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Your Top Creative Runs part 45

Let's end the day with a mutant spin-off team, a fourth wall breaking classic, and a run that featured one of the most famous stories ever written.

Why I Love Comic - Episode #20

Authors: Eric Ratcliffe...

Your Top Creative Runs part 44

Someone will be pissed one of these books is so low, meanwhile one of these books is too high, and the last one is probably in a good spot, maybe a little high.

Your Top Creative Runs part 43

This should be the last week and we start out with two guest entries and all three books focus on different eras of the Avengers franchise.

Cammy's Comic Corner - Episode 153 (2/6/11)

Secret Six, Invincible, Hulk & more!

Idiot's Guide Weekly: Week Five

Although it was a light week in the comic book world, IGW still delivers as best as it can (which isn't very much)!

Fear of Tigers: New Year - New Album - New Interview

GLX talks to Fear of Tigers about his work in 2010, gets some information on Fear of Tiger's next album and even gets some old-school dance videos for good measure.

Your Top Creative Runs part 42

We finish the list with a book that had one of the ballsiest resurrections of all time, a book with one of the ballsiest deaths of all time, and a book that spun out of a book earlier on the...

Your Top Creative Runs part 41

Two X-Men books and a book that is about a group of outcasts led by a guy in a wheel chair that was created at about the same time.

Your Top Creative Runs part 40

It's Friday, and we get to finish the week moving into the top 30 by the end of the day before hopefully ending the list next week with the rest of the books, the OPC, and a new special grouping if I...

Comics for my Kid: Part 2 Appropriate Content

Comics for my Kid is a multi-part bi-weekly series looking at the industry from a parent's view point.  In this installment, we'll look at some issues surrounding availability of age appropriate...

the Outhouse Pirate Podcast #37

Death of characters, Death of artists, Death of magazines, and Betting on when series will die. With all this carnage you know Danny Trejo involved some how!

Your Top Creative Runs part 39

Today ends with the start of the top 50!

Super Reads 122

Could this be... the END!?Today, we check out Shadowland: Spider-Man #1, Avengers Academy #5, Hawkeye & Mockingbird #5, Young Allies #5, and Blast to the Past for Avengers #'s 19 & 20. ...

Your Top Creative Runs part 38

A legacy character, a new group of "heroes", and a new version of a classic team.

Your Top Creative Runs part 37

Another day, another book I can't believe is this high on the list. Two Marvel solo books that deserve a spot, and one book that appears to be way, way, way too high.