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Nintendo of America, Its Biggest Fans and the Growing Disconnect Between Them.

While Nintendo of America would love for everyone to focus on the Wii U, another situation has come to dominate the news cycle.

Super Reads 133

Once again, with feeling...Today, we check out New Mutants #20, Heroic Age: X-Men #1, and Blast to the Past for The Avengers #'s 32 & 33.  Enjoy and spread the word!Spoilers...

Character Spotlight: Hercules

Read about one of the Outhousers' favorite characters in the weekly Character Spotlight! This week, we look at Marvel Comics' Hercules!

Comics You Should Be Reading: Journey Into Mystery

It's another edition of Comics You Should Be Reading, featuring Journey Into Mystery!

Idiot's Guide Weekly: 2011 Roman Awards

IGW honors the best and worst of 2011 thus far with the introduction of the 2011 Roman Awards!

The Indy 5-Ohh!: Jim Mahfood of Tr!ckster

New Outhouse Feature!  Indy Hunter interviews the hottest indy creators starting with Jim Mahmood of Tri!ckster.

Rdr's WWE RAW Recap 7/5/11

After last week's episode was hijacked by CM Punk's incredible promo, let's see how RAW can follow up.

5 Things I Think I Know: Independence Day Edition

A special Holiday edition of Five Things from the intrepid and patriotic ElijahSnowFan.

Cammy’s Comic Corner - Episode 173 (7/3/11)

Batman Inc, American Vampire, Scalped & more!

Nightfly's TV Week in Review 6/26/11 - True Blood, Selena Gomez, and more!

Nightfly lists his preferred picks from the previous week of primetime programming.

Why I Love Comics - Episode #40

Story Time!

In this dynamic episode of the Why I Love Comics podcast, I, Eric...

The Nerd Boner Alert: How to Learn About Comics Without Really Trying

Outhouse Contributor Katie Hutchison discusses an unlikely source of comic book information: Prime time television.