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Why I Love Comics: Episode #24

Authors: Eric Ratcliffe...

Outhouse Pirate Podcast #42

Animator Daniel Gallagher was hear to talk about his weekly animated web comic Fletcher! It's about a man that runs a comic book shop along with his best friend, who is obsessed wit the 80's.

Idiot's Guide Special: Avengers in Cleveland

Idiot's Guide takes a look at what the characters in next summer's Avengers' movie can do in Cleveland!

The Outhouse Pirate Podcast #41

Part 1 Interview with Sholly Fisch!Part 2 The life and times of Dwayne McDuffie and what he and his work in comics and animation meant to the people that work and post on the...

Fairly Legal Q&A with Baron Vaughn and Virginia Williams

The Outhouse's own Nightfly was invited to take part in a special Q&A conference call with Baron Vaughn and Virginia Williams, stars of USA's Fairly Legal.


Chris Roberson talks with the Outhouse about his newest Cinderella miniseries, Cinderella: Fables Are Forever

Cammy's Comic Corner - Episode 156 (2/27/11)

Who Is Jake Ellis?, Avengers, King Conan & more!

Why I Love Comics - Episode #23

Authors: Eric Ratcliffe...

Idiot's Guide Weekly: Blame it on the Alcohol

IGW discusses the best and worst superheroes to drink with.  Plus reviews, news and more!

The Board Gamer: Ticket to Ride

Take a ride on the Reading!

Outhouse Roundtable: Unsung Heroes

The Nerds of the Roundtable are back, clamoring for more press for some underrated creators!

The Outhouse Pirate Podcast #40

Michael Petranek Associate Editor at PAPERCUTZ Graphic Novels was on the show to talk about their publishing plans for 2011!

Nightfly's TV Week in Review 2/13/11 - V, HIMYM, An Idiot Abroad & more!

Senior TV Columnist Nightfly recaps & reviews his favorite shows from the previous week of primetime programming.

Remembering Dwayne McDuffie

The Outhouse remembers Dwayne McDuffie and his work in the comic and animation industries.