesome power, and the people who would do anything to claim them for themselves. These six guns were once used during the darkest days of the Civil War, until the sixth and most powerful gun vanished. Now the Sixth Gun is in the hands of an innocent girl, and it's up to a shady but well-meaning gunslinger to protect her before evil gets to her first!

Why is it awesome?: It's awesome by virtue of the fact that this is the most well-written comic book in the stands today. I'm not even exaggerating. The heroes aren't dumb, the women aren't just for show, nobody is one-dimensional, and it embraces its fantastic nature. The Sixth Gun reads like a writing clinic for comic book storytelling, and a few mainstream comic writers today could learn from reading this. It's that good.

I've been enjoying its colorful cast of anti-heroes, damsels in distress, and scary supernatural villains since the beginning, and it looks like this train's not losing steam any time soon. Not only that, but Brian Hurtt compliments it all with art that's easy on the eyes and easy to understand. From seedy saloons to the wild open plains of the West, Hurtt just seems capable of drawing anything. But if all I said hasn't swayed you, this book's got six-shooters that shoot Hell's actual fire and Catholic monks with gatling guns Aww yeaaah.

Will I like this book?: If you like a good western, then you'd like this book. If you like demon-hunting shows like Supernatural or collect-powerful-items stories like The Lost Room, then you'd like this bok. If you like comic books that don't just promise a payoff but actually delivers it, then you'd like this book.

Don't take my word on it: Here's what Cullen Bunn, writer of The Sixth Gun had to say about the book.  "I think THE SIXTH GUN will appeal to readers who enjoy fantasy, horror, and swashbuckling adventure. While it is a story set in the Old West, I think it will surprise people who have their own preconceived notions about what that means. I talk to a lot of folks who say, "You know, I don't like westerns, but I love this!" That means Brian and I are doing our jobs. In the end, we want this to be a book that is FUN to read. Look, in our first issue, we have monks with gatling guns fighting four outlaws armed with the weapons of Hell itself. In an upcoming issue, we've got a giant mummy attacking a train. What more could you want?"

Where do I start?: Obviously, a story like the Sixth Gun is better savored from the beginning, so I recommend starting with the first six issues collected in The Sixth Gun vol. 1: Cold, Dead Fingers. If you don't mind jumping on immediately, it's all good because The Sixth Gun vol. 2 TPB just came out, with the next story arc not far behind. Or better yet, you can read the first issue online for free!

The Sixth Gun is the proverbial gem in the comic book rough, the kind of good comic book nobody talks about. So do yourself a favor and get to reading The Sixth Gun!

Written or Contributed by: TheGeek

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