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Why I Love Comics - Episode #50

In this edition of the Why I Love Comics podcast, Eric is joined by good...

The Nerd Boner Alert: Am I the only one with Wolverine on Cyclops Fantasies?

Katie Hutchison takes a look into the rising presence of LGBT characters in comics in the latest installment of Nerd Boner Alert!

Super Reads 153

Are you Worthy?Today, we check out Fear Itself: The Worthy #1, Fear Itself: The Deep #2, Secret Avengers #15, and Blast to the Past for Avengers #'s 80 & 81.  Enjoy and spread the...

Idiot's Guide Weekly: The Quest for The New Comic Book Reader, Part Two

IGW presents part two of a three part satire about what the comic book industry is doing to bring in new readers.

August Comic Book Power Rankings (Plus Weekly Rankings for 8/31/3011)

PollTron presents the top scoring books for August and the top books for the week of August 31st!

The Still-New, Really Odd Idiot's Guide Weekly: The Quest for the New Comic Book Reader: Part One

IGW presents part one of a satire about new comic book readers and the risks the comic industry takes to draw them in.

Super Reads 152

So many comics, this will make your eyes bleed.  BLEED.Today, we check out Fear Itself: The Home Front #4, Fear Itself: FF #1, Fear Itself: Deadpool #2, Fear Itself: Fearsome Four #2, Avengers...

Outhouse Roundtable: Das Reboot

With our own NuMarvel Initiative underway here at The Outhouse, and apparently DC Comics is doing something similar, the Nerds of the Roundtable talk a bit about what they would like to see start...

The Outhouse Presents: NuMarvel: Team Up!!

The Outhouse presents the fourth set of NuMarvel titles, this time focusing on Team Ups!

Five Things I Think I Know: The Out with the old DC, In with the DCNu" Edition

ElijahSnowFan returns to talk about the new DC Universe!

Kate Mulgrew beams aboard W13

Deyvid reports on Kate Mulgrew's recent Q&A for Warehouse 13

Super Reads 151

Right back at 'cha.Today, we check out Fear Itself: Spider-Man #3, The New Avengers #14, Journey Into Mystery #625, Alpha Flight #2, Ghost Rider #1, Black Panther: The Man Without Fear #521, and...

Nightfly's TV Week in Review 8/28/11 - True Blood, Hot in Cleveland, and more!

Entertainment Editor Nightfly lists his preferred picks from the previous week of primetime programming.

Why I Love Comics - Episode #49

In this episode of the podcast, Justice League #1 hit the stands and the guys...

Super Reads 150

The big one-five-oh!Today, we check out Fear Itself #4, Fear Itself: Youth in Revolt #3, Fear Itself: Uncanny X-Force #1, Fear Itself: Wolverine #1, Thunderbolts #160, Uncanny X-Men #540, Heroes for...

On the Dark Side with Peter Milligan

Peter Milligan stops by the Outhouse to discuss Hellblazer and Red Lanterns!

Werner Herzog Tells Your Children to Go to Sleep

Eli Katz discusses and links to some of the best short stories available for free online. This week's choice: "Go the F*K to Sleep" by Adam Mansbach.