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Obituary: New Avengers #6 (SPOILERS)

Written by Christian Hoffer on Thursday, November 11 2010 and posted in Features

The Outhouse eulogizes the recent death of one of the New Avengers.  SPOILER ALERTS ARE ON!  If you don't want to know the ending of New Avengers #6, DO NOT READ THIS ARTICLE.   However, if you want a touching and semi-serious look back at the character, proceed ahead!

Jericho Drumm, better known as Brother Voodoo and Doctor Voodoo, died yesterday saving a hairy Canadian, his dead brother's spirit, and the world from the otherworldly entity Agamotto. He was 37 years old (in real world time). Doctor Voodoo was created by Len Wein and Gene Colan. He was killed off by Brian Michael Bendis and Stuart Immonen in New Avengers #6.

Jericho was a noted psychologist who took the role of Houngan Supreme after his brother Daniel was cursed by a voodoo sorcerer. In preparing to avenge his brother's death, Jericho picked up the ancient art of voodoo and learned it in a matter of weeks. His soul was also bound with his dead brother's spirit, essentially bringing Daniel's astral form back from the dead. Jericho became a testament to the voodoo religion and one of the most interesting members of Marvel's magic cast.

Jericho had a colorful and diverse career, working for the government, SHIELD, and Tony Stark on several occasions. He also maintained his psychology license and continued down his magical career path, eventually earning the title of Sorcerer Supreme two years ago when Doctor Stephen Strange, his friend and occasional mentor, stepped down from the role. Jericho was proud of this accomplishment, having beat out a teenaged construct of the Scarlet Witch, a son of Satan, and a petty criminal possessed by Dormammu. Jericho was also an Avenger, at least by association, although he never stuck around long enough to make it official. Jericho also loved to travel and eventually went into space as the captive of the Skrulls in the preclude to the Skrull's not so Secret Invasion of Earth.

Over the years, Jericho faced off against some of the worst the Marvel universe had to offer. AIM, Baron Samedi, Doctor Doom, Nightmare, Dormammu and anything remotely voodoo-related were all beaten back the Houngan and Sorcerer Supreme. His final foe was the magical entity Agamotto, who had been cast out by the Vishanti and was looking to consolidate his power by laying a smackdown of Earth's dimension. Luckily, Jericho stared Agamotto down and blew up the entity while it looked like a pale blue tiger. This poses a problem as Earth is once again without a Sorcerer Supreme and now no one can face down the evil Loa that Jericho accidentally unleashed at the conclusion of his short-lived series.

In the end, Jericho was a victim of not fully committing to an idea. With most of Marvel still insisting to use Doctor Strange as their source for magical deus ex machinas, Jericho languished in the role of the Sorcerer Supreme and was poorly utilized. It wasn't until the man who made him Sorcerer Supreme, Brian Bendis, added him into the initial story arc of the new New Avengers title, that Jericho began to actually be used as one of the major magical movers of the Marvel universe. Unfortunately, Bendis also made him look like a chump, smacking him around, stealing his magical amulet and ultimately relying on Luke Cage and his friends to bail him out. It was not until the latest issue that Jericho fully utilizes his full powers and goes toe-to-toe with one of the most dangerous magical foes in the universe.

Jericho is survived by his brother, Daniel, although it's unclear how his spirit survived when it was bound to Jericho's. This could prove to be important in upcoming issues. Perhaps, Jericho isn't dead after all but is trapped in some other dimension. Regardless, Daniel has vowed revenge against Doctor Strange and the New Avengers, who hopefully take a class on not getting possessed at the local magical community college. Daniel is also survived by some broad that he went on a date with right before this started, and five issues of his above average yet instantly cancelled series. In the end, Doctor Voodoo went out how he lived, doing the voodoo that he and only he can do.

Written or Contributed by: Christian Hoffer

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