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The End is Near: Weekly Signs that the World is Ending

A new feature to the Outhouse, interpreting this week's news and comics as a sign the world is ending.

Why I Love Comics #66: Some Assembly required!

On this episode of the podcast, Eric is joined by good friends and constant cohorts...

Interview: Michael Alan Nelson

The writer of Valen the Outcast stops by The Outhouse to talk about the new fantasy series!

What's In a Name?: Five Things We (Don't Really) Know about Pandora

IGW takes a look at some surprising new facts about DC's mysterious hooded woman!

Probably Comics Weekly #3.1

Probably Comics is back with a brand new episode!

The Outhouse Best of 2011

The Outhouse staff shares some of their favorite pop culture things from the year that was.

Waking in the Green with Kurtis Wiebe

Today on Face To Greg is Green Wake's Kurtis Wiebe!

The Death of Comics: Episode 32: Zodiac Who? Best of 2011

This week we go over our favorite books and moments from 2011. TDOC staff discuss the latest comic books for the week and other entertaining shenanigans.