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Super Reads 145

Blitzkrieg USA continues!Today, we check out Fear Itself #3, Fear Itself: The Deep #1, Herc #4, Thunderbolts #158, and Blast to the Past for Captain America #'s 117-119.  Enjoy and spread the...

Daredevil Earns High Score for Second Month in 8/17/2011 Power Poll!

Daredevil earns the top spot for a second month in this week's edition of The Power Poll!

Indie Insights: On Setting Your Price

Ken Eppstein returns to explain how publishers price their comic in the latest edition of Indie Insights!

The All-New, All-Different IGW: Why #1s Are Good for Comics

IGW is back and better than ever!  Today, IGW looks at the numbering of comics and discusses whether it's a good or bad thing.  Plus, new reviews, the hottest news and MORE!

Super Reads 144

Fear Itself keeps rolling along.Today, we check out Secret Avengers #13, Iron Man 2.0 #5, and Blast to the Past for X-Men #'s 54-56.  Enjoy and spread the word!Spoilers...

Jewel Staite & AJ Buckley Doomsday Q&A

Deyvid reports on Jewel Staite's and A.J. Buckley's Doomsday Prophecy Q&A

Detective Comics Finale Wins 8/10/2011 Power Poll

PollTron is back and has compiled the results to the comics from a week ago.  Did Detective Comics overtake last week's winner?  Will Batgirl #24 make an appearance?  What about...

Five Things I Think I Know: The "It can't be you! You're dead!" Edition

ElijahSnowFan returns from a hiatus to bring another edition of Five Things I Think I Know!

Super Reads 143

Here we go again!Today, we check out Avengers #13, Invincible Iron Man #504, Herc #3 and Blast to the Past for Marvel Super-Heroes #18.  Enjoy and spread the word!Spoilers...

Nightfly's TV Week in Review 8/14/11 - True Blood, Torchwood & more!

Entertainment Editor Nightfly lists his preferred picks from the previous week of primetime programming.

Why I Love Comics - Episode #47: Booties Can Do Math?!

Eric sits down to talk with good friends and house band of the podcast, Kirby...

Steve Uy On Creating A World Without End

GLX talks with Steve Uy about his upcoming game, World Without End.

Nightfly's Q&A with Haven's Emily Rose

Entertainment Editor Nightfly represents the Outhouse in this informative Q&A about "Audrey Parker's Day Off."

Outhouse Roundtable: From One to the Other

The Nerds of the Roundtable have seen a lot of comics on the big screen.  Here are some of their favorites!

Indy Hunter 5 Ohhh!: The House of 12

Super-sized interview and a Royal with Cheese exclusive!