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See You at Tha Crossroads (an FF Obituary w/ Spoilers)

In the midst a frantic week for the Comic Book Industry, The Outhousers take some time to recognize the impact and contributions of a member of Marvel's First Family who made the Ultimate Sacrifice...

Your Top Creative Runs part 26

Let's see if we can put the distaste of the last entry behind us with a mutant run, one of the best Spidey artists ever, and a superhero noir. Yay for books that actually belong on the list!


Ben McCool, writer of the Image horror miniseries Memoir, chats with the Outhouse about his career and his latest Image work.

Your Top Creative Runs part 24

Let's finish the day with vampires, aliens, and the first solo series for one of the oldest characters around.

Your Top Creative Runs part 22

We break into the top 100 finally! #100 is one of my personal favorite modern stories.

Your Top Creative Runs part 21

We finish the day with three team books, one from the 80's and two from the 00's.

Outhouse Pirate Podcast #36

Dragavon gets his DCU On, Oogyboy is the Pirates' New Toy, and ... did some thing really cool on the show that rhymes with Greg.

Your Top Creative Runs part 20

Another guest write up, a book that had an Oldboy reference that sold me on the writers, and probably the coolest story for how a creator got a job in comics history.

Outhouse Roundtable: Gone But Not Forgotten

The Nerds of the Roundtable return with a discussion about which creators they miss the most!

Your Top Creative Runs part 17

Another run that was too short to make the list, but which is fondly remembered and was able to sneak past Bubba, and a couple of definitive 90's books recreated in new ways.

Your Top Creative Runs part 19

A tie that couldn't be more different, someone's favorite book of all time, and the book I dislike more than probably anything else on this list.

Your Top Creative Runs part 18

Let's finish the day with a couple of DC team books and one of the longest running Image books.

Nightfly's TV Week in Review 1/16/11 - Spartacus, 30 Rock & more!

Senior TV Columnist Nightfly recaps & reviews his favorite shows from the previous week of primetime.

Your Top Creative Runs part 15

Let's wrap up the day with two kings and a family book, well at least a book about families created by a family.

Your Top Creative Runs part 16

A classic run from the 70's creating new characters and two much more recent runs for characters that have been around for decades.

Your Top Creative Runs part 14

Three books, no DC or Marvel heroes, three famous indy guys, and not much else in common.