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Bags and Boards

For many of us, bagging and boarding our comic books is nothing more than a habit.


Comic book journalist Rich Johnston stops by the Outhouse to discuss his biographical comic Kate and William: A Very Public Love Story!

Catching Up With Cullen Bunn

Rising star Cullen Bunn stops by the Outhouse to discuss his current and future projects as well as his transition to full-time comic book writer.

Idiot's Guide Weekly: Superhero Marriage Advice

Idiot's Guide Weekly asks superheroes about their thoughts on matrimony!  Plus, news, comics and more!

The Outhouse Roast: Lord Simian

As a special gift on his wedding night, the staff and community roast Robert Morris, otherwise known as Outhouse Owner Lord Simian!

Nightfly's TV Week in Review 3/20/11 - NOF, HIMYM & more!

Senior TV Columnist Nightfly offers a List review of his preferred picks from the previous week of primetime programming.

Super Reads 137 (Fear Itself!)

The only thing you have to fear is...  I forget.Today, we check out Fear Itself: Book of the Skull #1, Avengers: The Children's Crusade- Young Avengers #1, and Blast to the Past for Marvel...

A 27 Encore: Charles Soule Interview

Charles Soule returns to the Outhouse to discuss the end of 27: First Set and what's next in the world of Will Garland!

Scream of the Banshee: Q&A with Lance Henriksen

Syfy invites the Outhouse to help celebrate their 200th original movie by participating in a wide open Q&A with genre icon Lance Henriksen.

Review: HELLRAISER #1 - "Pursuit of the Flesh: Part One"

Oh my how Hell has risen and waited sooo long to embrace its originator. Indy Hunter returns for a special review of BOOM!'s Hellraiser #1!

Q&A: Marcel's Quantum Kitchen on Syfy, Part 1

Royal Nonesuch joined the conference call to talk with Marcel Vigneron about his new show, Quantum Kitchen!

The Next Big Thing: Nate Simpson Talks NONPLAYER

Nate Simpson, the creator of the hyped Image miniseries Nonplayer, stops by the Outhouse to discuss his first foray into the comic book industry.

Super Reads 124

Look who's back!Today, we check out Daredevil #511, Shadowland: Power Man #3, Steve Rogers: Super-Soldier #4, New Mutants #18, and Blast to the Past for Journey Into Mystery Annual #1.  Enjoy...


William Harms (39 Minutes, Impaler) stops by the Outhouse to talk about his latest project, Captain America and Crossbones!