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Room With a Review: Detective Comics #876

Written by 365Dom on Friday, April 29 2011 and posted in Reviews

Scott Snyder and Jock continue a killer whale of a run with DC #876. The team brings readers another great arc, bat-crobatics and a smashingly suspenseful ending.

Comic Review Cover

Credits & Solicit Info:

Detective Comics #876 - "Hungry City" part 1 of 3

Writer: Scott Snyder
Art & Cover: Jock

Publisher: DC Comics
Relesed: 4/27/2011

$2.99 for 20 pages


Detective Comics has had a fresh vibe to it since the creative team of Scott Snyder and Jock came swinging in on an old school bat-a-rope-a-rang. The book has a mysterious tone to it which may be due to Snyder's use of unknown or lesser known villains and Snyder's use of Dick...of the Grayson variety. (I hope that read correctly.)

Having Dick Grayson as Batman opens up what can be done with Batman and his adventures. With Bruce as Bats, there isn't much that gets past him. Bruce is a stickler for having his head in the game and preparation. Dick is a little more quick to react and tends to rely upon instinct and past experiences. In Detective Comics #876 you can see the lack of concentration when it comes to Dick's surroundings and his investigation skills when Dick gets surprised by some no-name security guards in a car lot. I feel like Bruce would have scouted the place first and not walked into trouble. But that is exactly what makes Snyder's run fun and genuinely feel like anything can happen and that Batman doesn't have everything under control.

Another key to opening up some fresh Detective Comics' stories has been Snyder's use of the head detective himself, Commissioner Gordon. Gordon has appeared in most (if not all) of Snyder's run so far and is again featured in the first half of DC #876. The scene Gordon appears in adds information to the case being examined, but it also ties to an ongoing storyline Snyder has been progressing which involves Gordon's son. One particular panel has Gordon trailing off in thoughts about how his son is very different...a case of the apple falling "far from the tree in Gotham." Dick mentions the "apple" line which relates to himself and Bruce, as well. There is lot of nice double meaning going on in Snyder's dialog.

An amazing page by artist Jock - Detective Comics #876

When dishing out plates o' gush for Snyder's Detective run, the title's extraordinary artist Jock often gets overlooked. For me, he not only brings a unique style which doesn't include overly detailing a character's design, he also has an acute sense of realistic facial reactions to dialogue and situations. His reaction shots at the end of the issue convey Batman's thoughts so well that words don't even seem necessary. Oh, and Jock's page of anĀ overhead view of Batman swinging and flipping high above Gotham city is a page worth framing on one's front door or grill of their car. The world should see this amazing page.

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