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Buffy's Eighth Season was my last

I've been a Buffy fan since the very start, but season eight was filled with everything I didn't like about the show and brought a whole new set of flaws to the party when it switched media.

Your Top Creative Runs part 12

The first week is over.

Your Top Creative Runs part 11

One of my favorite artists, one of my favorite writers, and one of my favorite artists working as the writer.

Your Top Creative Runs part 10

It's Friday, enjoy some books that have nothing in common!

Your Top Creative Runs part 9

Today ends with one of my favorite horror comics, an indy book from the 80's, and a revamp that tried to fix one of the most messed up continuities of all time.

Your Top Creative Runs part 8

Two DC books from the recent past and one classic Marvel book from the 70's.

Your Top Creative Runs part 7

Let's start day 3 with a classic from the Golden Age, a fun book from the early 90's, and a zany series from more recently.

Outhouse Roundtable: Comic Book Blind Spots

The debut of a new column, wherein Royal Nonesuch gets to know YOUR Outhouse Staff Writers!

Your Top Creative Runs part 6

The last entry for day will get us to #150 on our list, and features two well done and incredibly verbose write ups by noted bald lawyer Chap22, as well as a pathetically insufficient write-up of a...

Your Top Creative Runs part 4

Day 2 starts off with only two entries, because you jerks had a three way tie in the next spot.

Your Top Creative Runs part 3

Like on the other lists, I'd like to do three entries per day, so this is the final entry of day 1. An odd pairing, we have a Japanese book, a definitive American book, and a indie book that took a...

Your Top Creative Runs part 2

This group features one of the longest run on the list and 3 fairly short runs, but all have connections to some of the more famous creators of the last 30 years.

Your Top Creative Runs part 1

Ladies and gentlemen, freaks and geeks, friends, Romans, and countrymen... Lend me your ears. Well, lend rdrs your ears cuz this round of the Top Lists is his show.

The New Man in Wonder Woman's Life, Phil Hester

Phil Hester visits Face To Greg to discuss Wonder Woman.

Comics for My Kid: Part I - Introduction

If comic book imagery is so pervasive among kids, why are comic books not?