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Written by Nightfly on Sunday, August 22 2010 and posted in Features

Outhouse tvphile Nightfly spotlights some of his favorite shows from the previous week of television.

Nightfly's TV Week in Review #6 (week of 8/14/10)
written by Nightfly

TNT took four of six again, but this time doing so more with drama than action-packed gunfights.  I mention the numbers only as a summer oddity because the Fall primetime competition likely won't yield such single network dominance (but you never know).  Unfortunately, little more than a handful of nets even bother to produce original [scripted] summer fare, anyway.
Outhouser BlueStreak won last week's trivia question by naming Alfre Woodard's character on Memphis Beat!
* Potential Spoilers Below *

6. Rizzoli & Isles - "I Kissed a Girl" (TNT)
I liked it.  Multiple guest stars, as well as the costuming, helped make this the sexiest and funnest entry to date.  And, btw, ladies doing Yoga is one of this boy's all-time favorite things!  Ethan Phillips (ST:VOY) as a proudly homophobic racist was funny, and Brenda Strong played the kind of woman you'd never wanna cross paths with.  Mark Twain quotes are always agreeable.  The classic Wrestler vs. Boxer war waged (momentarily) yet again,... and in this skirmish grappling won.  Hopefully I don't sound sexist or misogynistic to admit the undercover lesbian dating episode is my new favorite!  Bruce ('Head or Gut?') McGill was extra funny on this case.
Brenda Strong
Brenda Strong

5. The Closer - "Off the Hook" (TNT)
This murderous mystery was sufficiently twisty to keep me guessing till its unforeseen reveal.  Well written and paced, I remained captivated throughout.  Standout performances by Sedgwick, JK Simmons, and guest Jon Seda propelled this epi to my list this week.  The premise was worthwhile & timely, and the acting by the secondary guests was great too (the addict and the murderer).  A seriously heartbreaking episode.

4. HawthoRNe - "Picture Perfect" (TNT)
Hawthorne's pushed to her limits in this emotionally upending stomach turner.  After she explodes at the assumed assailant, Tom (Vartan) and new friend Det. Nick (Marc Anthony, once again guesting) dutifully helped Christina get to the bottom of why her teenager was so badly bruised -- it seems she *on her own* managed to fall and hit her face on some medical machine while arguing with her boyfriend.  The season finale is already up next, but ftr, I endorse the producers starting as many epis off with Jada, Vartan, & Spencer in bed together as possible!  Seriously, more than anything else, it was the highly dramatic scenes between Vanessa Lengies, Stacy Edwards (Chicago Hope), and Sarah Gilbert that garnered this week's [first] list inclusion.  Vanessa Lengies is one of those actresses, like Alyson Hannigan, that I really hate to see weep.

3. Leverage - "The Underground Job" (TNT)
Every cast member got their due, though by the high position Leverage enjoys on this list you can probably guess Parker was featured prominently; her first grift.  Brilliant guest actor Bruce Davison, in the form of an evil mine-operator, tried to outsmart Nate with predictable results.  The corrupt relationship between gov't and industry were as well illuminated as the brotherly bonds between miners in this tale of West Virginian coal.  Kane particularly shined in this one.

2. Psych - "Viagra Falls" (USA)
Funniest episode this season.  Carl Weathers & William Devane (as Peters & Boone) gave an insightfully humorous glimpse into Shawn & Gus' future selves.  Boone's mean green caddy impressed, and I LOL'd at his lines, "We don't mess with the devil...ride that goat with someone else" and "don't make me take my shoe off."  With all the generational interactions, it had an almost family reunion type feel.  I'd love to see The Four Grapples reunite 'n solve crime once again!  Gus' alias names were especially funny too.
Ricky Nelson
Ricky Nelson

1. True Blood - "Everything is Broken" (HBO)
More than any other this episode left me with questions.  The scenes with Ms. Flanagan (Jessica Tuck) & the splashy final death of psycho-Franklin were amusing treats.  Having seen the acting range of Tuck in Judging Amy and the film 'Secretary', I'm very curious how she'll react in this series when pushed... is her calling Eric a "whiny little bitch" a clue?  Tara's going to counseling, Eric's testimony to The Authority, Sookie's telepathic discussion with Hadley's son, and the convo between Jessica 'n Hoyt were exceptional highlights.  After Bellefleur starts taking V, I wonder if he'll be nicer or even less patient with Jason?  Speaking of, Jason was well featured in this epi.  Sam's thieving little brother may not wanna learn where the less balanced Sam went (if you know what I mean).  Kristin Bauer (Pam) got some decent screentime; she's a good actress.  Regarding Holly, I agree with Outhouser doombug, "...definitely bad. I get the sense that we can't trust her."  Despite being a lovely person (I'm sure), when the actress playing Holly smiles broadly while simultaneously arching her eyebrows, she looks like a demonic cross between a Smilex victim, and an extra from Soundgarden's 'Black Hole Sun' video - talk about your free special efx.  Edgington, my favorite *new* character of the season, truly threw the gauntlet down with his "live" spine-tingling rant at episode's end.  Up till now I thought Alcide was my favorite new character, however, in his recent absence O'Hare has really stepped up.  Hopefully, Bill will now tell Sookie (the truth) about whatever he learned at pedal-strewn 'Pixie Hollow'.  And it'd be super-cool if the American Vampire League would properly arm Eric for battling Russell... unless Ms.
Flanagan decides to handle it herself.
Alexander Skarsgård, Kristin Bauer & Jessica Tuck

Guilty Pleasure Award - Stan Lee's Superhumans - "Hammer Head" (History)
Stan's series hasn't exactly been as super as I'd hoped for.  This week's crew was miserably matched, imo.  I'd rather unworthy/borderline 'superhumans' not be featured at all, but I'd especially like them not to be grouped into episodes that have to, in turn, be negatively criticized by me.  In short, please pick better profile subjects, Stan.  Nuff Said.


Guest Star of the Week [tie]:
Cast of The Shield on Lie to Me (FOX)
Carl Weathers on Psych (USA)

Trivia Question of the Week:
Bruce Davison dramatically guest starred in Leverage this week.  Name the character he played in Bryan Singer's X-Men movies?

Current Medal Standings:


~ Last week's answer: Lt. Tanya Rice {Winner: BlueStreak}
* Reality Shows *

3. American Chopper: Sr. vs. Jr. - "Window World Bike" (TLC)
This week brought a pronounced change of tone from OCC and the whole show was more enjoyable for it.  Vinnie & Paul Jr. are daydreaming (or are they planning?) about recruiting OCC's master fabricator Rick Petko - I'd love if that could happen!  Unfortunately, in this economy, prospective clients aren't lining up to be the inaugural Paul Jr. Designs bike.  If they can't get a first build going soon they may have to close shop before ever really launching.

2. Top Gear: The Lost Episodes (BBC-America)
May and Hammond teamed up for a couple of quirky features this week, the more reasonable one being a 24hr stint in a lounge-like Smart 44.  Jeremy gave a thorough examination of the (2004) Aston Martin Vanquish S, with the help of guest Steve Coogan, and ultimately judged its fatal flaw to be its gearbox  Richard spent some quality alone time with a Pagani Zonda S Roadster that clearly won his heart.  The "Down to Earth Board" debuted for small econo-rides & comedian Jimmy Carr took top honors (displacing Simon Cowell) as the fastest "star in a reasonably priced car."

1. Whale Wars - "Fire in the Sky" (Animal Planet)
I wish simply finding the whalers wasn't so time consuming.  If every epi could be like this week's this series would be so much more popular. The crews of both the Steve Irwin & Bob Barker worked in glorious concert to deface the factory ship and even land a bottle of butyric (stink) acid on the door of the Bridge itself!!  Yes!!  For being outnumbered five (5) to two (2), they're managing to kick some serious butt!  For all the drama early on, Capt. Bethune is a good soldier when it comes to offensive away-missions and really helped make this season more entertaining.  In next week's 2hr finale Bethune successfully boards the factory ship.  Only a whale-hater would wanna miss this high seas mayhem!

Many summer finales coming up this week.  Be mindful not to miss the upcoming last installments of what might be your favorite summer show(s).

Thanks to anyone still interested in this column and I hope you check in again next week for my seventh installment!


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