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Room With a Review: FF #2

Written by 365Dom on Thursday, April 28 2011 and posted in Reviews

With the recruitment of Spider-Man and the use of a bunch of children, both alien and human, why does the FF need Doom?

Comic Review Cover

Credits & Solicit Info:

FF #2 - "Doom Nation"

Writer: Jonathan Hickman
Penciler: Steve Epting
Covers: Daniel Acuna, Marko Djurdjevic & Greg Horn

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Released: 4/27/2011

$2.99 - 20 pages


Some of the questions lingering from the end of Jonathan Hickman's FF #1 was: Why does the FF need Doom, and why would the FF ever trust Doom enough to have him on their team? At the end of FF #1 Reed was convinced by the TARDIS of all fathers (Reed's father, Nathaniel Richards) and a child (Reed's daughter, Valeria) that his greatest enemy and one of the earth's most dangerous villains should be on the new Future Foundation. Reed is the smart one in the group, right?

From the very begining of FF #2 the adults who have the most Doom experience, Ben Grimm and Sue Storm, disagree with Reed's decision to bring Doom on. I'm sure they weren't just thinking about his villainous ways, but also how Doom would look in one of their brand new white spandex get-ups. Fashion wise, Doom in white would be pure evil. Am I right ladies...


Just as we are about to get some explaining to why the FF needs Doom, Ben goes and cuts Reed off right as Reed is about to explain.

Ben cuts off Reed before we get answers. - FF #2

To cool off, Ben and Sue head to a bar while Doom, Reed, Valeria and Nathaniel deal with restoring Doom's...brain power? Apparently there were stories going on before the death of the Human Torch, and they included Doom loosing the ability to control magic (as he sometimes does) and losing a bit of his overall intellect. Again...why is the FF helping Doom? It isn't clear what the FF has to gain by Doom regaining his powers and intelligence; however, we do begin to understand why Valeria pushed to have the man in the metal mask on the team. The reason will shock and confuse you.

Like most Hickman titles, FF #2 compels me while I read it and makes think the following issue is going to be even better. Each issue Hickman writes (in most of his titles) makes me believe the next one will have eye-opening answers, yet the answers never seem to come in the form I expect. The answers only lead to more questions, and that is what makes Hickman's writing so entertaining: in the moment intrigue and future anticipation.

Hickman does a particularly wonderful job with his Doom dialogue in FF #2. Doom mocks Ben to the point which he has to be restrained by Reed and Sue. The scene reads with vicious tension and made me say out loud, "What a bastard." Hickman nails the arrogance of Doom and his relationship with the large rockopotamus himself, Ben Grimm.

FF #2 is a good read with a few excellent scenes (as mentioned above). It is largely a bridge issue, but it is done well. With some tone fitting art by Steve Epting and only a $2.99 price, FF #2 is worth the pull. That or you could simply read the last 2 pages at the comic shop.

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Review by: Dom G

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