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Lobo: Highway to Hell TPB Review

Written by GLX on Saturday, January 22 2011 and posted in Reviews

GLX read Lobo: Highway to Hell and lived to write a review about it.

Writer - Scott Ian
Artist - Sam Kieth
Colorist - Lee Loughridge

"Quiet. Good. Head feels like Motorhead is raping it."

That's the first caption out of Lobo: Highway to Hell. It's Scott Ian's 1st DC work and it's a stinker. The story begins with Lobo relaxing at home when a dying, space dolphin crashes into his place; the knife used to kill the space dolphin has a note that is signed by Satan. Lobo gets mad and makes his way to hell.

Ian's writing is simply awful. It feels as if Ian made up the plot with random ideas and went with whatever was on his 1st, rough outline. The dialogue is lacking and the characters are goofy. I understand that Ian is trying to write an action/ comedy story, but the story's comedic moments are weak at best. If I didn't know any better, it would seem to be that Ian went with certain story elements just to see Sam Kieth draw from his script.

Speaking of Kieth, he is the only good thing about Lobo: Highway to Hell. His surreal art is an acquired taste, but it looks nice. Kieth adds some cool, little touches to his art that enhances Ian's material. Lee Loughridge's colors compliment Kieth's perfectly.

Lobo: Highway to Hell is one of the worst pieces of sequential art that I've read in recent memory. Even with Kieth's fantastic art, it can't makeup for Ian's atrocious writing. A new Demon mini-series will be handled by Ian and Kieth. After reading Lobo: Highway to Hell, any interest that I had in reading it was instantly destroyed my interest in it. While I was writing this review, I was shocked to find out that the series was priced at $6.99 an issue; the trade is $20. It doesn't deserve your cash and it doesn't deserve your time.

2.8* out of 10*

Written or Contributed by: GLX

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