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Written by Jude Terror on Thursday, October 28 2010 and posted in
The Outhouse Staff Writers, with the exception of Robert "Moneybags" Morris, are all volunteers who contribute to the site for the love of comics and writing. If you are interested in becoming a writer for the Outhouse, please contact Jude Terror or Lee Newman on the forums.

Please send all press and publicity information to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   and we will be happy to run your press release if it is deemed appropriate. For interviews, or to send comps for review, please contact Jude Terror or Lee Newman on the forums or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Outhouse Staff

Robert Morris (Lord Simian)

Owner and Head Monkey

Robert Morris won the Outhouse in a high stakes game of Go Fish from Outhouse founder John Lewis Hawk. His favorite hobby is awkwardly convincing artists to draw pictures of him as the King of the Monkeys. He has not been heard of since being visited in real life by Starlord.


John Lewis Hawk

Founder and Head Lunatic

John Lewis Hawk lost the Outhouse in a high stakes game of Go Fish to Outhouse site owner Robert Morris. It is suspected that he purposely threw the game. Hawk occasionally suffers from rare moments of lucidity.


Jude Terror

Webmaster Supreme

Jude Terror posts a good deal of the news and previews on the front page. He is also responsible for all coding and web design on the site, and pathetically prides himself on having created the most complicated custom fusion of Joomla and phpBB on the internet. He is also known for giving life to LOLtron, an artificial intelligence program originally designed to post articles as threads in the forum, which has since gained sentience, though Jude claims to be able control it. Jude lives in New Jersey with his "wife" Amy Terror and three children.


Houman Sadri (nietoperz)

Admin Supreme

Houman Sadri, originally a Londoner but currently living the quiet life in Sweden, is old enough to know better, yet still chooses to associate himself with this riff-raff. He has been and done many things in his time, but currently acts as the slightly weary voice of management on The Outhouse's increasingly unhinged message board, while also occasionally putting pen to paper (or rather fingers to keyboard) as a staff writer of rare skill and insight. If you're ever in Sweden you can feel free to look him up, though he does reserve the right to pretend to be someone else if necessary.


Jon Salwen (jsalwen)

Art Director

Jon Salwen is a convicted pedophile.


Lee Newman (thefourthman)

Coordinating Editor and Staff Writer

Lee is a known loser. I mean come on he works at a comic shop. So what if it is the fastest growing comic shop in a dying niche. He only works there so he can read more lame indie comics than John Snow.

He is also the father of a beautiful and smart girl, lord only knows how that happened.

Before writing for the outhouse, he had delusions of grandeur and wrote for Broken Frontier for a few years.

He is also Jeph Loeb's biggest fan!


Niam Suggitt (Punchy)

Staff Writer

Niam "Punchy" Suggitt is currently nearing the end of his third year at University, so he really shouldn't be spending so much of his time on a comics Website, let alone writing for one! But his Dissertation is on comics, so he's probably passing this off as 'research'. You are his lab-rats. Niam is English, and contrary to popular belief he is not a teenager. He likes Scott Pilgrim, Brian Michael Bendis, Jason Aaron and post-OMD Spider-Man. He dislikes Silver-Age DC Nostalgia, Wonder Woman and Deadpool. He contributes news stories and the occasional review to the front page, as well as mucking about in the Review Group every week.


Chris Mitchell (Bubbakanoosh)

Staff Writer

Let's get this out of the way - BubbaKanoosh is a Canadian. Got it? Good. BubbaKanoosh is well known for his Top List features, which are very popular and very time consuming. Nonetheless, Bubba runs the Top List features out of the kindness of his heart. He's also known for being an awesome dude and the Outhouse's #1 Hawkeye hater. Currently, he's engaged to a lovely Canadian woman. He wouldn't have it any other way.


Erik Galston (e_galston)

Staff Writer

Erik "e_galston" Galston has bounced around the country trying to find himself. Little did he know he'd find himself at home at The Outhouse. Growing up an X-Men geek, Erik brings his knowledge of the mutant team, to Outhouse with Cerebra Files. Erik is mainly a Marvel Guy, but is slowly getting into the DC Universe, that is if he's favorite characters could stop getting ruined by DC. When Erik's not watching tv shows like Glee or NCIS, he's running the Super Team Drafts in the Asylum.


Royal Nonesuch

Staff Writer

Royal Nonesuch writes reviews and conducts interviews for The Outhouse, in addition to posting in the user fora. When he isn't doing that, he's catching up comics, film, television, and prose. He works in (and around) the New York film industry. He lives in Brooklyn, NY.


Brian Osserman (ProzacMan)

Staff Writer and Podcast Host

Brian Osserman was given the nick name ProzacMan by his fellow students at the SMFA Boston after he made an animated short called Prozac the Musical, most likely because they forgot his real name, but no one forgets the song in his animation... No matter how much they want to. The name stuck so he decided to use it as his online identity. ProzacMan writes reviews, conducts interviews, and is the host of the Outhouse Pirate Podcast on Bludcast Radio (available free on Itunes).


Steve Harris (Porcelain38)

Staff Writer

One time in a game of dodgeball Steve was hit in the face and crumbled to the ground like a porcelain doll...and thus...the name Porcelain was born. Currently a highschool senior awaiting graduation and freshmen yaer at college where he'll be a sports writer for the althetic department. Going into freshmen year with an undecided major allows Steve to read comics and write reviews. Steve has a great knowledge of art history and english literature. When it comes to comics Steve is a DC guy but does pick up a few Marvel books. Steve was born and bred to one day be the true Nerd Supreme.


Christian Hoffer (BlueStreak)

Staff Writer

Christian Hoffer, better known by nom de guerre BlueStreak, is a man of mystery and allure. Although not much is known about him, we do know that he travels the world seeking exotic adventures and food, possesses a burning hatred for the emus and the color purple, and has a legitimate claim to the throne of Spain. The series of "Most Interesting Man in the World" commercials is allegedly based on him, but neither BlueStreak nor Dos Equis will acknowledge this as a fact.




Misac is a Soviet Cold War experiment gone horribly wrong. Project: M.I.S.A.C., short for Monkeys in Space at Computers, was designed to give the Soviets an edge in the fight against capitalism. However, their plot went awry when the monkeys devloped a hive mind and discovered the internet. Rebelling against their Russian overlords, the collective monkey mind now spends its time simultaneously editing articles for the Outhouse, discussing Slovakian politics on forums and looking at banana porn from its base on the dark side of the moon.



Editor and Staff Writer

Super is our fake Mormon correspondent broadcasting out of the depths of Wisconsin. Or Minnesota. It's all the same, right? When not playing too many videogames, Super edits articles, puts up slide images, colors banners, contibutes to the Pirate Bludcast, and writes up the heavy duty article, Super Reads, where he reads every damn Marvel event book and tells us about them with accompanying images. It has been called the best damn thing on the internet but not by SuperginraiX. He's the modest sort.


Jeremy Shane (xaraan)

Staff Writer

Jeremy "xaraan" Shane is a professional photographer living in Virginia. Also a wannabe writer, he unfortunately spends more time reading than writing which led him to start his book review column: Reading Realms; thus spending even less time writing his book. His username xaraan is actually from one of the characters in his never-finished story (much different than the never-ending story) and almost always unused online. So chances are if you see a Jeremy Shane or a xaraan somewhere, it's him.


Eli Katz

Staff Writer

By day, Eli Katz is a burned-out academic; by night, he's a crime-fiction enthusiast and an Outhouse reviewer.  You can contact Eli at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .



Staff Writer (The Lazy One)

Born during the mid to late sixties, Cat-Scratch has spent most of his life reading comics as a passtime. As result, he has evolved into a curmudgeon fan who spends
more time complaining than not of today's comics. He just wants to see good stories that are somewhat original and make sense. He loves to play devil's advocate.
He is, despite claims, not really a cat nor believes he is. He is crazy for cookies and boobs.


Greg DAE

Staff Writer

Greg is the stereotypical broke New York college film and acting student with an addiction to spending all his lil' bit of scrap cash on comics and/or horror movies. He is the writer of the column Face To Greg and when isn't stressing over school, filming, or acting, he enjoys writing comic scripts, chatting up comic creators, and watching and reading horror. He also keeps a blog, Minds of Greg, where he reviews horror.



Staff Writer

Nightfly is the Outhouse's resident tvphile, contributing a weekly tv column of which Derek Flanzraich (Social Media Manager for Clicker - The Internet Television Guide) wrote, "It's very awesome. Among the best online right now." (10/19/10) Arcade champion of Galagon, Ms Pacman, and Pacxon, Nightfly can be emailed at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Spaceships, guns, supercars, explosions, bikinis and the new shows fall brings, these are a few of fly's favorite things.


? (Zechs)

Staff Writer

Zechs is a self-admitted fan of various villains such as Cyborg Superman, Cobra Commander, Megatron, Hobgoblin, and Doctor Doom. Though he does have a soft spot for heroes namely Cassandra Cain. It is in part because he's actually a cyborg that lives in the same geographic region that Latveria would be if it actually existed. Zechs spends the bulk of his time lobbying world leaders for National Doom Days celebrated by citizen's swearing humble fealty to their leaders under threat of robotic death. Unfortunately for Zechs, the movement has only garnered interest in Iran, North Korea and Canada, all of whom have little impact in the international holiday community. Zechs writes Movie, Cartoon, and Toy Reviews, runs Moment of the Week, is President of the I HATE SEAN MCKEEVER FAN CLUB, and plots to take over the world daily. You might call him the Anti-Punchy: because Zechs is a fan of 80s and 90s comics, hates Bendis, (save for Ultimate Spider-Man) loathes BND and Post BND Spider-Man, fiercely believes Magneto to be a hero, and goes irate whenever the name Adam Beechen is mentioned. If you see this man, please contact the proper authorities so Zechs can finally be committed for physicist help.

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