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Outhouse Holiday Wishlist

Written by SuperginraiX on Thursday, November 25 2010 and posted in Features

ohxmasAre you looking for that special something something to get that fanboy or fangirl this holiday season?  Don't worry!  The Outhouse has you covered.

That big old gift giving season is upon us once again and I bet you're wondering what gift would make the geek on your list happy.  The Outhouse staff is here for you!  Check out what the best and brightest OH contributors would like to see under their tree/ holiday neutral gift setting area.  Let's get started!

Staff Writer

Star Wars Storm Trooper USB Drive 4GB
TK421's not at his post, he's backing up your files and stuffing your stocking with exclusive preloaded Star Wars content as a 4GB USB Stormtrooper Drive. Not just another collectible Star Wars toy, this elite Trooper helps keep your files safe and handy. He may be short in stature, but with 4 gigs of usable space he could easily store the plans to the Death Star and more. [Price = $35]
tk421Find the Star Wars Stormtrooper USB Drive at Cool Cube Toys.

Star Trek: U.S.S. Enterprise: Haynes Manual
A lifelong Star Trek fan like me simply can't resist a stupendous gem like this, covering all the Enterprises with irresistible glimpses inside every deck of each ship! Haynes manuals are always a visual treat and with legendary technical consultant Michael Okuda fleshing out the details there's absolutely no way this gift can go wrong with the ship-loving Trekker or Trekkie in your life. Get yours while supplies last - this book only hit shelves this month. [List Price = $27]
Pick up the Star Trek: U.S.S. Enterprise: Haynes Manual at

Evolution of the Stig T-Shirt
Waiting for a new season of Top Gear is always unbearably hard. Make that wait easier this holiday season with this smile-inducing tee illustrating the evolution of the famous tame racing driver. Some say he's the illegitimate child of Jolly Saint Nick, this year the BBC took him to court, all we know for sure is, he's evolved into The Stig. [Price = $23]
Buy this T-shirt at the BBC America Shop.

Sticker Packs: Jolly Roger
Created by artist Geert-Jan Vons and co-designed with Captain Paul Watson, the Sea Shepherd's Jolly Roger signals to the world that you care about the survival of endangered whale species and the ongoing health of our world's oceans. Whether stuffed in a stocking or included in a card, this five pack of weatherproofed vinyl stickers allows you and your loved ones to appreciate the logo's intricate design and support the Sea Shepherd's noble mission. [Price = $7.50]
This Sticker Pack can be found at the Sea Shepherd Store.

BluestreakChristian Hoffer
Staff Writer

Blackest Night Spectrum Ring Set
If you've been following comics lately, you might have heard of a hero called Green Lantern. He's got a movie or something like that coming out next summer. Anyways, he and some of his friends recently participated in a little story called Blackest Night. Ring any bells? Well, if you've read the comics, you might be interested in a full spectrum ring set, containing all nine of the rings featured in the best-selling event! While the rings were handed out as a promotional giveaway, these rings have something that the free ones do not: They light up! That's right, all nine rings light up when you put them on!

Here's my cat Dexter modeling one.

Find this at your local comic shop or check out some of the online sites offering the item.  It's hot!

DC Super Heroes: The Ultimate Pop-Up Book
The words Ultimate Pop-Up Book gets thrown around a lot nowadays. Luckily, this is one pop-up book that lives up to the hype. Filled with all sorts of cool little pop-up features, this is one children's book that you won't mind putting on your coffee table. Featuring a full-fledged fight scene, a real transparent jet and even a light-up Bat-signal, this is one book that's for children of all ages.

Buy DC Super Heroes at fine book stores everywhere.  Or check out

Walking Dead Compendium 1)
Mmmmmmm, brains..... Nom nom nom. Wasshfllggghhh. ARRrrrrRRRrrrRRRgggh.. EeeeeeeEEEEEEEEEE! BBBRRRRRRAAAAAIIIIIIINNNNNNNNSSSS!

(translated from zombie speak)

The Walking Dead is currently a hit television show and a fantastic comic book. See where it all began in this masterful collection of the first forty-eight issues (or the first eight trades for you trade-waiters). This collects not only the storyline that the first season of the television show is based off of, but also all of the shocking and horrific twists that could soon appear on the small screen. Get it today and impress you friends by correctly predicting who all is about to become the latest brain burrito to get munched on!
The Walking Dead can probably be picked up at your favorite book store or online at

Staff Writer & Star of RU-Views

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz & The Marvelous Land of Oz
Eric Shanower (Author), L. Frank Baum (Author), Skottie Young (Illustrator)

Not only are these comics perfect for any child over the age of 6 (some parents may feel the art is too scary for anyone younger, especially in The Wizard), but the stories themselves made me want to read them to kids. I recommend both of these books at the same time because for those of us who grew up with the Wizard of Oz movie (namely, everyone), it can be somewhat difficult reading a comic based on the original Baum novel with its many differences. Conversely, for most people, this collection will be their first exposure to The Marvelous Land of Oz and it is well worth the confusion Wizard may cause to continue on to Marvelous.

Eric Shanower has made a career adapting Baum's creations for different mediums.  Skottie Young's love of story-telling breaks though each and every panel.

Highly recommended for readers of all ages.

Pick both books up at  Here's Wizard.  Here's Marvelous.  You're welcome.

LEGO Star Wars Slave 1
Leggo Slave 1! Nuff Said!
Here's the listing on Amazon.

Parker: The Hunter
Darwyn Cooke (Author, Illustrator) Richard Stark (Author)

Payback the way it was meant to be told.  Noir narrator, hot women, and hard men. Darwin Cooke is able to complement Richard Stark's original story through brilliant artwork that amplifies the anger, stress, and frustration of the main character as he kills his way to what is his. This is a comic you can give to some one who still thinks comics are only for kids and nerds who love to read about flying men in tights.
One more trip to and you are done.

Staff Writer

Generalissimo's POW! Brigade Dog Tag
Here's another affordable cool item I forgot to include..
Pick up your own (or to stuff into a stocking) at the Official Stan Lee POW! Entertainment Store.

Editor and Staff Writer

Halo Reach
HaloReachPretty much every Saturday night, I get together with some close friends and we play video games until we can't keep our eyes open any more.  We used to do this in the same room but the years have made us move all over the place so our game night has moved online.  The Halo games have been in the play rotation since one of us picked up the first game but I never really "got" the game until I played Reach.

It's a great story, acting as a prequel to the other Halo first person shooters and you don't need to know how Master Chief's adventure ends to enjoy the exploits of Team Noble.  Customizable armor and the ability to play a four player campaign (as your own customized looking character) makes this a must for gamers with friends.

Because there's really nothing better than sitting around on a Saturday night shooting your friends in the face.

When the campaign comes to a close, this game packs in the replay value with a robust multiplayer experience.  If your gamer somehow missed this game on release date or is waiting for the price to drop, surprise them with this under the tree.
Pick up Halo Reach wherever video games are sold or go to the trusty Amazon.  It looks like a good price right now.  Sweeten this deal with a Three Month X-Box Live membership and you've just satisfied the X-Box 360 player on your list.

Transformers: The IDW Collection Volume 1
Maybe you've got someone who loves the Transformers on your list.  It's possible.  If so, chances are they'd really appreciate this hardcover collecting the Transformers IDW story in a semblance of chronological order.  I say "semblance" because IDW is constantly filling in gaps here and there but this was the story so far from when it was originally printed in June, 2010.
What you get is 392 pages of Transformers goodness.  Megatron Origins, various Spotlight issues (Shockwave, Hot Rod, and Soundwave were especially good), and the entire Infiltration storyline come in this first volume.  This is what your adoring Transformer fan has been waiting for.

Pick it up at Amazon and if you want to be even more awesome, grab volume 2.

Iron Man: World's Most Wanted Volumes One and Two
Chances are, you've heard of a dude called Iron Man in the past few years.  If someone in your family or friends circle wants to know a bit more about Tony Stark outside of his successful movie career, these two well priced books are a good place to start.

Granted, you're seeing the fall of Iron Man after he was on top of the world but that's sometimes how great characters show that personality and definition.  Watch as Tony Stark runs from authority to protect secrets too great be revealed.

Multiple armors, a great cast of characters, and a great overall story make this Iron Man ride one that the Iron Man fan in your life will want to read again and again. 

So put this in wrapping paper and make someone happy.
Iron Man World's Most Wanted Volume One is a click away at  So is Volume Two.

egalstonErik Galston
Staff Writer

Holiday Wish List for Geeks:

For a Green Lantern Fan:

Mattel's DC Universe Classics: Green Lantern's Light 5 pack
With the upcoming Green Lantern Movie, now is the time to add this 5 pack of figures to your collection. Featuring 5 unique characters, and 2 only available in this box set. This box set features Hal Jordan (with grey temples), Jon Stewart (in his Mosaic outfit), Sinestro (in GL uniform), Tomar Re, and for the first time ever Guy Gardner. The set is worth it for Guy alone. It retails for about 60 bucks but it's only available at Walmart.
For an X-Man Fan:

The Complete Series of Wolverine and the X-Men on Blu Ray
This series was amazing, and though it was cancelled, this series is by far the best depiction of Marvel's Mutants EVER. This 3-Disc set includes every episode of the series, 29 audio commentaries and 2 featurettes. The icing on the cake for comic fans is the beautiful artwork on the cover by artist Adi Granov that alone is worth purchasing this set. The set retails for 44.99 and can be found online and at most retailers. The set is also available on standard dvd as well for a suggested retail price of 29.99.

For art fans.

Icons: the DC Comics and Wildstorm art of Jim Lee
This almost 300 page hardcover shows the vast majority of Jim Lee's work at DC Comics. From his work on Batman: Hush to his variant covers on the recently restarted Legion of Superheroes and everything in between. Under the cover, you'll find sketches and in-depth looks at nearly every work of art Jim Lee has produced. It's a stunning and beautifully produced book. It's a perfect coffee table book for fans of Lee's work and fans of the various DC characters included inside. This book retails for 39.95 and is available on Amazon and at most brick and mortar book stores.
royalnonesuchRoyal Nonesuch
Staff Writer

Mad's Greatest Artists: Sergio Aragonés
Anyone who loves The Outhouse must certainly have come across an issue or two of Mad Magazine at some point in their formative years. Mad has been warping the minds of youngsters and the young at heart for generations, not just through film title parodies and jokes about Nixon, but also through the masterful cartooning of artists like Sergio Aragonés. The creator of Groo the Wanderer has been drawing for Mad for fifty years now, and they've decided to celebrate the occasion with Mad's Greatest Artists: Sergio Aragonés, a handsome new hardcover that collects hundreds of Aragonés' comics and tiny visual gags. It's fifty years of hilarity and damn great cartooning.

Pick this fine book up at Amazon or your local book store.

Holy Rollers
Although The Social Network made him the big star of the moment in Hollywood, Jesse Eisenberg has never shown more range than he did in Holy Rollers, the independent drama based on the true story of a Brooklyn-based ecstasy smuggling ring comprised of Hasidic Jews in the late 1990's. Holy Rollers is really the story of a young man who wants what every teenager wants: to be self-sufficient and to be able to figure out his life outside of his family and community. It's an unconventional take on the familiar "rise to criminal kingpin" story, made all the more human via nuanced performances particularly by Eisenberg. Holy Rollers is available on DVD and Blu-Ray now.

The Secret of Kells
Also on DVD and Blu-Ray is The Secret of Kells, the animated masterpiece from Europe that deals in Celtic folklore and celebrates the power of imagination. This is one of the most epic films to come out in some time, and is told beautifully with trippy, dreamlike visuals brought to life by highly stylized animation. You'll love it, and your kids will love it too.

Bill Hicks: The Essential Collection
Most people think of Bill Hicks as one of two things: he was either a smug, shouty asshole or the most incisive social critic of his time. The truth is probably somewhere in the middle, but the fact is, people can see for themselves with Bill Hicks: The Essential Collection, the most comprehensive collection of Hicks' material to date. The two CD's worth of material taken from his recorded albums is nice, but what really makes this a must-own for fans and detractors alike are the two DVD's of rare footage that date all the way back to 1981, when a teenaged Hicks was a young, up and coming stand-up comic in Texas looking for his big break. From there to footage recorded mere months before his death of cancer in early 1994, this set is as much a biography of Hicks as it is a series of markers of his evolution as a performer. This set may not make you love or hate Bill Hicks any more than you already do but you will get to know him in a way you didn't before. Also included in the collection is "Ninja Bachelor Party," the long-fabled but never officially released before short film Hicks shot with his friends in Austin, Texas.
As with most everything, this is available at

Staff Writer

Linwood Knight's 3 (and a Bonus Selection) Gifts ANY Geek can enjoy

How fast does time fly by, huh? It just seems like yesterday I was braving 90 degree heat in an effort to make sure that America's population got recorded accurately, and now I'm getting my Winter Coat out of storage. As I am writing this, we are a mere 49 Hours away from Thanksgiving Day, and a scant 73 Hours from Black Friday, the two events that will officially begin the Holiday Season. With all of the celebrating that'll go on during the next 6 weeks, there's always one thing that never escapes the mind of the majority of people that celebrate the Holidays and that's Presents. Whether you're celebrating Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, Festivus or any combination of the season's many versions of the Winter celebration, the act of giving or receiving gifts is on the mind of everyone, and while it's better to give, it's usually more fun to receive. Especially when you get the things you've always wanted. With the Holidays just getting underway, I decided to give some thought to the things I would love to receive, and while my list is long, I decided to focus on the three things (plus a bonus selection) I thought would be great gifts for the geek in your life. I hope that you sit back and enjoy what I have to offer.

Apple I-Pad
If there was ever one thing you could point to and say that "Times are changing" it would have to be the Apple I-Pad. In just a little over 12 years, we've gone from a computer taking up massive space, to one that can fit in a small bag. What's even more amazing is that the Tablets are more powerful (and useful) than the 12 year old tank I bought when I went off to College, and the I-Pad is certainly no exception. The I-Pad comes extremely loaded with features you can use right out of the box. With access to cool Apps, Videogames, A Fully Loaded Browser, and even ways to watch movies and read Comic Books, an I-Pad allows to keep a full communication line open where it wasn't as easy to do before. Despite the price it goes for, the I-Pad will be worth it for almost any geek out there. I wonder what next year has in store for us when the competition, answers back.
The Apple iPad is available online and in stores.

Pac-Man Championship Edition: DX (XBLA/PSN/PC)
2010 has re-established my love for videogames. Due to my inability to find employment after College, I had to take a 5 year break from being plugged into the Videogame world. That all changed on June 16th, 2010, when I was finally able to buy one of the first new X-Box 360 Models available on the market. However, the one thing that stands out amongst all the awesome things that the systems offer are the digitally downloaded games that offer a myriad of experiences just waiting to be discovered. There are plenty of games I could recommend for the geek out there, but none are as addicting and accessible as Pac-Man Championship Edition DX is. Coming 30 years after the release of the original game, this iteration offers a variety of play modes, chartbusting music, and all-around addicting game play. Don't be surprised when you find out the person you buy it for spends 3 hours on this modern classic without realizing it
The PS3 download is available... at Amazon (no, really).  Otherwise, this is available for download through the systems through their Marketplace as long as you've got an internet connection going.

The Full Fables Printed Collection (Volumes 1 – 14 (Volume 14 to be released in December), Jack of Fables 1 -7, 1001 Nights of Snowfall, Cinderella: From Fabletown with Love, Peter and Max: A Fables Novel & Fables: Covers By James Jean)
To say that this series has a special place in my heart, would be the understatement of the decade. It was the series that got me back into Comic Books for good, and it's the one series that if I could only pick up one Comic Book each month, it would be this one. I could go on for a long time about the positives that this series has, but let me just ask you 5 questions. Do you like Graphic Novels? Do you like Fairy Tales? Did you ever ask yourself "What happens after the story ends?" Do you like a Comic Book that isn't going to insult your intelligence? Do you like a story that's going to pay you off in the long run? Did you answer yes to at least 3 of the preceding questions? If so, I would suggest finding the first 2 Volumes of the main series ASAP, and if you're feeling generous, buy 2 more copies for that special geek.
Fables Volume OneFables Volume TwoJack of Fables Volume One.  That should get you started. ;)

Bonus Time: Emma Frost Sideshow Exclusive White Queen Comiquette
And in the "let's give away" my gender moment (if it wasn't already obvious) of the article, I couldn't let this piece be written without mentioning my most wanted statue, ever. There are really no words that can sum up the beauty of this statue. I'm just going to leave these pictures for you to drool over (should you so desire).
This will probably get said many times to you over the next 6 weeks, but I wish you and yours a very Happy Holiday, and here's hoping that you get something that you really want. And remember, no matter how corny it sounds, it is always better to give than receive.

Staff Writer and Podcast Cohost

Start your little super-hero early with these great pre-to-early readers' comic book trades that are fun for the whole family to read at bed-time.

Super Friends: For Justice
 Super Friends: For Justice written by Sholly Fisch with art from various artists tells great stories for kids about the Super Friends Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman and Green Lantern. Each done-in-one story is perfectly kid friendly and ends with a moral so that your little Super Friend can grow up to be a super friend to their community. Highly recommended for kids who are learning to read or just want some great super hero tales at bed time.
Available over at that Amazon place.

Owly Volume 1: The Way Home & The Bittersweet Summer
Owly Volume 1: The Way Home & The Bittersweet Summer written and illustrated by creator Andy Runton is adorable tale of an owl and his worm as they go about their lives all told through pictures and no words so your pre-reader can read this book and provide their own words to this absolute charming book.
Check it out at Amazon.

Tiny Titans Vol. 01: Welcome to the Treehouse
Tiny Titans Vol. 01: Welcome to the Treehouse Art Baltazar (Author, Illustrator), Franco (Author) tell the tales of young titans in their misadventures at Sidekick Elementary. Another highly recommended for kids who are learning to read or are looking for fun super hero tales at bed time.
While you could probably get this at your local book store (or have it ordered in time for the holidays), you're online right now for a reason.  Amazon it is.

Staff Writer and Santa's Little Helper

Nightfly returns one more time to give us a few extra gift guides just in case this extensive list doesn't meet your fancy.

Woodsy's Star Wars Holiday Gift Guide.

Here's an eco-friendly one.

thefourthmanLee Newman
Coordinating Editor and Staff Writer

Thefourthman wishes someone would get him this stuff:
Ah fanboy presents. Is it really that time of the year again?
First off, being the big comic fan I am and a big old Wizard of Oz Fan, I want this bad boy...
This is the complete strip as written by L. Frank Baum and featuring the illustrations of Walt MacDougal. It is a giant book and anyone who has seen the So Many Splendid Sundays books that Sunday Press did for Little Nemo in Slumberland knows that this is a beautiful book on the inside.
These strips originally ran from 1904 to 1905 and were a bit of brilliant marketing on Baum's part. His first Oz book was a sensation and to promote the second book (The Marvelous Land of Oz), he wrote this story for a new medium, the comic strip.
Also presented in the collection, is the work from Oz collaborator WW. Denslow, Scarecrow and the Tinman. While the historic comic aspect of the collection speaks to me, Oz has a certain pull all it's own. I read five or six of the Oz books by Baum when I was a kid and I absolutely love them. My daughter currently reads them and I am in love all over again with the Marvel adaptations.
Bounce19011111part1_2LNo Oz enthusiasts collection is complete without this book and comic history buffs should get a kick out of it as well.

Here is the listing.

Those who follow my non-comic ramblings know that I dig music. I especially have an affinity for the pop music of the sixties. So, having the Beatles Mono Recordings from last year was a revelation. What many people used to stereo don't realize is that those early sixties recordings were often recorded twice. The stereo recordings were for the posh and affluent, those with expensive hi-fis. The Mono recordings were where the money was, they were what the majority of the people were going to buy, so often times mono recordings can be substantially different and any fan of Phil Spector's production can tell you that just because there is only one channel of sound doesn't mean it has to be void of life.
So my second geeky dream gift is this bad boy from Columbia Records-
Included are the first six albums recorded by Dylan and like my prized Beatles Collection, they are reproduced copies of the original vinyl packages, right down to the sleeves and the cds are replicas of the labels that would have appeared on the black discs. A book of photos and a nifty box to store them all makes it my musical want for the season.

***(If some one brighter than me can figure out how to embed the video here: ... recordings , I would dig it)***

+++(Jude, get on that so fourthman can stay happy)+++

Again, Amazon.

Finally, for the end of my little foray into nerdy entertainment gifts. A little something that I know very little about. Gasp, somehow I missed this when it aired and the Beechan Mini has been my first exposure to the world of Terry McGuiness and I want more... so if I'm lucky, I'll find this six issue beast under the tree Christmas Morning:
You may be able to find this on Amazon if you search very carefully.

prozacmanBrian Osserman
Staff Writer and Podcast Host

ProzacMan here to let you in on the hottest gift ideas for the web comic enthusiast in your life.

RobinDeSanto_04Has some one in your life ever told your to "Never presume a man does not have Ninjas at his disposal"? When you asked them who they were voting for during the last primary election, was their answer Dinobot? Did they ever wear a Batman Halloween costume that include a potted plant and a gardening tool? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then that person is a BIG fan of the web comic ShortPacked!  It's everything that's awesome, one strip at a time.

Speaking of time, just in time for the holidays, Patched Together brings you the Robin DeSanto statue! This fabulous seven inch resin figure represents the spunky toy store employee by day and US Congress Woman by her day's off (at least till the end of the lame duck session). Her powers are the abilities to run kind of fast, smell like Skittles, and get on people's nerves in a single bound. But who could ever stay mad at a statue with breasts that perky? Just one warning. What ever you do, never feed your Robin statue a bowl of Cadbury Cream Eggs.

The Robin DeSanto statue is $39.95 and there are only 18 statues available as of the writing of this gift guide. Head over to Patch Together  while you can still grab her!

Walking like a penguin just got a little easier courtesy of Tom Day, Founder of Phantomworx Studios and the creator of the web comics Danny Diode and Every Day Monsters. That's because he designed the perfect Penguin Shoes! These stylish and adorable Kebs Champion lace-up sneakers are too cute to pass up. Not only functional, but if the lady in your life is having a bad day she can just look down at those cute little guys and they are sure to put a smile on her face.
You can get these special edition Penguin Shoes for $62.80 at

What is the ultimate nightmare for a web comic fan on the cold stormy nights of winter? A blizzard blackout! How can you get your beloved web comics when snow and ice have taken down all the cable, fiber optic, phone, and power lines? Fear not, for Image Comics Shadowline has collected Dirk Manning's web comic Nightmare World in print form! Give your web comic fan the trade paperbacks of Nightmare World volumes 1 and 2. When the power goes out they can cozy up to the candle light and read one of the most critically acclaimed horror web comics ever written.
Get Nightmare World volume 1 15.99 for and volume 2 for 14.99 at your local comic shop or book store.  You might also check out Amazon.  I hear they have stuff.

And if that doesn't give you an idea of what to give that special geek in your life, you'll probably just fibe them a tie or new socks. ;) 

Have a great holiday season and think fondly of the Outhouse Team when your fanboy or girl opens up one of these gifts and thinks you're the most awesome person in the world.  We're here for you.  Also: the hopes that one of our friends or relatives might look at this and get a good idea.

But mostly you.

Happy Holidays!


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