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52apolooza: Justice League

Written by The 52apolooza Team on Saturday, September 10 2011 and posted in Reviews

52apolooza begins with six reviews of Geoff Johns and Jim Lee's Justice League #1!

Welcome to 52apolooza, the Outhouse feature focusing on DC's September Relaunch.  All of DC's 52 titles will be reviewed by our pool of reviewers to point out the best and worst that DC's new comic book line has to offer. To see how this book stacks up to the other titles, be sure to check out our 52apolooza Rankings!

Up first is Geoff Johns and Jim Lee's Justice League.  How did the book fare with our reviewers?  Read on to find out!
DC Reviewer: The Geek

This is it. Justice League #1 has landed. After wading through the speculation, the negativity, the excitement and the hype, is the opening salvo from the DCnU any good?

Well, it certainly could have been better.

Geoff Johns sets up the first meeting of DC's premier superteam amidst gunfire, misunderstandings and big, scary monsters that tease of something bigger and scarier down the road. Johns welcomes you to a world where Superman is just starting out, Batman is an urban legend, and Green Lantern is kind of a douche. For oldies like me, it's an interesting look at what the DCnU looks like, for better or worse. This is a book that's got police shooting at Green Lantern. Police! Shooting at a Green Lantern! Cats and dogs living together! But newbies are sure to find this exciting.

If you're looking for the whole Justice League shebang in the first issue, you're out of luck, as this is more of a Batman/Green Lantern story than anything else. Two of DC's biggest characters (by way of their movies, of course!) opening up a book isn't exactly a bad idea, though, and anyone who hasn't read comics coming into this will at least have a hook they can latch on to in this big, scary reboot. The subtle jabs and banter between the two characters are pretty good, and Johns takes it as an opportunity to show what these two characters are capable of, what their personalities are, their powers, etc. Let none say that the first issue ain't newbie-friendly!

It also helps to have your first issue have awesome art, and veteran superstar artist Jim Lee's style fits the bill. I've been a fan of Lee's since his early days, and I can only say he's gotten better over the years. The art is in-your-face, the action exciting, the characters larger than life. Sure, he may over-render things here and there, but it doesn't detract from an otherwise good issue.

So why did I say it could have been better? Well, let's just say that instead coming right out of the gate in a TNT-fueled rocket, Johns opted to let the book simmer over low to medium heat. Aside from a few pleasant surprises and a not-so-surprising reveal at the end, this book could have been anything DC was pumping out before this reboot. In this day and age of fickle tastes, DC just can't afford to only let curiosity fuel the people's need to find out what happens next.

Justice League #1 may not be a bad comic, not by a long shot, but it drowned in its own hype. For all DC sacrificed to get to this point, 'not bad' just doesn't cut it. It's a good first issue in what looks like a mini-series, and that's about it.

Writing: 15/25
Art: 20/25
Accessibility: 25/25
Enjoyability: 17/25


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