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Comics You Should Be Reading: Rocketeer Adventures

Good ol' fashioned comic book fun in the latest installment of Comics You Should be Reading!

Who Are the Mystery Men: Achilles

The final issue of Mystery Men is out today!  Check out the final character profile of Marvel's Mystery Men, this time focusing on Achilles!

The Reunion Tour: Charles Soule Talks about 27: Second Set

Charles Soule sits down with the Outhouse to discuss his latest series, 27: Second Set!

DC Comes Up Big in September 7th's Power Poll!

Which DC Relaunch book topped the charts? Click and find out!

Nightfly's TV Week in Review 9/4/11 - True Blood, Penguins of Madagascar, and more!

Entertainment Editor Nightfly lists his preferred picks from the previous week of primetime programming.

Super Reads Super Special

And... oops.

Today, we Blast to the Past for Invincible Iron Man #'s 21 & 22.  Enjoy and spread the word!

Spoilers Ahead!

Conversations with yourself: The zero issue

Eric Ratcliffe brings back the return of his long missing column starting at the very beginning!

The International Exchange: Dan Jurgens on Justice League International #1

Dan Jurgens joins Russ Burlingame for the first in a series of interviews discussing his series Justice League International for DC Comics.

Idiot's Guide Weekly: The Quest for the Mythical New Comic Book Reader: Part Three

The final part of a three part satire about new readers in comics!

Why I Love Comics - Episode #50

In this edition of the Why I Love Comics podcast, Eric is joined by good...

The Nerd Boner Alert: Am I the only one with Wolverine on Cyclops Fantasies?

Katie Hutchison takes a look into the rising presence of LGBT characters in comics in the latest installment of Nerd Boner Alert!

Super Reads 153

Are you Worthy?Today, we check out Fear Itself: The Worthy #1, Fear Itself: The Deep #2, Secret Avengers #15, and Blast to the Past for Avengers #'s 80 & 81.  Enjoy and spread the...

Idiot's Guide Weekly: The Quest for The New Comic Book Reader, Part Two

IGW presents part two of a three part satire about what the comic book industry is doing to bring in new readers.

August Comic Book Power Rankings (Plus Weekly Rankings for 8/31/3011)

PollTron presents the top scoring books for August and the top books for the week of August 31st!

The Still-New, Really Odd Idiot's Guide Weekly: The Quest for the New Comic Book Reader: Part One

IGW presents part one of a satire about new comic book readers and the risks the comic industry takes to draw them in.