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I Serve My Shorts with Delicious A-1 Steaksauce!!!!

Written by Wisdom000 My name is Wisdom000, and I am a geek…. I have been getting some complaints and criticisms lately, directly and indirectly, and I am going to take this opportunity to...

Interview: Jonathan Hickman

Jonathan Hickman is the writer, artist, letterer, colorist, and grip boy for The Nightly News, a new series from Image Comics.

Interview: Stuart Moore

Stuart Moore (Firestorm, Wolverine, JSA Classified) is the talented writer behind Firestorm right at the moment with artist Jamal Igle.

Phone Solicitors

Written by GCom My office door is knocked upon, and I sitting at my desk notice. In walks Filthy Assistant Dusty. “There’s a ‘Winnie’ in the phone for you” he says. I...

Sermon for October 26th

Written by Wisdom000 I realized something today boys and girls…. I realized it after an encounter with an attractive, if somewhat vacous, young lady. I was talking to a friend about music, more...

Interview with Steve Englehart is Up!!!

Go here to read the Outhouse’s interview with Steve Englehart (Batman: Dark Detective, Dr. Strange, Captain America).

The First “With Tolerance for…” Column is Up!!!

Go here to read the first column of GCom’s With Tolerance for… column, …An Introductory Rambling.

Jim Mahfood Interview is Up!!!

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Interview: Courtney Huddleston and Scott Zirkel of “A Bit Haywire”

Alright, ladies, gentlemen, and monkeys, the Outhouse got an interview with artist Courtney Huddleston and writer Scott Zirkel who collaborated on A Bit Haywire from Viper Comics, an original graphic...

New Peeing in the Shower Article!!!

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New Peeing in the Shower Column is Up!!!

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New Columns are Up!!!

Why You Should be Reading The Invisibles And Now All I Have to Score Chicks With is my Personality, I am so Screwed…. Breaking Benjamin’s “Phobia” Red Read them and enjoy.

Newest Church of Wisdom Sermon is Up!!!

Go read Wisdom000’s Of Cats and Laser Pointers sermon here.

Peeing in the Shower: Egomaniacs & Icons pt. 2 - The Internet & Comics

My newest column is up! It’s a story about cheese. Okay, fine. I didn’t read it but you should. It’s good. Maybe. Read it here (actually, it is tres good).

Newest Peeing in the Shower Article is Up!!!

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Peeing in the Shower: Women’s Breasts in Comics

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