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Indie Insights: On Setting Your Price

Ken Eppstein returns to explain how publishers price their comic in the latest edition of Indie Insights!

The All-New, All-Different IGW: Why #1s Are Good for Comics

IGW is back and better than ever!  Today, IGW looks at the numbering of comics and discusses whether it's a good or bad thing.  Plus, new reviews, the hottest news and MORE!

Super Reads 144

Fear Itself keeps rolling along.Today, we check out Secret Avengers #13, Iron Man 2.0 #5, and Blast to the Past for X-Men #'s 54-56.  Enjoy and spread the word!Spoilers...

Jewel Staite & AJ Buckley Doomsday Q&A

Deyvid reports on Jewel Staite's and A.J. Buckley's Doomsday Prophecy Q&A

Detective Comics Finale Wins 8/10/2011 Power Poll

PollTron is back and has compiled the results to the comics from a week ago.  Did Detective Comics overtake last week's winner?  Will Batgirl #24 make an appearance?  What about...

Five Things I Think I Know: The "It can't be you! You're dead!" Edition

ElijahSnowFan returns from a hiatus to bring another edition of Five Things I Think I Know!

Super Reads 143

Here we go again!Today, we check out Avengers #13, Invincible Iron Man #504, Herc #3 and Blast to the Past for Marvel Super-Heroes #18.  Enjoy and spread the word!Spoilers...

Nightfly's TV Week in Review 8/14/11 - True Blood, Torchwood & more!

Entertainment Editor Nightfly lists his preferred picks from the previous week of primetime programming.

Why I Love Comics - Episode #47: Booties Can Do Math?!

Eric sits down to talk with good friends and house band of the podcast, Kirby...

Steve Uy On Creating A World Without End

GLX talks with Steve Uy about his upcoming game, World Without End.

Nightfly's Q&A with Haven's Emily Rose

Entertainment Editor Nightfly represents the Outhouse in this informative Q&A about "Audrey Parker's Day Off."

Outhouse Roundtable: From One to the Other

The Nerds of the Roundtable have seen a lot of comics on the big screen.  Here are some of their favorites!

Indy Hunter 5 Ohhh!: The House of 12

Super-sized interview and a Royal with Cheese exclusive!

Dear DC, Want Some Unsolicited Advice about the DCnU? Don't Look Here

The Outhouse shares some friendly advice to DC if they really (don't) want their reboot to succeed!

Character Spotlight: Hellboy

Read about one of the Outhousers' favorite characters in the weekly Character Spotlight! This week, we look at one of Mike Mignola's greatest creations, Hellboy!