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Blazing With Jesse Snider!

    Today on Face To Greg we chat with Dead Romeo's Jesse Blaze Snider as we talk about the book, vampires, Baptized By Fire, horror flicks, etc etc! Jooooinnnn...

Image's Olympus Special Cover Previews

The great Nathan Edmonson forwarded me some awesone cover previews to share with my Face To Greg readers!

Toy Shed: Transformers Masterpiece Grimlock

Due to personal reasons, Zechs is out this week.

Art Group: Masters of the Universe

For our third week, the Art Group takes a look at Mattel's Masters of the Universe.

Check out the excitement inside!

Strictly Speaking 4/27/2009

Strictly Speaking was out for a week, but we're back with some news about Robert Rodriguez's upcoming movie project. Here's a hint: it will turn you into a sexual tyrannosaur. Next up, we'll find...

Super Reads War of Kings and Dark Reign 46

Ah, a more manageable week! Today, we check out War of Kings: Ascension #1, Dark Reign: Hawkeye #1, All New Savage She-Hulk #1, and Blast to the Past with Marvel Mystery Comics #'s 8-10. Enjoy and...

Your Top Modern Characters part 109

Here we are folks, the final three.

Your Top Modern Characters part 108

Next batch of Top 10ers. Who made the Final 3? Who did not? Find out here.   WARNING TO RDRSFN82!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! unless you want to be majorly spoiled on the events of...

Looking Ahead: May 2009

GLX and Alchemic_Spider look at May 2009's upcoming comic releases.

The G Spot: Reviewing Lacuna Coil's "Shallow Life"

TerriG reviews Lacuna Coil's new album, Shallow Life.

Your Top Modern Characters: OPC part 6

The last group of OPCers. Enjoy.

Your Top Modern Characters: OPC part 5

Second to last groupage of OPCers. So quit your bitchin’...

G.I. Joe Five-Pack (Lady Jaye, Flint, Shipwreck, General Hawk, and Snake-Eyes)

Oh yes, Zechs is a sly one. He delayed his review of the Five Pack G.I. Joes (Snake-Eyes, Shipwreck, General Hawk, Flint, and Lady Jaye) a week just so he could post it when G.I. Joe Resolute was...

Your Top Modern Characters: OPC part 4

More characters for your disapproval.

Your Top Modern Characters: OPC part 3

More OPCers. I am trying to get thru these as fast as possible lol.