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Outhouse Podcast #22 Guest Host BKThomson!

Marvel and DC TV Speculation Bonanza! Outhouse Forum Membership Drive! Outhouse D&D!

Super Reads 114

Once again, it's on.Today, we check out The Thanos Imperative #3, X-Men #2, Daredevil #509, Shadowland: Blood on the Streets #1, Steve Rogers: Super-Soldier #2, The Invincible Iron Man #29, and Blast...

Why I Love Comics #13: New York Comic Con Part 2

In the second and final post con edition of the podcast I had the pleasure...

Peter Clines Interview, Author of "Ex-Heroes"

"Chubbles" talks to Ex-Heroes author Peter Clines

Cammy's Comic Corner - Episode 143 (10/17/10)

Batgirl, Green Lantern, Spider-Man & more!

Why I Love Comics #12: New York Comic Con Interviews, Part 1

New York Comic Con Interviews Begin!
(Podcast 1 of 2)

In this special post con...


James Asmus, award-winning playwright and Marvel writer, stops by the Outhouse to discuss his upcoming crossover, Escape from the Negative Zone, as well as his origins, upcoming works and the...

Outhouse Pirate Podcast 21 - James Jacobs Interview

The real hook of James Jacobs' book True Confessions of a Fanboy is that his non fanboy brother/coauthor gives his perspective on events too. Plus NY Comic Con News!

RUviews - Season 3 Episode 3

In a week where comics batted .500, RU is here to separate the keepers from the trash bin

Cammy's Comic Corner - Episode 142 (10/10/10)

Tron, Sweet Tooth, Ultimate Thor & more!

Super Reads 113

One more time around the bend!Today, we check out Shadowland #2, Shadowland: Bullseye #1, Avengers Prime #2, Captain America #608, Hawkeye & Mockingbird #3, Vengeance of the Moon Knight #10,...

Ten Questions with Bill Rosemann

Bill Rosemann answers ten questions about the role of an editor and teases  some upcoming titles from the House of Ideas!

Nightfly's TV Week in Review #12 (9/26/10) - SGU, Terriers, and more

Outhouse tvphile Nightfly reviews his favorite shows from the previous week of television.

Outhouse Pirate Podcast 20 - Andre Navarro Interview

Andre Navarro, creator of the web comic Pitch Black calls the podcast all the way form Brazil!