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Justice Society of America: The Bad Seed TPB Review

Written by GLX on Saturday, October 09 2010 and posted in Reviews

GLX reviews Justice Society of America: The Bad Seed.

Writers: Bill Willingham and Matthew Sturges

Artist: Jesus Merino
Colorist: Allen Passalaqua

The Justice Society of America has never appealed to me. The group's heavy emphasis on legacies and their high member weren't appealing. When I had a chance to check out Justice Society of America: The Bad Seed, I thought that it'd be worth a look. When I finished reading the trade...well....

It all starts when the team discovers that Obsidian has been turned into an egg of darkness. Things go downhill as a group of villains have been hired to take out the Justice Society. Oh, and a traitor is in their midst.

Bill Willingham and Matthew Sturges' writing is...well...acceptable. The heroes are heroic and the villains are wicked. They even throw in a conflict between the team over how they should operate, with Wildcat and Magog at the center of it. That's all fine and dandy, but there are two flaws that really stick out in their work.

First off, the beginning of the story just felt off. Willingham and Struges throw the reader into the thick of things. For someone that has never read a Justice Society comic, it takes some time to gain some familiarity with the characters. Which leads me to my second problem with the writing - the handling of the characters. Right off the bat, I've to say that having a team with over 15 members does the characters no favors. There's an uneven focus on the characters, which leads to varying degrees of familiarity with the characters, by the end of the tale. I will say that King Chimera is the story's breakout character. He reminds of Damien Wayne, which is a good thing. Considering that most of the Justice Society's members have a 6 figure price on their heads, I was quite amused to discover that Mr. America was only worth $23,000.

Jesus Merino's art is good example on how to draw a superhero comic. His work is clean and lively, while having a distinct look. It doesn't hurt to that Allen Passalaqua as the colorist, whose colors pop off the page. Merino and Passalaqua aren't one of the best duos in the business, but their work is certainly easy on the eyes.

Justice Society of America: The Bad Seed isn't strong enough to make a fan out of the average reader. With a lack of focus and a mostly uninteresting characters, it's hard to recommend this. If you're a die-hard Justice Society fan, I advise you to browse before you buy.

5.8* out of 10*

Written or Contributed by: GLX

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