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Your Top Modern Characters part 10

Three characters in this batch. Two mutants and one cyborg.

Your Top Modern Characters part 9

Five more for your viewing enjoyment...

Your Top Modern Characters part 8

Some really fun characters in this one, I am pretty sure you all know about four of these characters, but the fifth I think about two or three of you know. Yeah, that’s the manga one.

Your Top Modern Characters part 7

A few characters here from all over the place, are they good? One of them is according to a certain poster. I think he referred all of the people who didn't have this character on the list a...

Interview with Christos Gage

The Outhouse's own Zach "Thrillhouse" Langlois got a chance to have a talk with the writer of Avengers: The Intiative (among other things) about his past works and upcoming books including...

Your Top Modern Characters part 6

A Morrison character, a bad girl, and a character I have never ever heard of.



Your Top Modern Characters part 5

Well, another placement up and we have SEVEN more characters, and yes, I am pretty sure you will complain bout how crappy they are. Sorry, nothing I can do, folks.

Your Top Modern Characters part 4

The final three of the 269 bunch. Morts? Well, that’s up to you.

Toy Shed: Transformers Animated Shockwave

Zechs believes in Longarm Prime the Transformers Animated figure. But will you?! Come on just look at that picture? How can you not trust this bot? What could he possibly be hiding?  ...

Your Top Modern Characters part 3

Here are more from the batch of 269ers. Enjoy.

Your Top Modern Characters

Welcome to your Top 270 Modern Characters. What counts as a Modern Characters? Well, for the people who just stumbled across this list we counted "modern" as characters created in the last...

Strictly Speaking 3/09/2009

This week in Strictly Speaking, we go green with the Producer of the upcoming Green Lantern movie.

Where are the past episodes?

A brief note on the history of this show.  Long story short... Coming Soon!


The LOST Report 3/7

The eighth episode of the season, "LaFleur" aired this week, and we finally learned the fate of the LOSTies who remained on the Island. When last we saw them, Sawyer & Co. had just...

Toy Shed: Resolute Cobra Commander

It's that time again. Zechs reviews the newest Cobra Commander figure, from the Resolute line. So what if it's another Cobra Commander figure. That's not the point you FOOLS! It's the fact that...