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Big Times with Phil Hester

Phil Hester sits down with the Outhouse to discuss writing, his current series and what it's like working with Kevin Smith!

Note 2 Self, Let's Get Festivus!!!


In True Hunter Annual Tradition, Here is the best from 2005!!


The Official Outhouse 52apolooza Rankings

So which DC Relaunch books are the best?  Which are the worst?  Click here to find out, based on our 52apolooza Scores!

The International Exchange: Dan Jurgens on Justice League International #2

Dan Jurgens sits down with the Outhouse to talk about issue #2 of Justice League International!

DC Comics State of the Universe Address: Countdown from 52

The President of The Outhouse ranks DC Comics' Nu52 from worst to first in a Countdown of the New 52 #1's!

The Outhouse Interview: Joshua Hale Fialkov

The acclaimed writer of DC's I, Vampire as well as several independent comics takes a seat in The Outhouse to talk about his work and career!

Mayhem Mondays


Mayhem Mondays are here at last!


Greg's Halloween: Welcome to Green Wake...

October, the month of my favorite holiday has arrived! Why not begin this month with reviewing a comic of horror?!

Nightfly's TV Week in Review 9/25/11 - Doctor Who, Parks and Recreation, and more!

Nightfly lists his preferred picks from the previous week of primetime programming.

Angry Citizens Part 1

The Next Evolution in Super Hero Drama with Purpose, No Pads required. No purpose? No Entry!

Super Reads 159

I love it when an article comes together.Today, we check out Fear Itself: Wolverine #3, Heroes For Hire #11, and Blast to the Past for The Incredible Hulk #141.  Enjoy and spread the...

31 Days of Halloween Episode 1 The Saturday Slasher!!!


Starting out the Spooky Season out with a bang!


Why I Love Comics - Episode #53: It's not easy being Green....Wake with Kurtis Wiebe

Yeah I know the title is a really lame pun, but I was having fun...

The Indy 5-Ohh!:Nat Gertler creator of 24-Hour Comics Day!

Nat Gertler creator of the 24-Hour Comics Day event and writer of numerous The Complete Iditot's Guide stops by to talk with Indy Hunter before Saturday's 24-Hour Comic Challenge starts!